Friday, June 17, 2011

From Emma,

Sophia is so wonderful to me. Mary is her Grandma. I am her special friend.
This is a great photo. You can see how fun it is to be with her.
I like when we get together with her.

Sat we get to go to the movie, Mr. Popper's Penquins with Sophia and Rosa, Greg, and Mary, and I.
It will be funny I think. Mary and I love these type of movies and Greg does too.
They just seem funnier and more enjoyable with Rosa and Sophia are with us.

I think we will still squeeze in time for a nap too.
Also we hope to be outdoors.

Mary is feeling a bit better though not sure what is causing some of her pain and health issues.
We are home all day to rest, be outdoors (but it was humid and hot) and to do chores.
she keeps me busy picking up all the time and helping her.
Now she says she really need me.
I have been worried about her so today seemed more light hearted.
Greg thought I seemed more relaxed.

Mary and I need to keep doing things to help us enjoy summer and life in general.
Mary says it is a good distraction to balance rest but also have fun times also.

I think Father's Day we will be home all day.

Have a super terrific weekend all of you.
We are trying to include more pictures on the blog.

Thanks for the support and prayers for Mary.
We are glad it turned out that she did not have cancer as they feared it just might be.
MS is enough to deal with....

Love, Emma

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