Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A trip to the doctor and a medicine change for my blood pressure meds.
See will help the heart to stop beating so fast and if it makes me feel better.
Greg is with me checking on me. Seems like the first dose of med helped...we will see how this goes.

It might not be the only cause of my problems but needed to be dealt with. One day at a time.

Emma was the star attraction at the doctor as there were kids there. She was concerned about me and she and Greg were with me the whole time. Glad it is no worse tonight...see what tomorrow brings.

Mary and Emma

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vertigo keeps my world turning...

Remember the song

"dizzy ....i am so dizzy my head is spinning..."

We are staying pretty close to home. Tried an outing with Greg but got too dizzy...Emma kept me company at home most the day.

Have tried three card readers and can't get my pictures to download so will keep working on this issue...

Emma and I say have a good day...

Rain today so Emma was snuggled in with me most the day....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tried to make some phone calls tonight and Emma kept pestering me. Now I am done (they are short) she has all my attention and she is a snoozing. silly girl.

this will be short. I am having trouble with feeling dizzy? I can barely move and the room is spinning and I am falling as I loose my sense of what is what. It is trouble I have off and on with MS. Kathy and others can understand having gone through it. You just deal with it. I sleep some of the time, lay listen to christams music or sit (whichever provides me a position where I feel better). It is weird and hard too describe.

It is very windy which causes Emma to want to know what is going on. Greg has been home nearly all day. He took her out again before he left but he will be home again soon. A short night tonight at a program at our local church instead of where he works. I wanted to go but didn't want to feeling like this. When I walk or move I hang on so as not to fall or roll off the bed or something. This is so strange.

Emma had a great day I think. Was with me some and Greg had time with her also. Yesterday the granddaughters were over for a few hours also. Again Greg had to manage it due to my dizziness or whatever you call it. All I know is the room seems to be spinning often.

Thanks for checking the blog. I will write more and add pictures soon.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving was wonderful.
The day after was a relatives funeral.
Between the two I was very fatigued and slept from 5 pm Fri - Sat 8 am!!! i was tired.

More later. We get to see our granddaughters a few hours today. I am pretty dizzy for some reason but Greg is home so we will do fine. I need to lie down again before they arrive. I will try to write tonight or tomorrow. Emma had a long day Friday waiting through the funeral and all. She was so glad to be home to play awhile but was awesome like always. She will have a good day today. She has already been outside twice playing in the yard.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for all of you...to tired to write more. Busy Wed included a sleep over here with Rosa and preparations. Fun day Thanksgiving with the family and my granddog and Emma...yawn...time for bed here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A busy day.
Water exercise was very nice and relaxing.
A nap.
Now off to do some grocery shopping for the holiday and to purchase birthday gifts too.

Hope to write more when we get home. Thanks for following the blog.
Emma is doing just great.


Sunday, November 21, 2010


We have been home all day. Very icy out. Greg even went into work a bit later than planned due to the roads. Emma and I have been enjoying a quiet day at home. She has gone outside but walks carefully. I watched her from the patio door today. Don't want to risk falling.

Emma and I are just hanging out. I have been reading, watched tv, napped and did only a little around the house. Not much pep today at all.

Was looking through photos and found a few of my favorites of Emma. Hope you had a good and safe weekend.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Other Favorites from Emma

1. Snow
2. Chuck It
3. Stuffed doggie toys
4. Peanut butter doggie snacks
5. Other strong smelling doggy snacks
6. A nice bed pillow (she got a new one last year)
7. Time outdoors
8. Time playing indoors
9. Time going in the car
10. My warm quilt that I lie on nightly on Mary's bed
11. Chicken noodle soup broth ( a rare treat)
12. Fetching slippers or socks

Emma's Favorite Snow Toy

Emma wants to be like Opra and tell you her favorite Christmas Gift. Here they are -

1. Snow
2. Chuck It

She loves both. Our snow is melting but more expected for Wed-Thur. Let's hope it doesn't hamper Thanksgiving Celebrations.

The Chuck it with it's bright colors and frisbe type way of flying is a hit with her. I have found it at REI and Target too. We have two of them as it is her most important toy almost any season.

Saturday - she got to play outside with both Greg and I. Emma and I worked on sorting some clothing, and other things to be donated to the thrift store. We also did some quiet chores. tonight I need to read as book club is Monday and I am not all the way done yet.

We hope you are having a fun weekend. Take care. I may write more later - time to eat.

Mary and Emma

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Special Day for Emma

Today was the funeral/life celebration of my friend Julie. The church was packed and it was a beautiful Mass. A great tribute to Julie and the life she led. she touched many lives with her music, her smiles, kindness and loving spirit.

