Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weekend

Happy Weekend

Greg had some time off (yipee) Saturday so we had fun. Recall I can't drive right now due to my vision. First it is fun for Emma and I to have him home. He has worked weekends and all week most of Sept and late August too. He is of course thrilled to be home. He says he misses Emma too when working so much - he misses the home routine.

Saturday we did some errands and I got Emma walking. We were at big stores so that is good - I use a scooter and take Emma around. We also played in the yard and had a good all around day...

We didn't like that the Twins lost and I guess because it went late - I forgot to blog. This is funny we were actively watching and verbally unhappy at the loss. Emma must have picked up on our mood and was a bit more active and had trouble settling down to watch/sleep while we watched tv. It was just fine to pet her, and take breaks outside with her as I think it was "our moods" she was picking up. As soon as we calmed down and went to bed - she did also.

Greg was turning between the losing Twins (at least is was close) and the Gopher Football team (it was not a close score) so he was worked a fun way of course.

Today, Sunday, the sun is shining and we are ready to go out again. You might chuckle but we get to go to a movie again. We need a good laugh. Emma will enjoy both going with me and outings outside today!!! We have a busier week too with bookclub, physical therapy, a diabetes education class, water exercise etc. I am struggling with weakness but have to keep going especially with PT to see if it helps.

I am going to grab my camera now and see if it needs charging. Maybe I can have some pictures this week of Emma.

Thanks for the emails of support. Kathy I am glad your back. Emma is ready to go outside so off we go....Mary

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