Thursday, September 30, 2010


I loved the Flintstones and they are 50 today!!

We went to water exercise and then came home to rest the remainder of the day. We did go outside - it was a nice fall day.
The doctors want me to take it easy. The physical therapist even insisted I do much less in water exercise today and gave me some specific more relaxation things to do for my muscles.

Emma had a great day and helped a lot. I am sick of being so weak. Greg did not have to work tonight so also got her outside extra three times today so that was great.

Tomorrow Physical Therapy again - it is pretty gentle at this stage. I wish I had pictures to share but misplaced my camera. I want to get some fall pictures of Emma.

I am sorry I don't feel I am very creative, entertaining, these days at all. Thanks for reading the blog. I will try to get my health better, find the camera and maybe then do something interesting with Emma and Greg too to write about.

Have a great weekend and may Friday be good to you. I think Rosa is staying over night Friday and if that is so I may not get to blog.

Again thanks for reading and for emails I get. Mary and Emma

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wed - What a day

Diabetic Education Class (2 hours)
Time with a friend
Killing time shopping (before PT)
Physical Therapy

Too much. Ended up with a terrible headache and some kind of stomach bug and flat in bed. Headache, gut problems - hope tomorrow is better.

Emma is the best. PT person told me she is the best service dog that ever comes in there. She remembers her from a year ago.
Seems like at least once a year I have PT. Emma was outstanding all day. My husband, my son, and a friend helped get me all the places I needed to be...thanks for that.

Having those icky headaches again...yuk. See the dr on it Tuesday unless I have to call earlier.

Thursday only one thing - water exercise and rest. It is hard to do so much in a day for me. FUN FUN FUN but I end up to weak and sore and with a headache right now. The PT is an expert in MS and reminded me I am doing too much on days like this when you consider I am having a MS relapse.

Yeah will see my grandaughters this weekend.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vet Visit

Emma was shy at the vet visit yesterday, but did fine. Always nice to get a good report.

I have a bad headache and am really tired so will try to write more another day. We are fine. Love to all.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weekend

Happy Weekend

Greg had some time off (yipee) Saturday so we had fun. Recall I can't drive right now due to my vision. First it is fun for Emma and I to have him home. He has worked weekends and all week most of Sept and late August too. He is of course thrilled to be home. He says he misses Emma too when working so much - he misses the home routine.

Saturday we did some errands and I got Emma walking. We were at big stores so that is good - I use a scooter and take Emma around. We also played in the yard and had a good all around day...

We didn't like that the Twins lost and I guess because it went late - I forgot to blog. This is funny we were actively watching and verbally unhappy at the loss. Emma must have picked up on our mood and was a bit more active and had trouble settling down to watch/sleep while we watched tv. It was just fine to pet her, and take breaks outside with her as I think it was "our moods" she was picking up. As soon as we calmed down and went to bed - she did also.

Greg was turning between the losing Twins (at least is was close) and the Gopher Football team (it was not a close score) so he was worked a fun way of course.

Today, Sunday, the sun is shining and we are ready to go out again. You might chuckle but we get to go to a movie again. We need a good laugh. Emma will enjoy both going with me and outings outside today!!! We have a busier week too with bookclub, physical therapy, a diabetes education class, water exercise etc. I am struggling with weakness but have to keep going especially with PT to see if it helps.

I am going to grab my camera now and see if it needs charging. Maybe I can have some pictures this week of Emma.

Thanks for the emails of support. Kathy I am glad your back. Emma is ready to go outside so off we go....Mary

Friday, September 24, 2010

No rain today though cloudy and cool. Yes we even turned on the furnace and tested it to be sure it worked fine. Emma and I went very briefly with my friend Jan for a chat. That was fun. Otherwise we have been home all day.

The wait staff we had was so helpful when we went out. She likes Emma and was commented on how fun it would be to cuddle up with Emma. Gosh is that the truth - it is just awesome to curl up with Emma.

I don't have much energy but I have a book to finish for book club so I will work on that activity. Emma is waiting for me to take her outside to play again. She is very focused on one of her toys she doesn't use real often...she keeps life fun. Here I come Emma...

Mary and Emma wish you a good WEEKEND!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Rainy Day but good day

Rainy rainy rainy rainy night day and night again................

Poor Emma wants to go outside to do her business and also to play. She will go to the door and indicate she wants to go out but I open the door and it is just pouring. Once she did go out in heavy rains in desperation. Otherwise we have made many trips to the door to see if there is time between raindrops to get outside.

