Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home All Day

After water exercise Tuesday = I just felt so worn out. I slept the rest of the day and night. Of course, taking time to take Emma outside till Greg got home and took her outside.

Today we stayed home all day also. I have slept a lot but it is a nice day so been outside with Emma too. With the frequent rains we have had her back yard is just beautiful. Not sure if I will get out on the scooter to give her a walk, but Greg who works a bit late will likely take time outside with her.

Her enthusiasm to go outside has been good for me today. Good for "us". It has been fun, gorgeous to be outdoors and watch her play and fetch. There is a nice breeze, bright sun, and it brightens the day. Bless you Emma for helping me to get outdoors even when i don't feel so great.

The insurance company is still "reviewing" if they will cover the MS drug they want me to go on. I hope a decision is made soon. I can go on choice B rather than nothing if needed. Frustrating as I think I will feel better to get back on a drug again?!!

Emma is such a good companion any day. When you are home not feeling so good it is even better. I am not sure if I have what my husband had or if it is asthma/MS problems? Just a day to take it easy - for sure.

Tomorrow I want to write about mothers and those who are like mothers to us. Our love goes out to Kathy in a special way today.

Love from Emma and Mary

Monday, June 28, 2010

So Many Questions

Hi, This ia a unique entry.

Emma was sleepy today. There was a big commotion at a neighbor's home that included many police, search warrants, keeping people out of the house and so on. That's as little as I know. It is a nice suburban home but perhaps a drug house? or something? We don't know the neighbors there - they keep to themselves. It happens in all neighborhoods so not sure what was going on. I know most the neighbors close to me.

Well the comotion, noise, lights, coming's and goings started around 8:30 till after 2 am. It kept Emma and us awake at first, then died down, then more law enforcement came. So the point of it all was Emma was so sleepy today. So was I and I am sure Greg was also. I don't know if we will know the whole story people are moving out of there today, many people come and go from there normally.

We had book club and I chose to leave Emma home to sleep. She also needs to practice being alone once in awhile. It is so weird for me to leave her at home. She did fine it would seem and I coped too.

When I got home I was welcomed by a happy dog. We played outside, and rested together. She is just such good company as well as good help. I would be just lost without that special helper/companion in my life.

Today she eagerly played with toys. Is waiting patiently for me to take her on a walk with my scooter and happy as a clam. She already ate so that is a happy time for all dogs - especially Emma.

I was thinking of people that do get caught up using/selling drugs. Rumor has it that the man involved suffered a severe stroke and that police responded to that and hence the series of events. I am not sure the facts here. Children lived in that home the past school year and their mother. How did all these individuals lead down the path of what ever it is that caused all this stir?? I pray the kids are safe whatever has happened.

I also think of my neighborhood. This house, well kept up on the outside, in a suburban neighborhood, greeting neighbors when they get mail, trick or treating etc....and we have no clue what really went on. Isn't that weird. I guess they used Canine Dogs last night. The owners have loud pitbulls so they had to be outside so the police dogs could go inside. It is all so baffling.

I am not naive enough to think nothing bad could happen on my block. Another house was busted for drugs years ago, and this house has had other tenants that were questionable. I honestly don't know who owns the house or if it is those who lived there?

I am just glad the night passed. It is quiet there now. Emma should be able to sleep tonight. I think my reaction and questions are upsetting know kids lived there. I hope for the best for them. Life is never dull but this was too much excitement for our neighborhood.

Emma is ready to go for a walk. We are fine.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Emma makes me laugh, smile, helps me literally, and helps me feel loved.

Today we were home all day. She didn't mind walking with me but outside she wouldn't play with her toys with me. I was like a cheerleader with her favorite toys and she would watch me toss them but not fetch them. She looked at me like I was nuts or like she didn't have any idea what I wanted her to do. Emma you sure can be so darn silly.

Emma was in a great mood, helped with laundry, let me brush her (endless shedding) and was normal in all ways. I guess this was a day her regular toys just didn't appeal to her outdoors. How funny.

Tomorrow is bookclub so I have been reading today inbetween doing things...time for bed.

Emma just went out again!! Must be some critter of interest that i don't see that she smells? Anyway she does her duty, smells and comes in quick. Now will cuddle in bed with me.

She is the best...Mary and Emma

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hanging In There

I am having lots of fatigue problems - the problems of MS and a few things. So don't worry if I miss a day writing - I probably am resting or sleeping.

