Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take Time To Smell The Roses

We have not done much to our gardens this year. The great thing is we have roses that keep coming back. We have a good spot for them. I don't know if you can see how tall this bush really is now. It is taller than I am and wide too. We love it each year. We have many other bushes too. They love this hot weather. They do indeed smell good.

Emma got out of the house more today. Very hot with a hear index of 106. I wore the cooling vest all day both indoors and outside. Emma didn't even want to stay outside much. We did go with Greg to a foot doctor. I will be getting orthodics and a new pair of shoes. Now those with diabetes can get insurance to help pay for the orthodics, the dr visits, and one pair of special shoes too. The shoes are cute too.

Hope you enjoy the day on Friday. We are headed to bed...Mary and Emma

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


the internet site for the above vest is

You can google many other sources. Many occupations can use them also I have heard.
Well I have mine on now and we are heading outdoors to watch Emma play.

A warmer day today and HOT days ahead.

No I don't care to model it but here is what I mean by my cooling vest.
There are special ices packs for front and back
It is more comfortable than you would think
I love it outdoors to spend more time out there
I even have used it indoors
I get both night sweat and just sweats now even with AC
It is so comfortable I can even sleep with it on!

My Dr encouraged me to get one two years ago
I shouldn't have waited
In some cases the MN MS Society can help you with cost
They already helped me with another need so I did pay myself
But though never used, got it at a reduced price from a great friend.

There are many sites that have them
Many types and price ranges
Some might find this one a bit heavy to put on as it is industrial strength?
Anyway it is comfortable and very east to wash off if needed

I should not have waited
Hopefully the summer weather will come and I will use it
This year when Rosa or Sophia want to play outdoors
I wont have to say too hot for Grandma
Even if I go out for a little while - it will be fantastic to have.

Hey I should have had it to get through hot flashes over the years ha ha

Thanks to my wonderful though out of state brother
I got some advice on the anesthesia they should use for my colonoscopy
NOt the normal due to my breathing issues
And because they want to have plenty of time to look at the small intestine
This should work and it when i come out of it he says it is quicker
and I won't feel drugged. Hurray for that.

Has take a bunch of phone calls to arrange this
Also have to go up this afternoon for a preop physical and blood work
Then had to get a ride there and back too but it is close to my house.
Let's hear it for brothers who have a career that helps a younger sister out.

My other brother know how to fix cars but now specializes in body work on antique cars
He has great car ideas
My other brother is in police work and yeah haven't need a lot of advice
But he has interesting insights none the less.
My sister works for a Nursery and so gives us advice from there.
Families help in many ways.

I barely slept last night but a bit today
I feel like I am on an adrenaline high just to get this all settled
But boy will I crash after the appointment today.

So stay cool and appreciate your family - they sure can be great support when you need it most.

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Isn't It Time to Eat?

Hi folks,
Okay this is not a new photo but depicted today well. Darn Emma wanted to eat and eat. I am finding sometimes I now wake up early and look outside. Without seeing the clock I think gosh must be time to feed Emma. Well darn it I am not use to being an early riser and finding it may be two hours early for Emma. Who knew it was so bright at 5 am now? Or even at 6? She should wait till 7 or later.

But do you find this? If I feed her early then when the normal time comes around - bingo the tummy alarm still goes off and she want to eat again. Maybe humans do that sometimes too. With me being so overweight I should not criticize her I guess. So anyway as the day went on i found she was starving I thought for supper too - since she ate early am. It goofs her whole day up. So I fed her early and yep you guessed it bingo double bingo she wants to eat again at her regular mealtime.

So though I am up at 2 am right now I am setting my alarm, and if I wake up early making sure to check the clock and get her back on her normal feeding schedule. Better for both of us. With my diabetes I am trying to have a better routine of what time to be meal time too for me.

We were home all day. Emma displayed her hunting instinct if that is the proper thing to call it. Thankfully though i needed to stay home the weather and my health was such that I sat outside with her several times today and again tonight. Well gosh she had such a blast. I think every single time there was a bunny, chipmonk, bird on the fence, or something to chase away. I am glad they always get away safely. Even the fat bunnies seem to get under the fence. But she loves the chase...glad she can run in the yard and does not need to be tied up.