She knows me and I know her. I hope you can laugh as you picture this. She keeps nudging me to go to the bathroom or giving me "that look". I know what it means. Well with all the trips today I am putting her off a bit. I will say "go to the door - I'll be right there" and she runs to the door. I can stall her a bit if I need to normally. Well she is smart and catching on. She starts to go to the door, stops to see I am NOT coming right behind her and waits giving me a specific "look". Now tonight after what seems like a zillion times to the door trying to get her to go out she is absolutely looking in- my - face and nudging me as if to say "Get off that couch/chair and let me out NOW". As time passes of course i know she NEEDS to go out and we just tried again - but it was pouring. Do you other dog owners run into this.

The other funny thing she did today was when we got home from water exercise. I went to the computer but normally it is right away "nap time". Well I barely sat down and she was showing me in her body language to follow her. I got up and she ran right into bed...she knows our routine.

Her beautiful facial expressions, her loving eyes, and mannerisms delight me every day. We took the metro mobility bus to the YMCA again today. Surprise he let her sit on the seat by the window. It was almost an hour ride so boy did she like that.

I suppose if it doesn't let up Greg or I will need to use an umbrella to see if we can get her outside to "go" before bedtime. I think it is suppose to let up a little. Sorry if the topic is distasteful to anyone. It is part of life with Emma ha ha.

IT GETS DARK SO EARLY NOW and that makes me want to cuddle in with Emma even sooner at night. Still dealing with MS stuff so actually that is a good thing to get the rest I need.

Wishing you a good day - Mary and Emma

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of my favorite pictures of Emma. She was so good today. Nice weather so we were outside a lot. She also went with me to water exercise at the YMCA< like always she rested so nicely at the side of the pool. Keeping an eye on me but knowing where she belongs. . . she amazes the patrons.

I went to a dinner tonight sponsored by the drug company for MS patients. She went one time and it was so crowded so I left her home. She was alone less than an hour before Greg got home. He said she laid by the door the whole time till I came home. She did not even want to play outside with him. She was thrilled when I got home. She will be with me all day tomorrow.

GO TWINS - up late as I had to watch the end of the Twins game. IF the Chicago team loses tonight we clench the division title.
We are big fans and so are thrilled. We won our game.

I don't know if Emma and I can stay up much longer it is 11 our time. We did nap and have time to nap tomorrow. We had a good day. The MS Specialist who spoke at the dinner gave a lot of important information of dealing with MS. More on that another time.

YEAH Emma - thanks for a good day. I am still weak but keeping my spirits up. Walking was a bit tough but we made it a good day anyway.

Mary and Emma

Monday, September 20, 2010

This picture is almost 5 years old. At the old Helping Paws Training Center during our first day of training together. I had to "learn" all the things she knew.

Home all day today...a rainy start but it got nicer. Emma loved being outside many times today. Greg hasn't gotten much time off and worked all weekend. He worked today and was home tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to be taken for granted so Emma and I enjoyed it a great deal. Together we played with Emma with an "inside" toy and both took turns taking her out.

I am going to go charge my camera battery right now so I can get pictures of her to share. I am shaky though so find my pictures get blury. She is wonderful. Helps me and is just great in so many ways.

Sorry this isn't more creative..............

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Emma Speaks

I think I need to perk up this blog. One new thing for Emma is she barks. I mean like speaks at me when she wants to go outside or eat. I respond by "show me" and she will walk toward the door or dog dish. Now she doesn't speak on command and never did. I also am thinking I need to talk to Sue K as I don't want to reinforce it to the point I have trouble with her barking in public (I don't now).

I guess service dogs and partners are always doing some learning. It was a lovely weekend so she got outside a great deal. I want to take pictures but needed to charge the battery. I am also working with a dog who camera shy. I will work on that and see if I can't add some pictures that are "new" to this blog.

Once again I will mention I am having a MS relapse. Excuse me if I miss a day here and there of writing. I love to write but with my weakness sometimes I am just too tired or just plain forget.

Having MS is a challenge for anybody but somehow you learn to cope. Today a friend got me out of the house and to the movie "The Town". I was afraid it would be too scary and violent but went to get out of the house as Greg again has worked all weekend. I also wondered how Emma handle the shooting parts. Well Emma and I both jumped a few times but her behavior was excellent. I just am so amazed how she lays there so nicely during the movie. I am not sure she slept much at this one but she layed the hole time.

Right now she is begging me to take her out. I want to do so before she "barks" to show me she wants to do so.

Emma is so adorable. Am I running out of ways to tell you about it? It is about 5 years since I found out that she would join my life...every day is a treasure.

Mary and Emma wish you a good week.

Friday, September 17, 2010

from Mary

No matter how many words I write
Emma's presence in my life is even better than words can convey.
Undoubtably, most of you have bets and know what they mean to you.
Emma is not a pet but a service animal. We even went to a movie with friends today.
It amazes me how she can go anywhere with me - and behave beautifully.
What would I do without her.

She is so awesome - today she got up with Greg as I slept late.
He feeds her and spends time with her and takes her out on those days.
Honestly I could do it myself but some days what a treat for me and Emma too for him to take her.
Then the "back to bed dog" is right there beside me.