I am getting a new walker - hopefully today and need to use it more often I think. That's the extent of today (Friday's) plans.

Thursday I did some things areound here and then we went to water exercise. Gosh was I exhausted. I took a late nap and also went to bed early.

I am making sure Emma get's her exercise though. Today she will get some walking in for sure, plus ALWAYS our play time together in the back yard. If my daughter Anna is here, she makes sure to play with Emma. Greg too. So we are giving her the attention and exercise she needs.

I will try to be more creative at our next posting.

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishing YOU Good Health

We went out today with a friend and came back after lunch. Napped, made dinner, did some laundry and that's about it. Don't go to bed yet Emma I have some more laundry for us to deal with.

My friend treated and took us out to lunch. It is not in our area and we got a lot of looks from those there. The patrons were mostly inquisitive and Emma displayed great behavior. That is always a good feeling!!

Please pray for those who are sick, if you pray or send positive thoughts for Kathi and others dealing with illness. It is hard on them and their families. Kathi is my cousin and lives in CA - how I wish I lived closer and could be of help.

I was thinking of Dogs and how they help us with their relationships. Kathi's mom and dad welcomed "ginger" to their family and she is already loved by the family. I know how much all pets mean to owners. I just think it is wonderful the difference pets can make in your lives. I still miss past dogs and cats that were part of my life. I will have to give that more thought.

Today dear Emma found it raining when we were home. A challenge as when it is raining hard she does not want to go outdoors and yet mother nature calls. I wish I could capture that expression on a photo of her look. Emma has a very special way of expressing things with her amuses all of us.

I must go my husband is not feeling well tonight and I want to check on him.

Mary and Emma wish you good health.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Busy Day for Emma and I

We were home all day...busy.
I sorted things for the thrift store and cleaned a bit.
The cleaning lady came and Emma likes her. Usually we are at swimming but were not today. It was hard for Emma not to be underfoot. We got a lot done thankfully.

We just kept plugging along. It is hot 90 and humid. So we took many short trips outside. It was so hot and Emma would indicate she needed to go out. We would go out and it was so hot she wanted to come back in. This meant she didn't do her 'duty
" It took us a lot of visits.

Tonight I hope to do a bit more sorting and then maybe read. I think it is too hot for our daily walk. It gets too hot for me with both the MS and asthma issues.

Thanks to Karyn, my cleaning lady who worked extra hard today. She did a great job.

Sounds dull but kept us hopping today. Remember I move like a turtle so it takes a long time. Thanks to Emma for helping with laundry, picking up and just being great again today.

Have a great day - Mary and Emma

Monday, June 21, 2010

A dear dear friend of mine died and I found out today.
She was almost old enough to be my mother.
I met her because she had MS
She attended MS water exercise with me for years.

I was suppose to see her again tomorrow
Instead she is smiling from heaven.
She was so dear to me.
She had one son and one grandson.
She use to say she wished she was indeed my mother.

When I visited her she insisted i bring Emma.
Even a few weeks ago in her weakened state
She wanted Emma moved so she could stroke her
And told her to take good care of me.

I just thought I would get to see her again a few times.
She also had cancer and we didn't know how much time she had left

Now Jeanne Angel is my Angel in heaven.
And she had a sense of humor.
She loved to tell people Mrs. Angel sees Dr. Love (and it was true)

I am so glad she is out of pain and suffering
So joyful for her.

But so sad for our loss here going on without her.
I am sure she is now an angel in heaven.

I have Emma glued to my side because I have been crying
Emma my dear Emma

Please pray for Jeanne's only child - he has a lot to deal with .

Will write more soon.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We had a fun fun fun fun fun but busy weekend.

Sat am we got some things done around here and I slept in late. Good thing I needed energy...Rosa and Sophia spent the afternoon with us. Rosa spent the night. We played, colored, used stickers to make cards for father's day - and was outside with Emma, did a bit of

Sound's impressive maybe? Well remember in reality this Grandma moves "slow". She also take breaks to sit with legs up or just lay on the couch with Rosa to watch a short video...but it kept me busy enough and it was fun.

Emma was great. She got a bit jealous of the sleep over idea. Rosa slept with me as did Emma. Then Sunday the kids all came over who could and we had fun. But Emma was not allowed to sit on her favorite spot. On the love seat next to me. I had put a cover on the love seat to be courteous about dog hair. Then those who sat there wouldn't have so much hair to deal with.

