Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Night

Hello. Emma and I are tired. I have my pajamas on already it is just after 7 pm here. We had a busy day. I also had such trouble sleeping last night. No time to nap today so probably sleep good tonight.

NURSE EMMA did it again. I literally dragged myself to water exercise and had to take it much easier than normal but made it hte full hour. I rushed when I got dressed and we left.

On Thursday the gang goes for a leisurely lunch any who can make. We went Italian and took our time. We went to Marcellos for those in town. It is in New Hope? Right off 169 and very inexpensive for lunch menu. We sat and talked. My Dr appointment wasn't till 3:30 I found out so we stayed long and talk. Then I killed some time with my friend Karen who kindly drove me to the eye Dr here in Maple Grove. She is always a sweetheart to give me rides.

I got there at 3 but wasn't headed home till 5. First issue was Emma would not relax in the waiting room. She would not drop (unlike her) or even sit. She stood and kept digging in my bag. She seemed agitated. She is smart I am not. Even a lady there said your dog seems nervous. She just wouldn't leave the bag alone and was poking at me. I couldn't figure it out but maybe you already did.

YEP it was the insulin pump issue again. For the first time ever after swimming I forgot to put it back on me. I even ate and did not realize it though I should have taken my blood sugar at lunch and given myself more insulin. I finally figured it out. She calmed right down and layed down as I asked her to. We were in the actual Drs room a long time too and she just curled up in a corner and I think slept. She is so smart. Wish I could get her to help me remember other things I forget!!

I have eye inflamation again and they are consulting another Dr too. They are trying steroid drops again but not sure that will fit the bill. I have to take it day by day. They may need to put me on steroids for my whole body (systemic) but not sure.
This is the first step.

I went due to a bump on my eye but he does NOT think it is cancerous though it grew big kind of fast. He can't remove it with my eye inflamed so will see him in May for that. I was relieved he thinks it is a fluid cyst.

Had hoped to go to Holy Thursday Church Services today but am home instead. My eyes hurt a lot and I have a headache...aren't you sick of hearing that. I mention it because those of you with MS should know headaches might be due to eye issues too. Could be true for anyone but especially due to MS issues. I might have optic neuritis which wouldn't be helped much by just drops. Luckily there office is very close to my home so they will work me in if I need to see them sooner due to problems. Emma was just great there once we got the insulin issue resolved. She is so darn smart.

Hope you have a good day. I think I am write that new graduates just got to take their service dogs home for the first time this week. I imagine those first days they were exciting but I was so worried if Emma would bond with me. I worried she would be bored with me. After more than 5 years I can say I should not have worried so much.

I think warmer temps are coming and I sure hope so. I need to close my eyes so will listen to the Twins game or Audio book. Trying not to go to bed too early as I really want to sleep through the night.

I know some people have Good Friday off or work half day. Though my kids say that is not as true anymore. I hope your weekend goes great. I will think of you in prayer and thoughts this Holy Time. Happy Easter to all.

Mary and Emma

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