Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hi to All,

Emma and I are taking a break and relaxing today. We also are going to the movie Water for Elephants tonight with Greg. We are celebrating our anniversary today.

I just got a cooling vest. It looks a bit life a life jacket but not quite as thick. It is common for people with MS to have them. The doctor has urged me to get one for a few years now. You place these thin packets into the freezer and then into the vest. Kind of the opposite of a heating pad. You wear ice packs. It should make it possible to go outside more in the summer.

I will be able to go to outdoor activities with my grandchildren. Take more outdoor time with Emma and so on. I am excited. I found out through a friend I can go to a Twins Game in June. The games are sold out. So if it is a hot day I can use the vest then too. So excited to go to the Twins. Those going all have MS and the tickets are right at the place where the bus will stop. So just a bit of walking to our seats. Yeah for that.

Off to a movie...Mary
Two weeks till MS Camp

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 29th, 2001 A Day of Celebration

My 33rd wedding anniversary. Hurray. Greg has to work day into evening so we will celebrate another day.

My Aunt's 87th birthday.

The Royal Wedding! My Aunt is so excited that the date is her birthday. Arrangements have been made where she is staying for medical reasons to arrange for her to watch it. She even got her wish and they did her hair. She told me "Well I want to look my best for the Wedding". She has followed the shows about the upcoming event and is so darn excited.

Emma and I will go down to visit and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Also 15 Days till MS Camp/resort.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Mary and Emma

Monday, April 25, 2011

Emma and I have been busy. My Aunt is ill and has no children. We have been at the hospital alot and I also am medical power of attorney. Was there a long day today to help meet with people and arrange things for her.

Three weeks from today we will be at camp/MS resort. I know that will be a great break for us.

We expect that this full week at least we will be involved with my Aunt so don't worry if I don't write too much. But don't give up on us and keep checking. Greg took some great pictures of Emma on EAster and i will be writing again soon.

Mary and Emma

Friday, April 22, 2011


A Very quiet day for Emma and I which was good for both of us. Very grey and cool here. Waiting for the Sun that they think will come out for Easter Sunday. Did not get a lot done but a bit of preparation for Easter. Rosie sleeps over Saturday night so that will be fun too. She is going to help us cook and also play. Can't wait till Sunday.

I know so many people struggling with health issues some minor and some major. Here in MN I think we need warm weather to air out our homes, spring clean and get the germs out.

Wearing sunglasses all the time in the house too and the eye drops helped me be a bit more comfortable today so that was nice. Emma has been great all day also. We took two naps and one was late so are still up.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to all. Emma and I wish you good health. On Sunday it will be just three more weeks till camp.
Hope it warms up but it will be great!! I am determined to go and can go even if the healh is a bit of an issue. They have a nurse for each cabin. My own MS Doctor is the camp Dr who consults by phone as needed. It will be good for us.

Found out my county library provides free ebooks. These are books I can download for free on my computer or ipad. I did down load some children's books to share with Rosa when she is here. Fun. I have books here but this will give us some variety. Very neat service and they can be used for 7 -21 days depending on the book. They have adult titles too but this is new so they are just adding books now. Anyway very nice service.

Happy Easter, Mary and Emma

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Night

Hello. Emma and I are tired. I have my pajamas on already it is just after 7 pm here. We had a busy day. I also had such trouble sleeping last night. No time to nap today so probably sleep good tonight.

NURSE EMMA did it again. I literally dragged myself to water exercise and had to take it much easier than normal but made it hte full hour. I rushed when I got dressed and we left.

On Thursday the gang goes for a leisurely lunch any who can make. We went Italian and took our time. We went to Marcellos for those in town. It is in New Hope? Right off 169 and very inexpensive for lunch menu. We sat and talked. My Dr appointment wasn't till 3:30 I found out so we stayed long and talk. Then I killed some time with my friend Karen who kindly drove me to the eye Dr here in Maple Grove. She is always a sweetheart to give me rides.

I got there at 3 but wasn't headed home till 5. First issue was Emma would not relax in the waiting room. She would not drop (unlike her) or even sit. She stood and kept digging in my bag. She seemed agitated. She is smart I am not. Even a lady there said your dog seems nervous. She just wouldn't leave the bag alone and was poking at me. I couldn't figure it out but maybe you already did.

