Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Busy Day for Emma and I

We were home all day...busy.
I sorted things for the thrift store and cleaned a bit.
The cleaning lady came and Emma likes her. Usually we are at swimming but were not today. It was hard for Emma not to be underfoot. We got a lot done thankfully.

We just kept plugging along. It is hot 90 and humid. So we took many short trips outside. It was so hot and Emma would indicate she needed to go out. We would go out and it was so hot she wanted to come back in. This meant she didn't do her 'duty
" It took us a lot of visits.

Tonight I hope to do a bit more sorting and then maybe read. I think it is too hot for our daily walk. It gets too hot for me with both the MS and asthma issues.

Thanks to Karyn, my cleaning lady who worked extra hard today. She did a great job.

Sounds dull but kept us hopping today. Remember I move like a turtle so it takes a long time. Thanks to Emma for helping with laundry, picking up and just being great again today.

Have a great day - Mary and Emma

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