Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot...102 here today.

Dear Folks,

Wish I could say this was a recent picture. It is from last summer.
It was so hot today 102 or higher.
We stayed in AC all day in the house except for essential potty breaks for me.

Don't worry but I am being nurse Emma for a few days at least.
Mary has some abdominal pain but the CT looks okay.
Might be abdominal inflamation or muscles pulled?

I don't think they know.
We are home after visiting the ER dept Monday.
Mary is taking this one day at a time as it really hurts.
But she is coping best she can.
We probably won't do much of anything for this week.
It is so hot it is not so bad being in.
Hot tomorrow but not as bad as this.

Are weathermen correct where you live?
We never know for sure nor do they.
Suppose to then get cooler in 70 I think.

Don't want you to worry
but don't want you to stop reading the blog or wonder.
We are taking good care of Mary.

Have a good day tomorrow and a good evening.

Nurse Emma

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