Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We had a fun fun fun fun fun but busy weekend.

Sat am we got some things done around here and I slept in late. Good thing I needed energy...Rosa and Sophia spent the afternoon with us. Rosa spent the night. We played, colored, used stickers to make cards for father's day - and was outside with Emma, did a bit of

Sound's impressive maybe? Well remember in reality this Grandma moves "slow". She also take breaks to sit with legs up or just lay on the couch with Rosa to watch a short video...but it kept me busy enough and it was fun.

Emma was great. She got a bit jealous of the sleep over idea. Rosa slept with me as did Emma. Then Sunday the kids all came over who could and we had fun. But Emma was not allowed to sit on her favorite spot. On the love seat next to me. I had put a cover on the love seat to be courteous about dog hair. Then those who sat there wouldn't have so much hair to deal with.

Emma did like that she got outside a lot Sat and Sunday.

A great time was had by all I hope. We are finally off to bed - after no nap I am bushed.

Monday - home all day for sure. That will be good for me. Leftovers for supper too.

Hope your weekend went well.

Mary and Emma

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