YEP it was the insulin pump issue again. For the first time ever after swimming I forgot to put it back on me. I even ate and did not realize it though I should have taken my blood sugar at lunch and given myself more insulin. I finally figured it out. She calmed right down and layed down as I asked her to. We were in the actual Drs room a long time too and she just curled up in a corner and I think slept. She is so smart. Wish I could get her to help me remember other things I forget!!

I have eye inflamation again and they are consulting another Dr too. They are trying steroid drops again but not sure that will fit the bill. I have to take it day by day. They may need to put me on steroids for my whole body (systemic) but not sure.
This is the first step.

I went due to a bump on my eye but he does NOT think it is cancerous though it grew big kind of fast. He can't remove it with my eye inflamed so will see him in May for that. I was relieved he thinks it is a fluid cyst.

Had hoped to go to Holy Thursday Church Services today but am home instead. My eyes hurt a lot and I have a headache...aren't you sick of hearing that. I mention it because those of you with MS should know headaches might be due to eye issues too. Could be true for anyone but especially due to MS issues. I might have optic neuritis which wouldn't be helped much by just drops. Luckily there office is very close to my home so they will work me in if I need to see them sooner due to problems. Emma was just great there once we got the insulin issue resolved. She is so darn smart.

Hope you have a good day. I think I am write that new graduates just got to take their service dogs home for the first time this week. I imagine those first days they were exciting but I was so worried if Emma would bond with me. I worried she would be bored with me. After more than 5 years I can say I should not have worried so much.

I think warmer temps are coming and I sure hope so. I need to close my eyes so will listen to the Twins game or Audio book. Trying not to go to bed too early as I really want to sleep through the night.

I know some people have Good Friday off or work half day. Though my kids say that is not as true anymore. I hope your weekend goes great. I will think of you in prayer and thoughts this Holy Time. Happy Easter to all.

Mary and Emma

Can't sleep at 2:38 am! MS discomfort and a headache and eye pain. Yeah Dr appt today.

Anyway wrote to mention a friend with MS is having the same issue with not being able to sleep. We are playing online scrabble. Isn't it interesting both up at this hour and on the computer.

Emma thinks since she is up she needs a snack and some petting. Time to try to sleep again.

I have this issue even when i don't nap in the day but this time I did sleep a lot in the day.

Emma sleeping at MS Camp/resort. 4 weeks from now we will be there. Wont be hard to sleep there I don't think..they wear us out in a good way.

Hope you are snoozing as I write this.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Emma is fine and I am fine. Tuesday night I made a super big big mistake. I had a sleep study and did NOT bring Emma. Now my Dr. who refered me said I could bring Emma. This was not my first sleep study but my first time at this lab. I was worried that since they wire you all up for the study at like 7:30

how would I take her out to go potty?
what if it bothered her when they talk to you now and then over a speaker from the other room?
what about when they come in to adjust the machine and things?
what if she shed on the bed?
that and other worries?

I imagined she would be happier at home in the bed she was use to!
I knew she likes Greg and thought she would do just fine.

Well gosh next time I will definitely bring her! This is how it went at the North Memorial Sleep Lab in Maple Grove.

It was a nice setting so close to my home too. They gave me the largest room and thought I was bringing the dog.
The professional that helped me said YES she would have happily taken her out as needed. Unlike other sleep study rooms I have been it (due to different providers) it was very large and comfortable. YES they encourage people to bring their service dogs (I didn't know that) because it helps patients relax and have a more normal routine.

I called Greg but he had just gotten home. He took Emma grocery shopping and did review some skills too. She was doing great at that point in the night. She was watching tv with him sitting on my spot on the love seat with the blanket she and I share. Doing great. So I didn't ask him to bring her up. It was icky out and I was heading to bed soon and thought it would be fine for both of us.

Well turns out even with the sleeping pills they gave me I missed her. They had to remind me at times to try to relax (you don't normally sleep all wired up with someone also watching you from another room ha) and I did go to sleep. But as I woke up off and on i sure missed her snuggling next to me.

Meanwhile on the home front Greg said Emma was not a happy camper. As the evening went on she was looking for me. She kept going through the house I guess to see if I was in the other room. After she went out for her last potty outing Greg said she began pacing. Then she would stop and lay by the front door looking out the window for me. Then pace again. Greg thought it was about 2 am before she finally would lay in bed with him and relax and go to sleep for the night.

