Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sat and Coping


Yep, you might have guessed it I have been sick. Nurse Emma has been caring for me but haven't been blogging. It is nothing major though. Went to the Dr worried it was strep but it is a virus. Gosh no wonder babies cry when their ears hurt! I also have such a darn sore throat. I am sleeping a lot to cope. We are doing okay.

We were suppose to watch my granddaughters today. That is something to decline that opportunity. No reason to share germs and I just couldn't muster the energy to give them the fun day they deserve. Their Auntie Anna, will be giving them lots of TLC and fun today.

Greg is in Boston for work but we are fine. I miss him but glad he had the opportunity to go. Emma kind of watched for him at night though. He often works late so she will lay waiting for him. She will be glad to see him also

It is suppose to be 50 today. Snow is melting quickly from our yard.. Emma is glad there is some to play in. It is a bit muddy in other areas though. I will be glad when the grass is green again and she is not in the mud. I am sure others agree. Emma is so happy to be outdoors. i look forward to warmer days when i can sit in the lawn chair (in the shade) and watch her play for long periods of time. It will be good for both of us.

MS Majestic Shores Resort (formerly known as camp) is 5 weeks from Sunday if I am counting my weeks correctly. Will be interesting to see what kind of weather we have this year. It is definitely something to look forward to for Emma and I. A happy reunion with MS friends with lots of fun and relaxing activities. A great break from our regular routine.

Not much news since we are mostly home - a quiet weekend to rest and get well - Mary and Emma

Have a good weekend.

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