Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A warmer day today and HOT days ahead.

No I don't care to model it but here is what I mean by my cooling vest.
There are special ices packs for front and back
It is more comfortable than you would think
I love it outdoors to spend more time out there
I even have used it indoors
I get both night sweat and just sweats now even with AC
It is so comfortable I can even sleep with it on!

My Dr encouraged me to get one two years ago
I shouldn't have waited
In some cases the MN MS Society can help you with cost
They already helped me with another need so I did pay myself
But though never used, got it at a reduced price from a great friend.

There are many sites that have them
Many types and price ranges
Some might find this one a bit heavy to put on as it is industrial strength?
Anyway it is comfortable and very east to wash off if needed

I should not have waited
Hopefully the summer weather will come and I will use it
This year when Rosa or Sophia want to play outdoors
I wont have to say too hot for Grandma
Even if I go out for a little while - it will be fantastic to have.

Hey I should have had it to get through hot flashes over the years ha ha

Thanks to my wonderful though out of state brother
I got some advice on the anesthesia they should use for my colonoscopy
NOt the normal due to my breathing issues
And because they want to have plenty of time to look at the small intestine
This should work and it when i come out of it he says it is quicker
and I won't feel drugged. Hurray for that.

Has take a bunch of phone calls to arrange this
Also have to go up this afternoon for a preop physical and blood work
Then had to get a ride there and back too but it is close to my house.
Let's hear it for brothers who have a career that helps a younger sister out.

My other brother know how to fix cars but now specializes in body work on antique cars
He has great car ideas
My other brother is in police work and yeah haven't need a lot of advice
But he has interesting insights none the less.
My sister works for a Nursery and so gives us advice from there.
Families help in many ways.

I barely slept last night but a bit today
I feel like I am on an adrenaline high just to get this all settled
But boy will I crash after the appointment today.

So stay cool and appreciate your family - they sure can be great support when you need it most.

Mary and Emma

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