Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Isn't It Time to Eat?

Hi folks,
Okay this is not a new photo but depicted today well. Darn Emma wanted to eat and eat. I am finding sometimes I now wake up early and look outside. Without seeing the clock I think gosh must be time to feed Emma. Well darn it I am not use to being an early riser and finding it may be two hours early for Emma. Who knew it was so bright at 5 am now? Or even at 6? She should wait till 7 or later.

But do you find this? If I feed her early then when the normal time comes around - bingo the tummy alarm still goes off and she want to eat again. Maybe humans do that sometimes too. With me being so overweight I should not criticize her I guess. So anyway as the day went on i found she was starving I thought for supper too - since she ate early am. It goofs her whole day up. So I fed her early and yep you guessed it bingo double bingo she wants to eat again at her regular mealtime.

So though I am up at 2 am right now I am setting my alarm, and if I wake up early making sure to check the clock and get her back on her normal feeding schedule. Better for both of us. With my diabetes I am trying to have a better routine of what time to be meal time too for me.

We were home all day. Emma displayed her hunting instinct if that is the proper thing to call it. Thankfully though i needed to stay home the weather and my health was such that I sat outside with her several times today and again tonight. Well gosh she had such a blast. I think every single time there was a bunny, chipmonk, bird on the fence, or something to chase away. I am glad they always get away safely. Even the fat bunnies seem to get under the fence. But she loves the chase...glad she can run in the yard and does not need to be tied up.

She also of course likes the dry weather and exploring the sights, sounds, and smells around the yard. She seems to really enjoy herself while exploring out there. Her tail wags away as she moves about the yard. Gosh I am glad for the fenced in yard. At her age, she will stop and rest in the sun a bit. Then up and exploring again. Today, I was really not up to tossing a ball or toy for her to fetch - still she seemed to have a darn good time.

Such a good time that except for nap time (which was on and off all day today for me) she sure wanted it clear she wanted to be outside. Thankfully, I can tell when she "wants" to go out and when she "needs" to go out. Her face helps us determine when she can't wait. Also she will nudge me if I need that. Just wanting to go out she sits by the patio door, scampers up and downstairs or othe behaviors.

Greg had to work a 12 hour day excluding drive time. I think maybe Emma was bored with me? Not sure though. He will be home the rest of the week by dinner time. He normally has some time to spend outdoors with her both before work and after work. He and I both give her attention in the house too. She doesn't seem to like to fetch and things in the house much lately. So she had fun helping me, being petted, and also likes that new dog bed (like a mattress) that she was given too.

I need to rest so slep off and on. So now up at this weird time. Glad for some reason the pain is under control at this minute much more than normal. Yeah for that.

I again received the nicest emails. I have the kindest friend who is now on a road trip across county and still calling me daily now to check in and see how I am. Isn't that the sweetest?

I am pretty emotional the past weeks....maybe the pain or the meds or both? Cry at the drop of a hat whether happy or sad or for no reason at all. Well I watched toy story 3 for the first time today and gosh i bawled my eyes out at the end. I just sobbed. I mean I would have cried anyway but I just wailed. Emma seemed so worried. I had to assure her i was okay.

Emma is looking at me liek aren't we going to bed? I will try to sleep while the pain is at rest now too. I want some new photos to post...but maybe since I have so many on my computer like me you don't mind seeing old ones???

Hope you are sleeping as I write this...also hope you have a good day on Wed. Oops it is Wed. Finding when I am home for days at a time I get a bit mixed up on the days also. Hoping Greg gets Friday off but that is not for sure yet. Suppose to be warm and sunny for several days. Might be a bit hot but I have my cooling vest and also I crave the sun even if indoors...

Emma and May wish you a great day and good dreams too.

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