I was silly not to bring her. I kept thinking she would be happier at home??? Why didn't I realize how much we would miss each other? In over 5 years we have slept together except for a few nights when I was in the hospital. And those nights she also wouldn't sleep and paced and I missed her. I also thought with the heavy sleeping pills I took just for the study that I wouldn't really miss her that much. WRONG on that also.

In the morning the technician told me, when you have this done again (I do every so many years) be sure to bring your dog. It would be good to see if that helped you sleep better and relax more. Hope Helping Paws staff see this and encourage others with service dogs to consider bringing them if they have sleep studies.

I will find out the results from my Lung Specialists who also deals with Sleep Issues in May. I already use a bipap machine so this was to see how i am doing, if the machine needs adjustments and so on. They did tell me my legs moved all night even though I thought I took the medication for that and the one for MS spasms at night. They also noted I seemed to have a lot of pain (I did). She said she could see my legs moving like I ran a marathon all night. She was not surprised that I was tired in the morning and woke up a lot at night. So hopefully things will improve. They had super staff there.

Emma was so excited when I got home to her. Shel has been so close to me all day. I was so tired I had to take two naps today. I am still up due to a late nap. I did double check tonight that I took all medications. Emma and I are so meant for each other. Someone reminded me the other day of how long labs live. Gosh I hope I have her many more years. The Vet says I take good care of her and all looks good at this point. She means so much to me.

PS. My husband missed me too and I missed him too. But Emma lays closer to me than he does ha ha.

ALSO we woke up to more SNOW. Just a few inches and it melted fast but gosh are we sick of it. It was raining part of the day. We are waiting for sunshine.

Wishing you a good week and Happy Easter too.

Love Mary and Emma

Monday, April 18, 2011

Try this link to get a pictures of the new puppies.

Taxes Mailed

Happy Tax Day or at least a relief they are paid and in the mail. We have never that I recall waited till the last minute on them like this year. Oh well it is done and that is great feeling.

It is pretty grey here and we certainly want sun but I think it is going to be a cool and cloudy week. Still the grass is getting green and the gardens warming up. I hope it is a nice Easter weekend. I think my whole gang is coming though not sure with Sophia who might be with her biological father. We'll see.

Emma and I have gone out side several times. She saw some bunnies that perked her up. ha ha. Not warm enough to sit long outside with her though. She likes to retrieve her toy or balls and then just likes to poke around out there. She is so good for me. I love being with her. Love that she gets me up and going in the day.

Yesterday I went to bed (sunday at 4 pm) I had to get up at 10 pm for pills and to eat a bite for my blood sugar. Wide awake at 4 am but then took a morning nap. Goofy schedule. We had gone to church both in Maple Grove here at our home parish and then gone to Greg's work. After church there was a pancake breakfast and Rosa and Michael my son came. Fun. Greg had to work awhile and then we picked up my son Danny. He does not have a car (lives in uptown and rarely needs one he says) and did some errands with him. Grabbed a late lunch together so that was fun. I love being with my family.

So I had been gone 8 hours which may surprise you but that is a very long day for me to be gone with my MS. The nap was needed and extended into sleeping into the evening. Greg got Emma outside or I would have been woken up for that (by her).

Now trying to get things done this afternoon. I have a book to finish by book club Monday also. Tomorrow we have water exercise. Then I have a sleep study at night. So NO NAP Tuedsday. They will observe me sleeping using my bipap machine and see if the settings are accurate and so on. Emma could go but I think we both will do better if she stays home with Greg that night. Then he can take her out if she needs to go potty etc. I have done this before and it goes okay if I can sleep. To be sure I can sleep this time they are giving me a strong sleep medication. Sleeping with wires attached, in a different bed, while you know you are being watched is not like being at home - as you can imagine.

Helping Paws had new puppies over the weekend. I will try to post the site you can go to in order to see pictures.

It is my cousin Karen's birthday. She is a blog reader so Happy Birthday Again Karen from Emma and I.

Hope you all have a good day....Mary and Emma

Saturday, April 16, 2011

snow? Again!!

Yes, sometimes it snows in April in MN. We know that. But what a bummer to wake up to a white covering on the grass. It did not last long at least. The day was gray, cold, and dreary. Also windy. Emma went out with me several times in the yard but I don't think she was even much interested today. We were home all day. Tomorrow we will get out of the house for church etc.

