Monday, December 8, 2008

More Snow

Mn has snow tonight. i guess we could get up to six inches. We are snug in our home. emma is waiting here for another trip outside to enjoy the snow. At night I watch her from the patio door which she doesn't mind at all. tomorrow we finally will get out of the house. We have swimming and a counseling appointment. Both will be needed I think. I sure didn't get much done today which happens due to MS. Just some days I find it more upsetting than others. I can't seem to relax like I need to do so today. Oh well.

Tonight is the finale of Boston Legal a silly show I do watch so I will watch that while Emma and I tackle a bit of laundry. Then off to bed on a snowy night. My mail has been brightened by Christmas cards - I like the cute cards with dogs on the photo. I am so behind I don't know if I will get cards sent this year or not. My goal this week to be ready for the wedding and feeling okay. Becky had her final dress fit tonight - how exciting is that.

Hope you are warm and snug if you are in the snow weather. I know you may be in other parts of the country. Sorry this seems a bit boring as Emma and I are not up to much for the past few weeks...glad to not be in the hospital at least.

Take care, Emma and Mary More later

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