Emma did like that she got outside a lot Sat and Sunday.

A great time was had by all I hope. We are finally off to bed - after no nap I am bushed.

Monday - home all day for sure. That will be good for me. Leftovers for supper too.

Hope your weekend went well.

Mary and Emma

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Bad Experience

The restaurant name I won't disclose = but we had our first difficulty taking Emma out to eat with us.
I am with holding the name because we have been there before during the day with no difficulty.
My husband was so upset we left without talking to the manager last night.

Here's what happened.

The place was very very busy.
The hostess seemed irritated and not very polite.
She asked if I could sit at a high table?
She seemed irritated when we said "no" I am handicaped, with a cane and dog - hello?!!!

Then she found a table
It was a tight table for two
Close to another table
And absolutely no room for Emma

We politely mentioned
due to the dog and their spacing
we would need a table for 4

She looked at the dog and us
with disgust
She was not polite
She did not say "the wait for a table for 4 will be.. (we would have waited)

Hard to describe how cold she was
It was just so obvious that the dog irritated her and Emma was being perfect
So Greg talked to her and then he was mad
and said we would go somewhere else

She did not say well you could stay
but almost seemed relieved we were leaving

Or if she said we could wait for a table....
been kind....

Well we went somewhere else
They welcomed the dog
Like always realized we needed a table for 4 with the dog
they were also packed and crowded
but they were polite and kind.
Three Squares in Maple Grove is always kind to Emma.

Now I am choosing not to mention the place
because I think maybe the woman was just overwhelmed?
We have been there before and done fine but lunch not dinner

We do have a gift certificate there
So will try again
Next time I will ask for the manager politely
if I get that kind of treatment

People in Maple Grove are use to some Helper Dogs both from Helping paws
and another organization

It made me glad we get good service normally.

Sorry about that experience Emma ---- Mary

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My granddaughter told me the other day that Emma needs an imaginary friend! I don't recall how that came up but it makes me smile to think of it. Emma however is always with me so maybe doesn't need an imaginary friend. Once in awhile she is home for a bit alone but I think she just sleeps?!!

Today we have water exercise but not till noon. What I dislike is how much MS drains my energy. There are certainly both big and little things I can do around here, and I have a few plants to plant. But, if I do too much then I can't do the full water work out which I need. Lately, water exercise just wears me out. Though it feels so good to be in the water and I have less pain those days...I know it is good for me.

Emma and i were up at 6 so we took a short rest already. MS zaps energy. There are medicines that help some people with MS with fatigue but I get chest pain from them. So we rest when we need to do so. The exercise and social contacts at water exercise are good for me.

There might be storms tonight (Emma hates that) but today is sunny and nice. We have had a lot of rain which means Emma's back yard is so plush with nice soft grass. Now my flowers do need some sun also.

We plan to get outside again before swimming/water exercise. You would be impressed with how well Emma lays by the pool during that class. We hope to take her to a lake swimming soon.

I am ramblng...better go accomplish something. Emma and I are doing well today.

Mary and Emma wish you a happy day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Emma,

You delighted some little children today when we were out to lunch with a friend.
You were as delighted as they were polite so i let them pet you
when their parents and they asked so I said yes
They were 4 and 6 and very gentle
You made them giggle in joy

The others around us smiled too
Do you realize how many smiles you bring to others?
Our neighbor (who loves dogs but no longer has one) says she is so glad to be back
from out of town and to see you outside with me.

Every place we go we seem to get smiles due to your presence
Okay when you once in awhile bark at those dogs walking with there owners on the street
sometimes it gets smiles (because they know you want to play)
and other times frowns (especially if their dog barks also

You are so adorable
People say "I just want to pet them and hug them"
LUCKY ME I do get to pet and hug you as much as I want.
I do get to take you everywhere with me.

Tonight I am going for a haircut
You even watch that inquisitively and behave so well.

I have to remind myself
that if you wiggle or fidget under the table while we eat (rare)
or bark (rare)
that you are a "dog"...

I forget when I have the privilage to bring you inside a library
church, or movie theater
That children and adults are often so surprised
and so interested in watching your behavior
because their pet dogs (or my former pet dogs)
could not behave that quietly

I am out with you so much
that I see the amazement on others faces
and stop a minute to think

And assure people you do get hugs, kisses, time to play and lots of attention
from me...

with gratitude to all at Helping paws who train, foster, breed or help fund raise for helper dogs (all those roles that are so important. did i forget any?) I say thank you.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We are fine - some how I am forgetting to blog. . . ...forgeting a lot of things lately it seems.

