Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hi to All,

Emma and I are taking a break and relaxing today. We also are going to the movie Water for Elephants tonight with Greg. We are celebrating our anniversary today.

I just got a cooling vest. It looks a bit life a life jacket but not quite as thick. It is common for people with MS to have them. The doctor has urged me to get one for a few years now. You place these thin packets into the freezer and then into the vest. Kind of the opposite of a heating pad. You wear ice packs. It should make it possible to go outside more in the summer.

I will be able to go to outdoor activities with my grandchildren. Take more outdoor time with Emma and so on. I am excited. I found out through a friend I can go to a Twins Game in June. The games are sold out. So if it is a hot day I can use the vest then too. So excited to go to the Twins. Those going all have MS and the tickets are right at the place where the bus will stop. So just a bit of walking to our seats. Yeah for that.

Off to a movie...Mary
Two weeks till MS Camp

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