Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday = Water Exercise What A Work Out

The MS Water Exercise would probably be a mild exercise program for most but for those of us with MS it is challenging, relaxing and a great work out. Today I must have worked extra hard ha ha. Even with a nap I am so tired. It was a good day. Temp about 56 so I didn't wear a coat. Emma loved being outside a great deal with me.

Twins won. I received nice email from a few friends and my dear cousin Karen. That always brightens my day. Most of all Emma and I are so thrilled to have Greg home again. Did I ever tell you how much my husband sings? It fills the house. He did not have to work tonight which was a surprise for me. We got a few errands done.

Emma is of course my dog...but it is obvious she likes having Greg home. She did that puppy scout (Judy knows what I mean) when he got home and again when he took her outdoors. Her face is so expressive and she looked like she was smiling.

Hope you had a great day....Mary and Emma

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