Sometimes once I am up we pick up, maybe go outside, and I find her again back in MY bed
Yep we don't mind sharing out bed with her
Today she was so funny, she gets the covers and "her" pillow just right and sleeps there on the end on the bed
but definitely on the bed.

I am having a bit more trouble walking the past months, weeks and days.
Today after the movie I darn near crawled into my house and had to lay down asap
Then Emma comes in to lay with me and darn close to me
I think when she is worried about me she lays closer to me
I find it comforting

I am so use to having her I almost forget that other dogs couldn't handle a movie, church, laying quietly while I am at the doctor and so on...

Thanks God for Emma and all the people who were part of trainning her (JUDY especially) and HP staff and volunteers...and for my family Greg, my children, their spouses, and grandchildren all for accepting how important Emma is to our family and to me.

Have a good weekend...Mary

from Emma

We went outside (Greg and I)
Today we went to a movie Mary and I with friends
We played outside
We napped
We went outside
We ate supper
We went outside

What a great day.

I get a lot of attention, TLC and naps - how can I help but be a happy, content dog?

Have an awesome weekend - Emma

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We had an EARLY MORNING FOR US. The Metro Mobility Bus was here at 6:45 am to get us to our Dr appt. WE GOT THERE AT 7:30 but the appt wasn't till 8:45. It was the only way to get a ride since I called late. They had other riders of course. Then the appt went till about 9:30 as we saw a few different staff including my MS Specialist Dr. Calkwood.

They still consider me in a relapse. i go back in a month and then in two months and then in 4 months. My vision isn't what it should be so will be watching and evaluating both my eyes and my ride side strength among under things. I will have some physical therapy for problems in my neck and back also to see if that helps. The PT person specializes in people with MS and is very nice. She has helped me before. I am very pleased with how thorough the visit seemed to be.

Our van is not working and is our only car. My son played chauffer today and then let us use his car overnight. Hopefully ours will be fixed tomorrow? Greg works every day even the weekend so he needs the car both to get to work and for errands for work. One day at a time i guess.

The Dr. told me to rest even though it seems I need to sleep or rest so much. This fatigue is from the weakness and the ms relapse. I think we will be home all day tomorrow.

Emma is doing just fine. It was cool today and very cloudy. To have transportation work out we got a ride from the Dr. to Greg's work (Metro Mobility could not take me home all rides full) and then a ride home in the afternoon. So she got to be out and about a bit with me.

Hope all is well with you. Have a good friday and a nice weekend... Mary and Emma

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A beautiful fall day

meant time to go out in the yard with Emma
Time spent at water exercise
a relaxing lunch with friend
a nap

More time outside inbetween those activities
Watching the Twin win!!

What a good day. Emma was super helpful picking up too.

Mary and Emma

Monday, September 13, 2010


S slept in late (after feeding Emma)
U u would have loved how much Emma enjoyed having Greg and I both at home (their is more activity)
P picked up and did some laundry (Emma helps with this)
E errands and enjoyed the nice weather outside
R relaxing and enjoyable day for us.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Helping Paws Dinner

We had such fun at the Helping Paws Tail Waggin Dinner. It was such fun. Emma enjoyed seeing her foster mom Judy, as soon as she got in the door. Judy was by the registration table and Emma was absolutely delighted. How great that was for her. She will never forget the Michurski family for training her for her first two and half years. We saw Katie too.

Throughout the evening we saw other special staff Sue K, Wendy, Eileen, Brenda and Pam. I feel at a loss to thank Judy and staff and volunteers enough for all they have done for Emma and other dogs. Rosie that means you too. It also was a joy to see some of my former students who are now lovely young ladies. Most of them knew Emma as a puppy though I did not teach them at that time. Judy raised Emma after I left teaching due to MS. The evening was great for my spirits.

I am feeling better but gosh going to the outing yesterday night (though I rested or slept all day) and then going to church this morning just wiped me out for the rest of the day. We went to the church where Greg works and I helped with some computer input so we were there a few hours total. Then I was like a limp rag doll. I could rest and/or sleep the rest of the day so that was good. MS zaps my energy fast.

At the dinner, I just could not stop shedding tears during the program. They had a nice video, and speaker besides their life auction etc. The speaker and the video sure captured how much it means to have a service dog. The speaker was great and her dog so cute. Yet, no matter how much they said or how much I blog and talk to people about having a service dog - it really is even more awesome than words can express.

So while I try to think how to write enough to describe accurately how much Emma means to me, all she does for me and so on...a huge thanks will have to do. Thanks to staff, volunteers, committee members, donors and everyone for their work to help enable us to have service dogs. Emma is my sweet heart.