Monday we got to spend part of the day with Rosa (my granddaughter and her Mom and Dad). Rosa and I had some time alone before dinner. We have such fun.

Emma is very good to Rosa...but once Rosa leaves she is at my side make sure I know she is #1. It is pretty cute.

Today we went to water exercise. We are tired and need naps...I will try to remmember to write later. I want to write about some things about having a service dog with you places.

Emma and Mary hope you have a good day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainy Day

Stopped raining enough for the Twins to play tonight. We did inside things and rested on this gray day. Later in the day went Grocery Shopping and made sure Emma got some laps around the store besides shopping. She put a lot of smiles on the faces of people shopping on a dreary day.

Emma and i enjoy all the days sunny or not. We feel bad for people with graduations, open houses and weddings in the rain. Greg would like one of his days off to be sunny so he can work on the garden. Two rainy Sats so maybe next weekend will be clear? Our grass and flowers lookk great with mother nature providing such good watering.

Tomorrow we hope to be outside, and later have an open house in the afternoon that is outdoors. We will go to church tomorrow night where Greg works instead of at our local church in the am. Emma is there enough she is comfortable there.

Not much news...just hello and have a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

Friday, June 11, 2010

Emma and I had a good day.
We will post more tomorrow.
All is well this Friday night.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Waiting for Greg to get home to take Emma for a walk. We have been outside and played several times. when I take the scooter Greg l ikes to be home so I can call him if I have any troubles. Stems from falling one time. I wasn't hurt, Emma was fine but it has happened. I have a nice neighborhood to walk her and we both like it though of course I don't walk. I don't see neighbors home or I would go and just tell them and call them if I had problems. Looks like they are gone tonight. Hope Greg isn't too late and that the rain holds off.

Today we went to water exercise, a quick lunch at Wendy's and then home for a rest. She helped me with laundry and picking up a bit. What a helpful girl.

The Twins are playing tonight. Wish I was going. It is tough to get tickets and especially handicap seats right now. In case you are out of town the new Twins outdoor stadium is very popular. Besides the many Twins fans, I think there are many people wanting to see the stadium itself...nice to see it popular.

Emma is so darn cute. School is out so there were more children at the YMCA than during the school year. I had many curious children asking questions. Informally, we educate the people/children or adults that we meet when away from home.

In Metro area there is a one day strike of nurses in many area hospitals. My family and i are in support of the nurses who among other things are upset over how many hospitals now load on more patients per nurse due to economy. I know in intensive care and heart units and neonatal this is a concern. It endangers patients. One time I was in they were understaffed and wow could I tell the difference. I hope both the nurses and the hospitals work out an agreement that helps out patients too.

Hope all is welll with you and your health. Emma and I have had so far a good day. Wishing you happiness.

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Wonderful Wednesday

Emma and I had a nice day. A friend brought us to a counseling appt, on an errand and to lunch. We got time outside today and time for a nap. I did some laundry, read, and we are watching the Twins Game. Super Summer temperatures today so we didn't need the air conditioning on. I enjoy windows open when I can handle it with the MS and/or asthma.

Emma was her dear self all day.

Another good thing is my nephew Soren, had a surgery that went well. He is age 8 ( a great nephew in every sense of the word). Test results won't come for a day or so...glad to here he handled the surgery well.

Emma and I are probably headed to bed early. Water exercise tomorrow!! Take good care, Mary & Emma

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Dear Emma

Dear Emma,

It is a rainy day and we are home from swimming/water exercise. I am ready to snuggle in with you for a nap. When I say "nap time" you will likely race me to the bed. You are funny.

You are so dear to me Emma. My life is enriched by your presence. You snuggle up with me, you help me with tasks, and you are always always there to notice and care for me. It helps me emotionally and physically.

The reality is you are just fantastic in my life. Do you sometimes show your stubborn side? Okay I won't tell. Most times you are so cooperative. When I am truly in need you never ever cease to amaze me with your skills, your attention, and care. I can't imagine one minute of one day without you at my side.

Most my friends understand and my children, grandchildren and of course Greg. You are part of the family. Where I go you go unless there is a darn good reason for you to stay home. I thank you for the gift of your presence and for your care and help.
Emma where would I be without you?