No flowers yet here, but green is peeking up through the ground. I always imagine the plants pushing up through the soile to peek out. I wonder if they are thinking "are you ready for me or not?" Looks like my irises will be able to bloom soon if the sun and warmth come. They actually seem to grow inches a day. When we did day care I believe sometimes we even measured them each day for awhile. Exciting to see their growth.

Camp is 4 weeks and 1 day away. I am already checking the clothing I have not worn since last spring to see that I have what I need. They call it MS resort now and it truly is a very nice experience. I love the fact we get to go each year. You will likely hear so much about it both before and after that you will be thrilled or be sick of it ha ha.

I heard HElping Paws had puppies today. Isn't that thrilling. New little golden retrievers I think that will in 2-3 years join their partner. They will become service dog teams that will change the life of the human partner forever and ever. Congratulations to Helping Paws Staff, Volunteers, and the family that is caring for the mother and puppies. Sounds like they were all healthy.

Here are some pictures of Rosa from her last sleep over. I may see her and Sophia Sunday - I sure hope so.
Hope you have a great weekend...please let this be the last snow this season. Hope to take some pictures of Sophia and my children on Easter.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just got home from water exercise...brr cold wind and cooler temps here today...and I miss the sun. Suppose to stay cool for a few days. Oh well.

Emma is doing great. Anxious to go outside again. We have fun in the yard. She never tires of going outside. She explores, we play fetch and so on. Have had a few warm days where I even sat outside with her for over an hour. She really likes that. She lays in the sun, then plays and just seems so relaxed.

My son has decided not to move to San Francisco for a job offer. He put a lot of thought into it. Just not the right time or right company to do a big move. He is single not the one who has children. I am relieved he will be here for the time being. I know he may move at some point but treasuring the time we see him now. He stays pretty busy. Easter I think all the children will be here - I will appreciate it even more knowing Dan or any of them might sometime decide to move away. I would have supported him either way but glad he is staying home when he explained his concerns. No he doesn't live with us but I mean "home" living in Mpls.

Majestic Shores resort is just over 4 weeks away (formerly called MS Camp). That is exciting for Emma and I. I have been on phone and email talking to friends that are also going. Some are out of town so I don't see them often. Yeah Kathy (she reads this) and Jan will be our roommates. Can't wait for fun times together. I received a list of who is attending and who sleeps in which cabin. It just will be awesome. I am so excited. May is nice as it doesn't get too hot for those of us with MS. There is an August Camp too (you can only go once a year) but that time and the weather does not work as well for us.

A dear friend of our MS water class group is very ill. So those of us there thought of him as we had lunch at subway. Gosh I hope he recovers. Prayers are with Charles and his family.. He especially loves Emma.

Well off to take Emma outdoors and to a nap. She likes the outdoors so I am not sure if she "has to go out" or just "wants to go out"? The fresh air will be good for both of us.

Have a good evening. Greg took some pictures of Rosa and pictures of Rosa with Emma. I will try to get them on my computer and post them.

Hope you are in good health. Thinking of you,

Emma and Mary

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Great Weather.
Great Fun with Emma outdoors.
Great News too...

MS Majestic Shores Resort (formerly known as camp) info came in the mail today. YES I was accepted. So Emma and I will pack our bags and go in May. 5 weeks away. This taste of warmer weather makes us even more excited.

Talked on the phone to my camp roommate and we are so thrilled. She likes Emma and if I go on an activity that Emma cannot go on then i will ask her to help me out. Like last year I did a boat ride during nap time. Oh well then again, this year I will likely need the nap time. Well we will have a ball we always do.

My husband is supportive. I told him "you Can't Understand What this MEans to ME" and he say "I know that"! How do I capture in words why this event each summer means so much to me..

What I experience at Camp (okay not called that due to a format change but affectionately it will be camp to me.

Nice lodging and wonderful roommates!
Experiences in nature - wooden trails, a lake, sunsets, campfires,
Boating, swimming, and many other activities to choose from
Support from MS friends that I have met at camp over the years
It is like a family reunion - shared memories and fun experiences
New and old friends unite
Time to play games, to talk, with others
Time to offer support and encouragement
Lots of time to laugh, and listen and learn from one another as we cope with a crazy disease.

Tons of fun times with others
Time alone with Emma at my choosing
Opportunity to get away from the regular routine
New experiences with Emma
Nature and nature and nature - I love it

Since I have a service dog I am "required" to stay in a smaller room with just two roomates and our own bath. (poor me ha ha) We do not have the lakeside view but we do have more privacy than the bigger rooms that house about 6 people each and adjoin one another. this makes napping and sleeping easier. Thank you Emma for being with me. I will be with cabin leaders Jan and Kathy too. Talked to Kathy tonight and it made me even more excited.

