Friday, June 25, 2010

Hanging In There

I am having lots of fatigue problems - the problems of MS and a few things. So don't worry if I miss a day writing - I probably am resting or sleeping.

I am getting a new walker - hopefully today and need to use it more often I think. That's the extent of today (Friday's) plans.

Thursday I did some things areound here and then we went to water exercise. Gosh was I exhausted. I took a late nap and also went to bed early.

I am making sure Emma get's her exercise though. Today she will get some walking in for sure, plus ALWAYS our play time together in the back yard. If my daughter Anna is here, she makes sure to play with Emma. Greg too. So we are giving her the attention and exercise she needs.

I will try to be more creative at our next posting.

Mary and Emma

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