I think of the time I hoped for a service dog and waited. I questioned if I could ever be a good enough partner for a very special dog. Here we are a pair. A team that works well together.

God bless you Emma with health and long life. God certainly showed me blessings when you came into my life. You make it easier to deal with health issues and enjoy life. You are the best.


We are back and fine - I mean back on the blog.
Technical problems made it impossible to add new material to the blog. Hope you didn't worry if we were doing okay!!

Monday we went to the MS Dr. Calkwood to discuss the new medications I will be taking. Well not all are new. I will no longer be taking copaxone due to asthma difficulties. Now to get insurance to approve another medication. We also took another look at meds i take for spasms to see if I can manage the pain and spacisity better. It is a myth that MS does not cause pain - it varies very much from person to pereson. For me it does cause lots of pain.

Today water exercise is later time for the summer months. The cleaning woman is coming - hurray. So I am rushing around to get ready for both. I think an evening activity will not happen due to the ride issue. I miss driving.

Monday we also saw my great nephew Soren, play ball. He is 8 and very talented. It was so enjoyable to be at the park cheering his team on. I miss those days with my own children. Soren, has some surgery coming up so it was extra special to see him and his family.

Emma is just fine. She liked the smells at the park. She was not thrilled with the metro mobility ride to the Dr. Luckily it was short though they were 40 min late to pick me up. I am fortunate to normally have them come on time. Glad for the service to help me out.

Thanks for being patient waiting for me to blog again. Congratulations to staff, foster families on their next step. some of the dogs are being matched with their new owners. I am so glad Emma picked me.

Have a good day.

Emma and Mary

Friday, June 4, 2010

Emma's Day

Home till noon. Yipee, some time outside with Mary. It rained so good smells and I got my exercise. (I mean it rained in the night)

Movie - Killers - a romantic comedy. Some people laughed a lot. I sat so still even during shottings. But one was so loud and surprising Mary and I jumped. Mary said I did great overall and her friends thinks so too. Once in awhile she goes without me so I get use to being alone but her friends miss me too ha ha.

Time with Jan - many of you know who she is. Time to share a salad at 3 and chat about her last full week teaching this year. I think the teachers work so hard or that's what Mary says and Jan too.

5:00 Home before 5, a quick rest, time outdoors again (a bit humid for Mary today) and then laundry. I don't mind at all helping with a few loads. Then I mostly rested. Couldn't help Mary sort her medicine (would if I could - I would do anything for Mary I think well most days)

Tonight resting while Mary talks with Greg, watches a bit of tv, and is on the computer a bit. Must be almost time for bed.
This movie I didn't snooze as much. IT was loud and the way the seating is I kind of can watch what is going on and sleep now and then.

I know this is the weekend and hope it is happy for you.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Home till 5pm.
Mary skipped water exercise. She worked outside planting awhile and the headache she woke up with got worse and worse. I had a ball outside. I watched Mary plant in the front, got a different view as I am normally in the back a lot.

Mary had to lay down and I was ready to rest also. Fan on - no a/c today as it was great weather.

Greg worked at home except for a mtg. I got to be in the backyard and front yard more with he and later Mary too. Felt good after a nap to stretch my legs.

Dinner at a fancy restuarant. The host looked a bit dismayed when he saw me walk in. Mary whispered "she will surprise you".
I was perfect though it was a loong meal (four courses) . Good thing I stretched my legs earlier.

Dinner must have been incredible. Nope I didn't get a crumb of course. I was outstanding too Mary said. The staff paid us lots of compliments. Patrons looked stunned to see me come out from under the table.

The place they ate was Alma's. Mary's kids gave Greg a gift certificate for his birthday. Due to surgery etc this was the time to use it. Both said it was worth waiting for.


Home and yeah some exercise.

11:00 Home and we are ready to snuggle in to bed listening to gentle rain. Poor Mary says she still had a headache but not as bad as it was before.

My favorite part of the day - I think being in the yard
Least favorite - under the table for the meal they ate slow, they talked a lot...they were told no rush as the table was free after they were done tonight. Believe me they didn't rush ha ha.

