Thursday, June 17, 2010

My granddaughter told me the other day that Emma needs an imaginary friend! I don't recall how that came up but it makes me smile to think of it. Emma however is always with me so maybe doesn't need an imaginary friend. Once in awhile she is home for a bit alone but I think she just sleeps?!!

Today we have water exercise but not till noon. What I dislike is how much MS drains my energy. There are certainly both big and little things I can do around here, and I have a few plants to plant. But, if I do too much then I can't do the full water work out which I need. Lately, water exercise just wears me out. Though it feels so good to be in the water and I have less pain those days...I know it is good for me.

Emma and i were up at 6 so we took a short rest already. MS zaps energy. There are medicines that help some people with MS with fatigue but I get chest pain from them. So we rest when we need to do so. The exercise and social contacts at water exercise are good for me.

There might be storms tonight (Emma hates that) but today is sunny and nice. We have had a lot of rain which means Emma's back yard is so plush with nice soft grass. Now my flowers do need some sun also.

We plan to get outside again before swimming/water exercise. You would be impressed with how well Emma lays by the pool during that class. We hope to take her to a lake swimming soon.

I am ramblng...better go accomplish something. Emma and I are doing well today.

Mary and Emma wish you a happy day.

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