Gotta go make our late supper... Emma and Maru

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Day To Rest

HI, We had a great day Sunday. Rosa came and stayed overnight Sat night. It was such fun we asked her parents to keep her till Monday. We did and what fun we had. She is 4 and so fun to be with. Greg took her to Pre=school later this morning and Emma and I had a big nap. I wish I had her energy. She was such fun to be with.

More later and I hope a photo or two.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Migraine issues so can't think to write!

Enjoying great weather yep spring has arrived it seems!

Don't give up we will blog soon hope to get some new pictures taken too!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday = Water Exercise What A Work Out

The MS Water Exercise would probably be a mild exercise program for most but for those of us with MS it is challenging, relaxing and a great work out. Today I must have worked extra hard ha ha. Even with a nap I am so tired. It was a good day. Temp about 56 so I didn't wear a coat. Emma loved being outside a great deal with me.

Twins won. I received nice email from a few friends and my dear cousin Karen. That always brightens my day. Most of all Emma and I are so thrilled to have Greg home again. Did I ever tell you how much my husband sings? It fills the house. He did not have to work tonight which was a surprise for me. We got a few errands done.

Emma is of course my dog...but it is obvious she likes having Greg home. She did that puppy scout (Judy knows what I mean) when he got home and again when he took her outdoors. Her face is so expressive and she looked like she was smiling.

Hope you had a great day....Mary and Emma

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday - May Your Week Go Well

Monday - We are home all day. We kind of wish we were going out but the opportunity did not arise. Greg comes home tonight from Boston Trip and we are pleased!! We miss him. Though I must say Emma really enjoys hogging the bed while he is gone.

Still dealing with this darn sore throat though it is better. A friend of mine called and has the same thing though we have not been together for over two weeks. Must be going around.

Emma has less and less snow to play in. It is blustry here today but we both enjoyed getting outside. She seems curious as to what is in the yard to smell since most of the snow is gone. She is however persistant in trying to play and roll in what little snow remains out there. The sun is shinning which is very very nice for us. Perks up our day - or at least mine.

Laundry day today and Emma of course will be helping me. I also stripped the bed and the blankets are on the floor. She reminds me of my children when they were young...she likes to lay in the pile of blankets. So cute.

Hope your Week is a good one. We have water exercise tomorrow and I hope to feel good enough to go. Sunday night my daughter Rebecca (Becky) and son Michael and granddaughter Rosa came over for awhile and that was so nice. They brought Rory who is just 18 months and we had fun playing with him too. HE has a big dog at home so was just excellent with Emma. We know Rory's parents but it was the first time Emma and I had met Rory.

So all is well. Just taking it one day at time...thinking of you. Emma and Mary

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sat and Coping


Yep, you might have guessed it I have been sick. Nurse Emma has been caring for me but haven't been blogging. It is nothing major though. Went to the Dr worried it was strep but it is a virus. Gosh no wonder babies cry when their ears hurt! I also have such a darn sore throat. I am sleeping a lot to cope. We are doing okay.

We were suppose to watch my granddaughters today. That is something to decline that opportunity. No reason to share germs and I just couldn't muster the energy to give them the fun day they deserve. Their Auntie Anna, will be giving them lots of TLC and fun today.

Greg is in Boston for work but we are fine. I miss him but glad he had the opportunity to go. Emma kind of watched for him at night though. He often works late so she will lay waiting for him. She will be glad to see him also

It is suppose to be 50 today. Snow is melting quickly from our yard.. Emma is glad there is some to play in. It is a bit muddy in other areas though. I will be glad when the grass is green again and she is not in the mud. I am sure others agree. Emma is so happy to be outdoors. i look forward to warmer days when i can sit in the lawn chair (in the shade) and watch her play for long periods of time. It will be good for both of us.

MS Majestic Shores Resort (formerly known as camp) is 5 weeks from Sunday if I am counting my weeks correctly. Will be interesting to see what kind of weather we have this year. It is definitely something to look forward to for Emma and I. A happy reunion with MS friends with lots of fun and relaxing activities. A great break from our regular routine.

Not much news since we are mostly home - a quiet weekend to rest and get well - Mary and Emma

Have a good weekend.