Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emma brings JOY to my Life.

Hi to all,
I know I have neglected to write...welll here we are again.

Today we went to a picnic at the University of St. Catherine in St. paul with my wonderful daughter-in-law and my son. The weather was beautiful. Tia is in nursing school and it was a welcome to students. I graduated from there years ago so it was very nice to go back there. Such a pretty campus....

They also took me on a few errands so that was helpful. It was so nice to get outside and be with others. We were alone during the days of the long weekend. Greg is working a lot as the U of M students come back to campus. Emma and i are trying to be supportive when he gets home.

We finally are sure that we will be at the Helping Paws = Paint the Town Blue = Tail Waggin Event Sat. It is a dinner with a silent and live auction. We are excited to attend.

I tire out easily so though we got a bit lonesome on the weekend - we coped fine. Emma is supportive and good company all the time. I saw the PBS special on TV on Through a Dog's Eyes - about service dogs. It was so interesting to see the different dogs and owner teams. I found myself saying "Emma can do that!" But they made a point at the end of the show about how the things they can "do" is only part of the story. I agree the relationship is something to treasure and so helpful in daily life.

As I face things being physically more challenging for me, Emma is right there at my side. It was 5 years ago near the end of Sept that I learned I had been paired with Emma. Emma chose ME and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Emma.

Tomorrow we will see friends for lunch. I have a discount coupon which helps make that possible. So fun conversation with friends is something I look forward to.

Thank you Emma for being you.


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