She also of course likes the dry weather and exploring the sights, sounds, and smells around the yard. She seems to really enjoy herself while exploring out there. Her tail wags away as she moves about the yard. Gosh I am glad for the fenced in yard. At her age, she will stop and rest in the sun a bit. Then up and exploring again. Today, I was really not up to tossing a ball or toy for her to fetch - still she seemed to have a darn good time.

Such a good time that except for nap time (which was on and off all day today for me) she sure wanted it clear she wanted to be outside. Thankfully, I can tell when she "wants" to go out and when she "needs" to go out. Her face helps us determine when she can't wait. Also she will nudge me if I need that. Just wanting to go out she sits by the patio door, scampers up and downstairs or othe behaviors.

Greg had to work a 12 hour day excluding drive time. I think maybe Emma was bored with me? Not sure though. He will be home the rest of the week by dinner time. He normally has some time to spend outdoors with her both before work and after work. He and I both give her attention in the house too. She doesn't seem to like to fetch and things in the house much lately. So she had fun helping me, being petted, and also likes that new dog bed (like a mattress) that she was given too.

I need to rest so slep off and on. So now up at this weird time. Glad for some reason the pain is under control at this minute much more than normal. Yeah for that.

I again received the nicest emails. I have the kindest friend who is now on a road trip across county and still calling me daily now to check in and see how I am. Isn't that the sweetest?

I am pretty emotional the past weeks....maybe the pain or the meds or both? Cry at the drop of a hat whether happy or sad or for no reason at all. Well I watched toy story 3 for the first time today and gosh i bawled my eyes out at the end. I just sobbed. I mean I would have cried anyway but I just wailed. Emma seemed so worried. I had to assure her i was okay.

Emma is looking at me liek aren't we going to bed? I will try to sleep while the pain is at rest now too. I want some new photos to post...but maybe since I have so many on my computer like me you don't mind seeing old ones???

Hope you are sleeping as I write this...also hope you have a good day on Wed. Oops it is Wed. Finding when I am home for days at a time I get a bit mixed up on the days also. Hoping Greg gets Friday off but that is not for sure yet. Suppose to be warm and sunny for several days. Might be a bit hot but I have my cooling vest and also I crave the sun even if indoors...

Emma and May wish you a great day and good dreams too.

Glad to report we have nice weather.
It is going to be warm but Mary was able to sit outside a bit with me in the shade.
I liked that.
We really appreciate her having a cooling vest.
She wears it even indoors these days - even with AC on she feels so hot.
She even wears it for naps.

The medications for pain and nausea are helping a lot.
We plan to be home now till tests next week.
Doctors want Mary to rest and that is what she wants to do anyway.
She is coping pretty good today.

Mary's friends are sure nice
They are calling and sending emails
And offering to help.
Not a lot to do though but just wait it out.

We are going to watch a movie this afternoon if Mary feels up to it.
Also she has one book on tape and others to read when she feels good enough.
she can use the ipad in bed which is nice.

We remain optimistic that soon things will get back to normal
But what is normal any how? Ha ha.

Nurse Emma is handling things just fine.
Truly I am a helping hand and Mary says a big source of comfort.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dealing with health issues.. Emma is wonderful. Don't worry.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi in the wee hours of the night...

HI All,

We are not up late - at 1 am. I am up because of some pain and spasm issues. We already got some sleep and I am seeing if changing position to sitting helps. Also some mild over the counter type meds to help. Emma is up with me of course. You can't imagine how comforting that is for me. She was also nudging Greg as he tried to sleep. I think she was doing so as it was obvious I was having some difficulties and she wanted to see if her could help. Not the very unmistakeable way she alerts him is I fall or tell her to "go get Greg" but gently poking at him.

Now she is at my feet. Her presence so very welcome. Thanks a million thanks to those of you who read this who helped train her and bring her to me through Helping Paws. Whatever your role a billion thanks...especially of course to dear Judy and family who were her foster family.