A Prayer of Thanks - Our friend Allyson gave birth to her third healthy baby daughter today.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This will be a shorter post tonight. it is Wednesday. We had an eventful day. We spent part of the day hanging out at Greg's work. I used his computer, read and time passed. Then we were able to go out with Anna. We had dinner together and then went to Target. We walked Emma a lot at Target. I did some laps with her while Anna finished up her shopping. So Emma got some walking in there.

She was glad to come home to her own yard. That was really fun to see her delight to be home (always). When I came in the office earlier to use the computer she came and pulled at me like help was needed. I came into the living room and Greg was fine then I could tell she wanted me to sit on the sofa with her. I sat down and her tail wagged and wagged as she jumped up beside me. Leaning her head on me. My cuddly girl.

Normally I tell her what to do and not the other way around. She normally only uses those motions to get attention like if I say "go get Greg" she will pull at him and poke her nose so he knows to follow her. Once when he was slumped in the chair unusual she did it to me to check on Greg.

Emma loved time with Anna too.

We will see what tomorrow brings but i am going to watch a bit of the Twins Game and head to bed. Emma will do the same -

Take good care - Emma and Mary
Stare Down

We were at a store a long time - considering buying new phones. Emma was so good waiting. There really was no place to be "under" like if you are out to eat. So she just was obediently by me. They graciously at least got a chair for me. Standing at the counter got to be too long. A man came in and as i was involved talking to the sales person - Emma gave a slight bark. We were surprised to say the least.

The very elderly man told us "I was having a stare down with your dog - she won". She hates being stared at by strangers in that way. I believe it is intimidating. The man had a big smile and Emma was fine once his expression changed. It was an unusual encounter that has never happened to us. Never someone trying to stare at her that I know of.

By contrast when I want Emma's attention and she is distracted - I will say "Emma, look at me". She looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes and my heart melts. Once in awhile, usually outdoors, i might need to say that to get her attention. I think just in free time when she is distracted. My kids say it reminds them of when they were young and I would make the same request to be sure they were listening.

OUR DAY went by so quickly we went to water exercise and worked out so hard - I was just pooped. Emma and I were outside awhile and then I needed a nap. As the days have turned to weeks, to months and now to years Emma seems to always want to sleep with her body up against mine in some manner. She is touching my feet or my legs. I can sense her breathing.
When we watch television or I read, our favorite place is NOT the recliner for my use - nope - it is the love seat where she cuddles up next to me. Again her body touching mine.

At church Sunday, I had trouble breathing to the point we left early. Emma got up so quietly and went out with us. Greg was practically holding me up as I was also faint. I knew it was my asthma so we rushed home for a nebulizer treatment. Again Emma was continually at my side and so protective. Protective, caring, attentive, worried, concerned, helpful - I am not sure the accurate words to describe her behavior. i know it helps me.

My new phone is not a big expensive one. We paid $20 but it has a voice activated calling on it. I was impressed to find that out as if I feel crummy and Greg is like in the yard I could just say "call Greg" and or if I need emergency help. My lung capacity is below normal. i have asthma and the humidity is tough at times too. I didn't purchase it for this feature but think it might be helpful.

Please pray for my nephew Soren who has cancer. He is only 8 years old. His health right now is good (he feels good) but the chemo treatments, and first another surgery will be tough on him. It is early now in the process so they don't know all that will be involved. I will mention him time to time to just pray for him and for those who have health problems.

At least when things are tough for me (like they were Sunday all day, I have lived a good life and reached some of my goals. it tears my heart apart to think of young kids and young families facing serious illness.

A CHUCKLE - I want to end with a chuckle. My granddaughter Rosa loves to have ice cream at Grandma's. She was here with the family on Monday (Memorial Day). She stands in front of my freezer as cute as a button. She wanted ice cream and I said after dinner. Mom is the boss I reminded her when mom is there. She puts her hands on her hips so cute and says in a most convincing innocent voice-

Grandma, have you ever heard of an appetizer (she said it so cute - this big word)
It is what you have while you wait..............

Well Mama convinced her ice cream could not be her appetizer. I just thought it was so cute. She was a good trooper and after eating her dinner she got an ice cream...I wish I had a picture or video of how cute she was in asking.

So kiss those little grandchildren, bless the neighbor kids and friends and relatives and hope for good health and support when life isn't easy.

Writing this blog helps me out so much. Emma helps me out even more than you might imagine. Wordy as I am, you know that, i still can't express clearly how life changing it is for me to have Emma dear.

It is 4 am. I am going to try to sleep again.

Have a good day

Emma and Mary