Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are back and fine - I mean back on the blog.
Technical problems made it impossible to add new material to the blog. Hope you didn't worry if we were doing okay!!

Monday we went to the MS Dr. Calkwood to discuss the new medications I will be taking. Well not all are new. I will no longer be taking copaxone due to asthma difficulties. Now to get insurance to approve another medication. We also took another look at meds i take for spasms to see if I can manage the pain and spacisity better. It is a myth that MS does not cause pain - it varies very much from person to pereson. For me it does cause lots of pain.

Today water exercise is later time for the summer months. The cleaning woman is coming - hurray. So I am rushing around to get ready for both. I think an evening activity will not happen due to the ride issue. I miss driving.

Monday we also saw my great nephew Soren, play ball. He is 8 and very talented. It was so enjoyable to be at the park cheering his team on. I miss those days with my own children. Soren, has some surgery coming up so it was extra special to see him and his family.

Emma is just fine. She liked the smells at the park. She was not thrilled with the metro mobility ride to the Dr. Luckily it was short though they were 40 min late to pick me up. I am fortunate to normally have them come on time. Glad for the service to help me out.

Thanks for being patient waiting for me to blog again. Congratulations to staff, foster families on their next step. some of the dogs are being matched with their new owners. I am so glad Emma picked me.

Have a good day.

Emma and Mary

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