We had a nice day Sat. We went to an graduation open house for my neice. It was extra special to us because she accomplished this on time even though she also had a beautiful baby daughter this year. A teen pregnancy is not easy but with the support of her wonderful parents she is doing well and achieved this goal to graduate on time. It was our first time seeing my great neice. She was a heart darn cute. Greg's sister came from Arizona for the occasion and that made it special also. Since she is here, a bridal shower for another neice is tomorrow. Hope I feel better and we can go to that event.

We are sure at the age where people have there issues with health it seems. I remain optimistic that things will get better for me as issues are not MS related. Seems like I have prayed for so many with various health issues these past months....

I found out that a friend of mine from high school who lives out of state also has a service dog. I didn't know that due to health issues she is in a wheel chair. Haven't spoken to her in decades. She found me on face book and so we found out we both had service dogs. She agrees it has helped her immensely.

Emma liked being outdoors today with me. We had her home a few hours alone during the open house. I dont do that very oftern. She did fine. I was happy to get home and we went outdoors immediately. She helped me relax and was snuggling with me as the Twins lost big time tonight. I finally had to turn the channel too painful to watch for us.

I can't believe how fast this summer is going. We are waiting for MN Sun and warm summer weather. We had more cloudy days than Seattle they said on the news today. One of my kids had just told me the other day "this lack of Sun reminds me i am not moving to Seattle" then it was on the news today.

We were able to visit the granddaughters and hang out at their home Friday afternoon which was really enjoyable. Then they went with us to the Open House. I feel so blessed to be able to see them often recently. They are the best medicine ever.

Hope your weekend goes well. Thanks for reading when I had my melt down earlier in the week. They better get my medical problem figured out so I can stay emotionally stronger. This pain really is tough to deal with...anyway since then I have at least been in a better mood.

Emma and Mary wish you a good weekend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Re: Last post

I had to cut and paste the link to make it work.

Judy hope it is okay to post this..

Need more dog photos?

I don't think Judy will mind me sharing this awesome link. Judy works for Helping Paws now. She is also Emma's foster mom who care for her for a remarkable 2.5 years.

Hope this link works - I found some might awesome pictures to view:

Also thanks for a few supportive notes. My mood has improved. I needed to also take some medication to deal with the physical symptoms and that helped my mood also.


I also wish so badly that I drove!!!!!!!!!

My MS doctor feels ambilify is helping stabalize things and can make a positive impact on the eye thing too. the problem there is mostly MS they think not other things. He says good meds are coming as early as fall??

Okay this is a snow picture. I goofed and somehow deleted a photo from Greg's iphone that was more recent. Well this will do for today.

Ever had one of those days? Well I had a crappy day. Seems like just lots of things went wrong some very small issues but it all added up. We are hoping tomorrow goes better. I had a good cry with Emma and we are going to bed early. Hopefully that will help.

The strange thing is two issues about Emma cropped up. On the one hand at swimming there is a couple that comes and the woman who has MS just can't keep her hands off Emma, and wants to pet her and give her treats. Well it is out of hand and the women is not listening to me. I tried. Everyone else seems to be handle it but she "can't help herself". I did a mistake and let her on occasion give Emma a treat. OKay my error. She won't take the message no treats, don't call Emma and don't grab out to pet Emma. She is distracting Emma from her focus on me. I will try talking to her again next week. If that doesn't work I am going to have Greg call or write her a letter.

Part of the issue is Emma rests on a towel during part of swimming. So I am not right at her side. Then if anyone goes by they can reach down and pet her. One time she called her and Emma went over to her over on the other side of the pool. I was so mad and made it clear they were not to do that ever. I mean do I need dog cops to get it through to these people. I have heard sob sob how she misses her yellow lab but this is making me crazy. We see her in the locker room and go past her to get into the pool...anyway I need to vent. I will handle it for sure. All of my other friends or classmates there seem to understand the rules regarding Emma. They are out of town parts of the winter and spring so now they are back and it seems worse.

At times I am using a walker more and Emma is handling that great. She knows I need her. I will try moving her resting spot to a different area near the pool and that will also likely help.

On the other hand, my feelings were hurt by someone else who is a friend there. She is no longer willing to give me rides if Emma is with me. She has a "new" car and worried Emma will damage it???? Last week she drove us and now she won't let Emma on a seat but only in her hatch back. She has a rubber floor there but also a shelf type thing for groceries. Okay I felt there wasn't enough room for Emma anyway. If she won't transport me with Emma fine I will use Metro Mobility or other options. She also won't let Emma in her house so doesn't invite me over so I knew that discomfort.

