Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of my favorite pictures of Emma. She was so good today. Nice weather so we were outside a lot. She also went with me to water exercise at the YMCA< like always she rested so nicely at the side of the pool. Keeping an eye on me but knowing where she belongs. . . she amazes the patrons.

I went to a dinner tonight sponsored by the drug company for MS patients. She went one time and it was so crowded so I left her home. She was alone less than an hour before Greg got home. He said she laid by the door the whole time till I came home. She did not even want to play outside with him. She was thrilled when I got home. She will be with me all day tomorrow.

GO TWINS - up late as I had to watch the end of the Twins game. IF the Chicago team loses tonight we clench the division title.
We are big fans and so are thrilled. We won our game.

I don't know if Emma and I can stay up much longer it is 11 our time. We did nap and have time to nap tomorrow. We had a good day. The MS Specialist who spoke at the dinner gave a lot of important information of dealing with MS. More on that another time.

YEAH Emma - thanks for a good day. I am still weak but keeping my spirits up. Walking was a bit tough but we made it a good day anyway.

Mary and Emma

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