She did get groomed for the event. Was that time to do it. We take her to PetCo but normally during the week. Greg said when he picked her up it was a bit wild there and noisey with dogs. She looked great but was truly ready to go into the car and come home. She greeted me with enthusiasm. I was so lonesome just the two hours she was gone.

Hope you had a good weekend. I will try to remember to write daily and I am feeling somewhat better - yeah for that.

Mary and Emma wish you a Happy Monday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football Fun

Tonight is the first season football game for the Vikings. While Emma and I are not huge followers WE LIKE that some of the family is coming to watch the game. Greg finally has at least the night free. Supper is in the oven and Mike and family, Dan, and Greg will all be here to watch. Emma and I will like the company.

Oops sounds like some are here. More later. Go Vikes and yes we did go out to lunch today yeah. Emma was great and tomorrow will get out of the house again. Can you tell I am feeling better?

More later if there is time Mary and Emma

Two days till Helping Paws Tail Waggin Dinner.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emma brings JOY to my Life.

Hi to all,
I know I have neglected to write...welll here we are again.

Today we went to a picnic at the University of St. Catherine in St. paul with my wonderful daughter-in-law and my son. The weather was beautiful. Tia is in nursing school and it was a welcome to students. I graduated from there years ago so it was very nice to go back there. Such a pretty campus....

They also took me on a few errands so that was helpful. It was so nice to get outside and be with others. We were alone during the days of the long weekend. Greg is working a lot as the U of M students come back to campus. Emma and i are trying to be supportive when he gets home.

We finally are sure that we will be at the Helping Paws = Paint the Town Blue = Tail Waggin Event Sat. It is a dinner with a silent and live auction. We are excited to attend.

I tire out easily so though we got a bit lonesome on the weekend - we coped fine. Emma is supportive and good company all the time. I saw the PBS special on TV on Through a Dog's Eyes - about service dogs. It was so interesting to see the different dogs and owner teams. I found myself saying "Emma can do that!" But they made a point at the end of the show about how the things they can "do" is only part of the story. I agree the relationship is something to treasure and so helpful in daily life.

As I face things being physically more challenging for me, Emma is right there at my side. It was 5 years ago near the end of Sept that I learned I had been paired with Emma. Emma chose ME and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Emma.

Tomorrow we will see friends for lunch. I have a discount coupon which helps make that possible. So fun conversation with friends is something I look forward to.

Thank you Emma for being you.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

The weather was cool compared to summer. Emma and i enjoyed outside. We were home all day with windows open. No airconditioning needed. Looks like upcoming days will also be in the 70's. Greg worked a long day. We just hung out, took naps, read, and relaxed.

More tomorrow...Emma and Mary hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Emma is doing fine. We spent a quiet day - the temp is cooling off for a few days and she loved it outside with me.

Yesterday we went to two medical appointments, to Greg's work, and saw my son Mike and Tia and later Dan. A big day so I needed the rest today for sure and also went to bed early!!

Fall is a busy time for teachers. I miss being a teacher and a student. I loved both experiences. I am grateful I had so many opportunities. Now with the health up and downs I am so glad I don't work. when I have to take it easy I can. I almost always can sleep later than those who work outside the home. Teachers have so much work both at the classroom and often things they bring home for correcting or planning and mtgs etc. When i taught I learned it was much harder job than I ever imagined. . . though I enjoyed those years.

My friend Jan, is a teacher and her hard work reminds me of the demands that I could not handle with my health now. It makes me appreciate teachers everywhere. My own granddaughter has started 5th grade!! Boy the years go fast. I wish all who read this a good fall but especially those who do teach or have children/grandchildren starting school. May it go well for all.

Fall comes to MN with a variety of temperatures. It is suppose to be cooler for several days. Not even 70 tomorrow. But varying temps are typical. I remember both as a child and teacher how tough it was (though beautiful) to have warmer fall days but be in a classroom without airconditioning...well let's not worry about that till it happens I suppose. Emma and I have weeks and hopefully months of enjoying outdoors before snow falls. And she loves snow so none of this bothers her.

I have a lot of stress in my personal life about a few things now. I mention only to point out once again how EMMA helps keep me calm. Having her resting with me, helping me, and just by my side helps immensely. More than I can ever explain.

DO YOU REALIZE in OCT i will have had her for 5 years!!!! We truly will celebrate that reality. Everyday she is such a joy to be with. Today was no exception.

I really like on days home that she reminds me to get outside. We enjoy my yard, playing fetch, and my flowers and just nature in general. She is such a gift.

I could sing her praises all the time. She is such a joy. Yesterday, we met so many people who asked us about her and what she does for me. We do educate people almost everywhere we go.

Thanks for reading this. As I get my strength back from the MS Flare U p maybe we will have more interesting tales of what we are doing. But never doubt how much I need and appreciate Emma - she is just super.

Love you Emma - Mary