She also thought having Emma in the car meant she would have to hose it down inside??????? And we did cover the area well where Emma layed. She is worried when Emma jumps in that she might scratch the outside and put a cover on the whole rear portion too. Okay okay there was not enough room for Emma. Her car is so important to her etc. I get that. I will respect that.

Then as she was explaining it to me the tough part was she went on and on. How she doesn't like dogs etc. I feel like maybe she resented giving me rides in her "old" car and wished she would have said so at the time. She also thinks I should leave Emma at home more and clearly doesn't not understand her role in my life. After ten years of friendship and over five years with Emma that is what hurt my feeling badly. She also does not want me to tell anyone what she said because she is afraid they will think she is "mean" (her words not mine).

Again not wanting to give me a ride is one thing. Telling me I should go more places without Emma really really irritated me. She wants me to keep doing this and that with her too (so she doesn't have to do things alone) but not bring Emma. Other things made the day tough too so though I held it together while with the group from MS water exercise. I came home and cried. To top it off i really need a ride with metro mobility for a dr appointment tomorrow and they left a message as i was on standby. They want to pick me up during the appointment. A mix up certainly but a crabby receptionist bitched me out on that too.

Well after my good cry my son in law who lives in S Mpls is going to pick me up in New Brighton to take me to my son's house in NE MPLS. I am going to wait there and Greg will pick me up after work. Rosa is coming home with us to stay overnight tomorrow so that is a good thing. Tomorrow should be better I think.

I am preaching to the choir. Anyone who reads this regularily respects the role of a service dog. They know she is not a "pet" and even would respect why I like having a pet...though she is much more than a pet. My friend?? kept trying to justify more and more over the hour swim lesson why she couldn't have Emma in her car and her remarks only made it worse. Just say my new car is so special no dogs allowed and skip it. The more she said the more it hurt my feelings. Especailly if I am right and she feels like she was a saint or something to tolerate Emma in her car that was older. I never knew it was so awful to have Emma in her car...

I guess it is like insulting you about your child. I don't need a ride from anyone who would rather not. i will take metro mobility or change my plans or something. I also don't need people to try to on the one case try to win Emma's affection and attention because they miss their dog. One time they held out a really good treat and called Emma. I was not aware what they were doing - and to Emma they are not strangers. i was unsteady and Emma almost pulled me over. Then everyone in my class backed me up when I told them firmly they cannot do that. That time I was distracted and more unsteady than normal.

I was surprised Emma pulled like that. I have never had that happen before or after. I do think hey red flag people and back off for sure. There is another dressing room but it requires lots of stairs. I need the family/handicapped room like this women does. So anyway I will be sure they knock off the treats and leave Emma alone. I can do that.

On the other extreme finding a close friend totally does not understand the role of Emma was really tough to take. She doesn't want anyone else to know but how will they not realize she is not giving me rides? I need to ask others or use Metro Mobility. Class is at noon in the summer so it is way to early for Greg to drop me off on his way to work.

Well there is more to the whole story but I have vented enough. Now the friend wants me to go to do some things with her Friday. I am not going to leave Emma home just to spend time with her. I really have other things I can do anyway. I am not against leaving Emma alone once in awhile as needed. I just am going to be the one to decide. I am no longer going to be guilted into doing things I don't want to do in order for this friend not to be lonely.

I hope I don't sound like a creep. Both extremes hit me on a day when I didn't feel so great anyway. Also lots of other personal concerns on my mind. You may think I share everything here (I have been criticized for that too) but i really don't. The car thing is really the very very very very least of my worries. The way it was handled did feel hurtful though.

I also could use some sunshine. Rained after swimming today and I guess all day tomorrow too. Being outside with Emma is such a day brightener.

I actually have two dr appointments tomorrow, one for some tests, and so it will be a full day. Seeing Rosa will be awesome. If Greg's boss will allow he hopes to leave work a bit early to have more time with Rosa and i and Emma.

