Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This will be a shorter post tonight. it is Wednesday. We had an eventful day. We spent part of the day hanging out at Greg's work. I used his computer, read and time passed. Then we were able to go out with Anna. We had dinner together and then went to Target. We walked Emma a lot at Target. I did some laps with her while Anna finished up her shopping. So Emma got some walking in there.

She was glad to come home to her own yard. That was really fun to see her delight to be home (always). When I came in the office earlier to use the computer she came and pulled at me like help was needed. I came into the living room and Greg was fine then I could tell she wanted me to sit on the sofa with her. I sat down and her tail wagged and wagged as she jumped up beside me. Leaning her head on me. My cuddly girl.

Normally I tell her what to do and not the other way around. She normally only uses those motions to get attention like if I say "go get Greg" she will pull at him and poke her nose so he knows to follow her. Once when he was slumped in the chair unusual she did it to me to check on Greg.

Emma loved time with Anna too.

We will see what tomorrow brings but i am going to watch a bit of the Twins Game and head to bed. Emma will do the same -

Take good care - Emma and Mary

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