Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishing YOU Good Health

We went out today with a friend and came back after lunch. Napped, made dinner, did some laundry and that's about it. Don't go to bed yet Emma I have some more laundry for us to deal with.

My friend treated and took us out to lunch. It is not in our area and we got a lot of looks from those there. The patrons were mostly inquisitive and Emma displayed great behavior. That is always a good feeling!!

Please pray for those who are sick, if you pray or send positive thoughts for Kathi and others dealing with illness. It is hard on them and their families. Kathi is my cousin and lives in CA - how I wish I lived closer and could be of help.

I was thinking of Dogs and how they help us with their relationships. Kathi's mom and dad welcomed "ginger" to their family and she is already loved by the family. I know how much all pets mean to owners. I just think it is wonderful the difference pets can make in your lives. I still miss past dogs and cats that were part of my life. I will have to give that more thought.

Today dear Emma found it raining when we were home. A challenge as when it is raining hard she does not want to go outdoors and yet mother nature calls. I wish I could capture that expression on a photo of her look. Emma has a very special way of expressing things with her amuses all of us.

I must go my husband is not feeling well tonight and I want to check on him.

Mary and Emma wish you good health.

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