Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Emma is fine and I am fine. Tuesday night I made a super big big mistake. I had a sleep study and did NOT bring Emma. Now my Dr. who refered me said I could bring Emma. This was not my first sleep study but my first time at this lab. I was worried that since they wire you all up for the study at like 7:30

how would I take her out to go potty?
what if it bothered her when they talk to you now and then over a speaker from the other room?
what about when they come in to adjust the machine and things?
what if she shed on the bed?
that and other worries?

I imagined she would be happier at home in the bed she was use to!
I knew she likes Greg and thought she would do just fine.

Well gosh next time I will definitely bring her! This is how it went at the North Memorial Sleep Lab in Maple Grove.

It was a nice setting so close to my home too. They gave me the largest room and thought I was bringing the dog.
The professional that helped me said YES she would have happily taken her out as needed. Unlike other sleep study rooms I have been it (due to different providers) it was very large and comfortable. YES they encourage people to bring their service dogs (I didn't know that) because it helps patients relax and have a more normal routine.

I called Greg but he had just gotten home. He took Emma grocery shopping and did review some skills too. She was doing great at that point in the night. She was watching tv with him sitting on my spot on the love seat with the blanket she and I share. Doing great. So I didn't ask him to bring her up. It was icky out and I was heading to bed soon and thought it would be fine for both of us.

Well turns out even with the sleeping pills they gave me I missed her. They had to remind me at times to try to relax (you don't normally sleep all wired up with someone also watching you from another room ha) and I did go to sleep. But as I woke up off and on i sure missed her snuggling next to me.

Meanwhile on the home front Greg said Emma was not a happy camper. As the evening went on she was looking for me. She kept going through the house I guess to see if I was in the other room. After she went out for her last potty outing Greg said she began pacing. Then she would stop and lay by the front door looking out the window for me. Then pace again. Greg thought it was about 2 am before she finally would lay in bed with him and relax and go to sleep for the night.

I was silly not to bring her. I kept thinking she would be happier at home??? Why didn't I realize how much we would miss each other? In over 5 years we have slept together except for a few nights when I was in the hospital. And those nights she also wouldn't sleep and paced and I missed her. I also thought with the heavy sleeping pills I took just for the study that I wouldn't really miss her that much. WRONG on that also.

In the morning the technician told me, when you have this done again (I do every so many years) be sure to bring your dog. It would be good to see if that helped you sleep better and relax more. Hope Helping Paws staff see this and encourage others with service dogs to consider bringing them if they have sleep studies.

I will find out the results from my Lung Specialists who also deals with Sleep Issues in May. I already use a bipap machine so this was to see how i am doing, if the machine needs adjustments and so on. They did tell me my legs moved all night even though I thought I took the medication for that and the one for MS spasms at night. They also noted I seemed to have a lot of pain (I did). She said she could see my legs moving like I ran a marathon all night. She was not surprised that I was tired in the morning and woke up a lot at night. So hopefully things will improve. They had super staff there.

Emma was so excited when I got home to her. Shel has been so close to me all day. I was so tired I had to take two naps today. I am still up due to a late nap. I did double check tonight that I took all medications. Emma and I are so meant for each other. Someone reminded me the other day of how long labs live. Gosh I hope I have her many more years. The Vet says I take good care of her and all looks good at this point. She means so much to me.

PS. My husband missed me too and I missed him too. But Emma lays closer to me than he does ha ha.

ALSO we woke up to more SNOW. Just a few inches and it melted fast but gosh are we sick of it. It was raining part of the day. We are waiting for sunshine.

Wishing you a good week and Happy Easter too.

Love Mary and Emma

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