Sunday, September 19, 2010

Emma Speaks

I think I need to perk up this blog. One new thing for Emma is she barks. I mean like speaks at me when she wants to go outside or eat. I respond by "show me" and she will walk toward the door or dog dish. Now she doesn't speak on command and never did. I also am thinking I need to talk to Sue K as I don't want to reinforce it to the point I have trouble with her barking in public (I don't now).

I guess service dogs and partners are always doing some learning. It was a lovely weekend so she got outside a great deal. I want to take pictures but needed to charge the battery. I am also working with a dog who camera shy. I will work on that and see if I can't add some pictures that are "new" to this blog.

Once again I will mention I am having a MS relapse. Excuse me if I miss a day here and there of writing. I love to write but with my weakness sometimes I am just too tired or just plain forget.

Having MS is a challenge for anybody but somehow you learn to cope. Today a friend got me out of the house and to the movie "The Town". I was afraid it would be too scary and violent but went to get out of the house as Greg again has worked all weekend. I also wondered how Emma handle the shooting parts. Well Emma and I both jumped a few times but her behavior was excellent. I just am so amazed how she lays there so nicely during the movie. I am not sure she slept much at this one but she layed the hole time.

Right now she is begging me to take her out. I want to do so before she "barks" to show me she wants to do so.

Emma is so adorable. Am I running out of ways to tell you about it? It is about 5 years since I found out that she would join my life...every day is a treasure.

Mary and Emma wish you a good week.

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