Don't get me wrong most people in my life really support me and know what Emma means to me. My own sister though wont let her in her car either not even for a few blocks if she comes out to meet us for breakfast. She won't allow her in her house either and last time they had a picnic at their home she and her husband did not want me to bring Emma even if she stayed outside. She lives almost an hour from me and the event was going to be several hours. Well she doesn't invite me over anyway so I can live with that. oops relatives read this I probably should not have said that...oh well.

I thank God that Greg and my children and grandchildren recognize how fantastic Emma is and what she means to me.

Again not wanting her in your car, house whatever is your decision but don't also say things that lead me to believe you question if she should go with me etc............

Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry if I offend anyone but writing this.

Mary and Emma

Monday, June 20, 2011

You will likely have to cut out the link below and paste it into your browser. It worked for me.

My brother sent me the above video from the internet. Hope it works for you. Shows a young boy and his dog. I cried as the song sums up how much I love my Emma.

Monday Emma and I rested a lot. One of those kind of days for us.

wishing you a good week...check out the above.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Photo is of my Aunt Betty. It was taken a few years ago. Since I have shared that I am trying to help support her with her life challenges, and so many of you said you were praying for her - well thought I would share the photo. She likes Emma. If I talk to her by phone she always says give Emma a pet for me.

About Father's Day.....

We had a quiet Sunday but nice weekend. Sat Greg got what he wanted for Father's Day - a day with his granddaughters. There Dad Mike worked and their mom Tia. Our son Danny also joined us to go to the movie Mr Poppers Penguins the kids just loved it but the adults enjoyed the humor also. Emma was awesome of course. Also they hung out with us for several hours at our home. I needed a long nap but that worked out too.

Today when we went to church Emma had to adjust to change. I needed to use my walker. Since Greg was a reader he had to sit in the front pews. Well long story but we had to be situated differently than normal. Emma was a bit confused as after communion we had to be right by where people walked by. Anyway she did just fine. The church is not well set up for where to put my walker when they go to communion which in the Catholic Church is weekly. I don't like to sit in the back to avoid this problem and when Greg reads then he has to be close to the front. Anyway will work on finding a solution for this. Emma was awesome like always.

Greg had the full Sunday off. He works for a different Catholic Church and Neuman Center so during the school year he works every single Sunday and long days often. The students are not around much right now, and it was Father's Day, and he works already a long week --- so yeah a Sunday off. Totally off. Rare.

Still puzzled by some of my health issues. Glad to have Emma to help me deal with life. She helped a lot as we did manage to do some laundry today. She also is tons of moral support. So glad to have her in my life. I am emotional due to the pain issues, or weird or something. So i was alone with her and like i often do verbally thanking her for being in my life, while petting her. I broke down sobbing. She just cuddled closer. No one can imagine how much she means to me - no matter how much I write on the blog..

Was outside some today but it was warm and humid for me. Tomorrow will be home all day and hope to be outside some of that day. Put the things for my cooling vest in the freezer so they will be ready. They take a lot of room in the freezer. Wish I could afford a small one but just have the one in my normal refrigerator. Anyway we will last longer outdoors or go out more often with the vest. Hope it is not too humid.

Grateful for summer days. very green here do to so much rain.

On Father's Day I am grateful to my husband for being such an awesome Father and Grandfather too. I am proud of my son Michael who is also a wonderful father. Greg is also very helpful as needed with Emma so she appreciates him also.

Off to bed soon i hope. Gosh it is only 9 but we got up early. Please keep me in your prayers as they deal with some of my mystery health issues...but be assured I am handling it with support of my family and my wonderful Emma.

Mary and Emma

Friday, June 17, 2011

See flowers in a pot
from this year they are NOT,

Rainy days,
low energy,
there are no flower pots in my yard to see
Thank you perrenials thanks a lot,
for filling in the empty spots.

From Emma,

Sophia is so wonderful to me. Mary is her Grandma. I am her special friend.
This is a great photo. You can see how fun it is to be with her.
I like when we get together with her.

Sat we get to go to the movie, Mr. Popper's Penquins with Sophia and Rosa, Greg, and Mary, and I.
It will be funny I think. Mary and I love these type of movies and Greg does too.
They just seem funnier and more enjoyable with Rosa and Sophia are with us.

