Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Great Weather.
Great Fun with Emma outdoors.
Great News too...

MS Majestic Shores Resort (formerly known as camp) info came in the mail today. YES I was accepted. So Emma and I will pack our bags and go in May. 5 weeks away. This taste of warmer weather makes us even more excited.

Talked on the phone to my camp roommate and we are so thrilled. She likes Emma and if I go on an activity that Emma cannot go on then i will ask her to help me out. Like last year I did a boat ride during nap time. Oh well then again, this year I will likely need the nap time. Well we will have a ball we always do.

My husband is supportive. I told him "you Can't Understand What this MEans to ME" and he say "I know that"! How do I capture in words why this event each summer means so much to me..

What I experience at Camp (okay not called that due to a format change but affectionately it will be camp to me.

Nice lodging and wonderful roommates!
Experiences in nature - wooden trails, a lake, sunsets, campfires,
Boating, swimming, and many other activities to choose from
Support from MS friends that I have met at camp over the years
It is like a family reunion - shared memories and fun experiences
New and old friends unite
Time to play games, to talk, with others
Time to offer support and encouragement
Lots of time to laugh, and listen and learn from one another as we cope with a crazy disease.

Tons of fun times with others
Time alone with Emma at my choosing
Opportunity to get away from the regular routine
New experiences with Emma
Nature and nature and nature - I love it

Since I have a service dog I am "required" to stay in a smaller room with just two roomates and our own bath. (poor me ha ha) We do not have the lakeside view but we do have more privacy than the bigger rooms that house about 6 people each and adjoin one another. this makes napping and sleeping easier. Thank you Emma for being with me. I will be with cabin leaders Jan and Kathy too. Talked to Kathy tonight and it made me even more excited.

Gotta go make our late supper... Emma and Maru

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