I think we will still squeeze in time for a nap too.
Also we hope to be outdoors.

Mary is feeling a bit better though not sure what is causing some of her pain and health issues.
We are home all day to rest, be outdoors (but it was humid and hot) and to do chores.
she keeps me busy picking up all the time and helping her.
Now she says she really need me.
I have been worried about her so today seemed more light hearted.
Greg thought I seemed more relaxed.

Mary and I need to keep doing things to help us enjoy summer and life in general.
Mary says it is a good distraction to balance rest but also have fun times also.

I think Father's Day we will be home all day.

Have a super terrific weekend all of you.
We are trying to include more pictures on the blog.

Thanks for the support and prayers for Mary.
We are glad it turned out that she did not have cancer as they feared it just might be.
MS is enough to deal with....

Love, Emma

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Best Toy for All Seasons

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5618698287257072402" />

A bit of trouble getting the photos on tonight. Sorry for the doubles.

This is the best toy ever. Found it first and REI but have seen it at Target.
It remains Emma's favorite.
We use it in all weather

We used it again nearly daily this week.
Every time she picks it up to bring to me to play you would think she found a new toy.
I dont' have a summer picture
but i think it shows up best in the snow anyway.

Will share more tomorrow.
Some of you have seen me post this toy before
But some of you may not have

It is highly recommended by Emma
We have given it as presents to doggy friends.

Wishing you a great day.

Mary and Emma


Typo above - I have poop of Emma's to pick up in the yard daily. ha ha. But meant to say I have a "pool" for Emma but she doesn't like to even step in it. She prefers a lake I guess. See I didn't have my glasses on when I typed the above.


Enjoy summer

Emma and I are glad summer is here. Chose some photos from summers past to share. The little house is a butterfly house we made at camp. The garden has milkweed and daises in it. The milkweed attracts the butterflies. The butterfly house has a peice of barke in it so the butterflies can go in to dry off or whatever.

Did you know I have a poop for Emma? Did you know in past years Emma will never go in it. Even though she loves to swim in laked??

We got a soaking rain late Tuesday afternoon and into the evening. Things look so green. Emma went with of course to a dr appointments Greg and I had Tues because we have diabetes. Well I don't know what she smelled but she sure liked it in the grass by the clinic. She loves to smell things of course. She also was very very good at the clinic.

Dr. Kohn was so afraid of dogs that years ago she said her nurse would take care of Emma in another room while she met with me. Otherwise Greg kept Emma with him in the lobby. Dr. Kohn then said she looks gentle and I will get use to her. But I am so afraid of dogs. Well over the years things have gradually changed. She even wanted to pet Emma Tuesday. Now she reposts she likes Emma and her neighbor dog. But still nervous about others. She does know and understand how important Emma is in my life.

Today another Dr visit. Greg is off and hope he gets time outdoors but it may rain? I finally got some sleep so I didn't watch the news.

Hope you all have a great summer. Sorry for spelling errors. Love Emma and Mary

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Smelling the Roses

Emma is enjoying this new bed. The lighting isn't just right in this one but I though we would include it anyway. I will try to bet another better one.

the other photo is of a rose in my garden. We have several rose bushes and over 100 blooms of red, pink, white on various bushes. It is so pretty and smells good too. Unfortunately on Tuesday when it was 103 the blooms all burst out at once. Now that it is cooler they are hanging on. But they opened so fast in the sunny heat that we missed some of the unfolding from bud to full rose.

They grow well in our front yard by the house and steps. I love it. We don't fuss wiht them much and they do well. Especially now as buds are spent though we will have to dead end them. This means cutting off the spent blooms in a certain manner to help promote more growth. Most of the bushes we have bloom twice a season.

One is just huge type and it gets taller than we are. I will try to take a photo of that too. That blooms so much it is just beautiful. We can't recall when we got them but many years ago. When they redid my sidewalk to the house many years ago the person using the front loader dug up one of the tall ones. Ugh. Oh well.

Cloudy and a bit cool today but we did get outside which is nice. A quiet day. I have some pain now even with the medication. sure hope I feel better so i can go to church tonight for a baptism. The celebration is at the 7:00 Mass where Greg works.
He has to work about four hours total due to two masses. Then add more than an hours total drive time when you include both ways.

I am trying to really focus on the positve things in my life. Viewing the roses makes me think of that. Time with Emma outside also means time for reflection I just have so much to be thankful many wonderful people in my life now and through out the years.

We hope sometime this week you will have time to be quiet, relax and reflect on the good things of life.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are We Done Yet

Love this picture of Emma at church with us. This was not taken at our church as there are no pads in Catholic Churches that we have around here. I guess they want us attentive and uncomfortable ha ha. Aside from the green eyes, I think this is so cute. Normally she lays on that blanket she likes. But if it gets long she then puts her head up like that. I think saying okay I will be good but are we done yet?


I spent a good part of the day without Emma with us. Bummer. We were home most the morning though and then home to feed her and let her out at dinner time. Then off again but only for a few hours. She did just fine. Greg missed her also. I assure her she can be with me every minute tomorrow and in upcoming days as far as I can see anyway.

My elderly Aunt whom we are trying to take care of had to give up her car. I am overwhelmed with her generosity but instead of having my brother sell the car for her she gave the car to Greg and I. My other brothers in town and sister did not need a car. We have the van but this will give us better mileage. Greg will plan to use it to drive to work several time, when/if she is able to go out in the car with us we can take what she still feels is "her" car... Her car means a lot to her. She wanted it to have a good home rather than be sold to strangers.

So Greg drove her car today. She wanted us to when she invited us to visit her and go to lunch there with her. Though we already had the car, we needed her to sign the title, and she had extra keys to give to us too. She was so cute - we pulled it close so she could see it and she said it was in good hands. We had a nice lunch with her. She is a senior apartment still though she gets some nursing care and services there. It has a nice dinning area and we had a pleasant visit.

She likes Emma but are next stop was to get our grandchildren. There is not enough room for Emma and two granddaughters in the back of her car. Turns out their mommy who was working got sick and had to go to urgent care. We brought the girls home after an outing to Target. Due to needing to watch them longer we had to go home to feed Emma and more important to get her outside to go potty. There mom was done sooner than expected and Rosa was sound asleep in the small car. Since Emma was fine we did not change to the van to take her. This gave Rosa a longer nap.

We stopped briefly for supper because both of us had lower blood sugar and couldn't wait. Emma was just fine when we got home. I took her outside. It is good to know she can manage this long without us. But the only bad news was how much we missed her.

The Good NEWS - is with the help of pain pills on a regular basis but a lower dose I was able to get out of the house. We had the nicest time with my Aunt too. She was in much better shape than she has been for awhile.

I had a blast with the granddaughters at Target Super store. Sophia at age 11 cooks and needed items for supper. She was making spaghetti. We needed things too. We also had fun window shopping. I had a lot of patience and we looked at tons of things. It was cool and at that point we did not think there was time to take them to our house to play. Also there wasn't a movie at the right time. Also I couldn't play at their house in the same way due to the pain I did have...anyway it was fun.

We looked at books, and Sophia gave me lots of ideas on good books to read. We looked at toys and Rosa showed me all the cute dolls and both of them the games and things that they thought were fun. They never beg or anything. We just get ideas for birthdays etc. Don't tell but they found a gift for Sophia's Dad (her biological father) and for Rosa's Dad who loves them both like a both girls were excited to do that. We split up for awhile with e alone with Sophia in the book dept and she picked them out. Rosa is a chatter box and fun. But when we go someplace like that sometimes we split up so Sophia gets one to one time with Grandpa or me and to look at things that interest her.

TESTS - so far tests still look okay and the cause of my pain is a mystery. The pain required pain pills today but not as high a dose and it gave me more relief so that was a good sign. I was not pain free but managed. They told me what symptoms to watch for and otherwise we will treat this as a unusual muscle strain and see if it doesnt gradually get better. I did have some new tests on Friday but they were all looking good. All that reassures us at least.

SUNDAY - I hope to get rest and at night go to church where Greg works. We know a young couple that is having a child baptized. Can't wait to meet there baby. That's why the picture of Emma under a pew caught my eye today. Some of the summer weeks Greg's Sun hours are not so long so I can handle going with him. We have a friend I have known since my first real job with ALS that is progressing slowly but he is getting more and more limited. Typically he and his wife are there so I treasure time with them too. He can still talk and really likes seeing us. We sit a long time before or after Mass and chat. I still have to be there about 4 hours though. That is a short day for him on Sunday.

It has been nice but cooler. Greg hopes to work in the yard tomorrow and I think it will be good to be outside with Emma. We will be sure to nap too. I bet I will nap late after a big day today.

Thanks for prayers and good wishes. If I don't write Sunday please don't worry. I still have some pictures on my camera from camp. I need Greg to help me down load them and I have more storeis to share.

The really neat thing about visiting my Aunt is she had us up to her apartment. Many times she wants us to stay in a main floor seating area or before to go places with her. Well it is so special as she has pictures, furniture and things that make me feel almost like I am at my Grandma's house again. She lived with my Grandma most of her adult life until my Grandma died. We looked at old pictures and had a good visit.

Hope you weekend goes well. Congratulations again from Emma to Katie Michurski on her graduation.....Mary and Emma

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hi Folks,

Weather is cooler. We are taking it one day at a time.
Just wanted to wish you a good day and good week.

Nurse Emma and Mary

Photo taken on 2004 vacation. Gosh it was fun. Thought you might like it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot...102 here today.

Dear Folks,

Wish I could say this was a recent picture. It is from last summer.
It was so hot today 102 or higher.
We stayed in AC all day in the house except for essential potty breaks for me.

Don't worry but I am being nurse Emma for a few days at least.
Mary has some abdominal pain but the CT looks okay.
Might be abdominal inflamation or muscles pulled?

I don't think they know.
We are home after visiting the ER dept Monday.
Mary is taking this one day at a time as it really hurts.
But she is coping best she can.
We probably won't do much of anything for this week.
It is so hot it is not so bad being in.
Hot tomorrow but not as bad as this.

Are weathermen correct where you live?
We never know for sure nor do they.
Suppose to then get cooler in 70 I think.

Don't want you to worry
but don't want you to stop reading the blog or wonder.
We are taking good care of Mary.

Have a good day tomorrow and a good evening.

Nurse Emma

Sunday, June 5, 2011

No picture today as i am not at home and using my ipad.

A great weekend! My granddaughters shared a good part of the day with us Sat. I treasue those days together.

Sunday i finally got it all right and used my cooling vest. Would have come in handy yesterday. You have to activate the packets that are then frozen. It was just great today. Was still cool after six houts! I got some weeding done, enjoyed outside with Emma and Greg. I even wore it in the house as i got more chores than normal done!!!

I even had stamina to get by with a shorter than normal nap. We were able to see my daughter Becky on our way to tne church where Greg works. Went to evening Mass there and am still there. He cant leave till after 10pm. Late for me normally but i am holding up just fine. I can take it easy Monday is i need to recover from the weekend.

cant say enough about how great the cooling vest is for me. Will be great especially to be outdoors with Emma and with the girls!!

i think you can find my type at
I got it from a friend who never used it at a huge savings to me. My ms doctor has encouraged me to get this for a few years. He even wrote it on a Rx slip. I should not have waited though befote i could not have such a high quality type.

Have a good week. Emma sends a special congratulatons to Katie Michurski who graduated!! Emma spent almost three year with her family

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stay Cool

To our good friend Kathy,
whose bed I liked to nap on at camp.
Thanks for the cool card.
Stay cool.
We can't get the email to you to work.
We have not forgotten you.
Stay cool and have a good weekend.

To everyone else also stay cool.
Have a great weekend.

(Picture taken a few years ago. Mary is now grey haired and the group is bigger. Wish they let me in the pool!)


Have a good weekend. Slow day due to MS today. Will write more and include some camp pictures soon. In the meantime, I hope all is well with you. Trying out my new cooling vest for sure this weekend. Yeah I believe I will see Rosa and Sophia my granddaughters tomorrow. They are coming here. I hope to have some energy and feel better. They are the best medicine ever. Emma will enjoy having them here also.

Not sure if I already posted this photo or not. It was at camp at the end of an activity. I think Emma's eyes say "let's go take a nap". She has the most expressive eyes.

Mary and Emma