Emma was wonderful during both the service and the fellowship after. She is such a great job.

We went to pick up some copies of MRIs that I need for an upcoming doctor consult. Then I got to see my friend Jan. We were all ready for a nap before dinner.

It was a day when i thought a lot about the friends in my life. i thought about the memories we share, the conversations, the hopes, dreams, joys, and sorrows. Friends are truly a blessing.

Emma was so good. Everyone commented on her behavior. She knows how to shine.
Now my friend Emma and I need to head to bed....Mary and Emma

Have a Good Weekend

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emma At the Pool

Today was cold but it did not keep us from water exercise. Emma waits patiently, watching as I participate. When it is time to go she is ready. She knows after I change we take a break outside before the ride home. Today that included rolling in some small snow piles and she loved that.

Emma goes in the snow - face first. Than she rolls her head from side to side. The wetter she gets the happier she is. She is so much fun. She also seems very inquisitive about smells in the air the past days. i wonder what she smells, but she likes to put her head up in the air (nose up) and sniff away. Of course there are also things to sniff on the ground too. Life is good for Emma.

My cough has seemed to come back but not too bad. Greg is really suffering with a cold/cough. Nasty stuff to deal with. Brr it is cold so we are bundling up more both inside the house and outside. The furnace of course on all the time. Yes winter is here in MN.

I am glad to be home tonight. Warm in our own home. Even Emma seems ready to cuddle in. We were just outside for awhile.
She is in a great mood today. She is playing nurse to Greg too, fetching him a blanket and the remote. She is an awesome dog.

She did SURPRISE ME TODAY. We had lunch with friends. It was a table for 8 and I was at the end. The easiest for her was under more the middle of the table. Now I normally hold her leash at all times or have it on my lap. Well we were eating she was great. When i noticed the other table of people ALSO had a service dog. Then I realized it was EMMA!!! We were so surprised as she has never done it before.

Our table has walkers, canes etc due to MS. The other table had elderly with the same situation walkers, wheelchair, canes. I guess she felt right at home? I guess I noticed right away as they were admiring her but knew not to pet her. Emma of course came right back to me. I do not know how i lost my attention on her or what motivated her to do this. Staying "under" the table while we eat is something very routine for her. Maybe they had crumbs under the table (a no no for service dogs but I am not saying she wouldn't notice).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow Melting but still some to play in

The snow is melting but there is still some for Emma to play in. Emma loves the snow. She puts in face into it so come out with a snowy/wet face. She is so much fun to be with. I don't think the people I know need more snow but Emma does. The grass is peeking out in the yard now....but snow is sure to come in Mn. You can "bank" on it - pun intended.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Already

Hi to All,
I can't believe it is Tuesday night already! this day flew by. We had some time around the house, water exercise, lunch with friends and then a wait till a Dr appointment re my MS. Due to the fact the Dr appt went late, we had to go to Greg's work for a mtg he could not miss. It shouldn't be really long - there just wasn't time to drive me home and Greg to get back to work on time. It was a busy day. We can rest up tomorrow. I hope he is correct that the mtg will not go long.

Emma had to watch and wait at swimming, and relax during the rest of the day too. I am sure she will delight in running in her own back yard when we get home. We did have food for her (just in case) thank goodness as she eats at 5 or so. I got her outside some between events today. She is coping just fine.

The testing today at the Dr. confirmed that the drug Ampyera (spelling) that is designed to help with walking skills is indeed helping me out...that is a great thing for me. I think Emma get's more exercise because I can walk a bit longer distance, I can stand and play with her longer, and have more pep when we play in the yard. Yeah for Emma and I both.

We had light flurries of snow today. The places we went had more snow than we have left in our yard. Emma was more than happy to dive into it and play....she is so cute to observe and play with too.

Hope you all have a nice evening/day - whenever you are reading this. i wish you a happy day.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Fun Day

To Blog Readers

Writing this is good for me. It helps me focus on what a blessing Emma is in my life.
I know sometimes now I miss a day. I blame fatigue or lack of ideas. Some of our days seem pretty routine and it can get difficult to know what to write. I appreciate those of you who read it weekly or yeah daily. It means a lot to me.

Today we get to go to a birthday party for a special young man. i use to tutor him in reading and now he is in high school and doing great. He also is my son-in-law's foster brother. That has made it fun to watch the student grow from a boy in grades 3 to a teen in high school. I had to give up tutoring when I couldn't drive over to pick him up and go to the library and had more health issues. i treasure the two years or more that we met twice a week after school. We hit it off. And i do sometimes see him at special family events also.

I recall when he would read and was so excited to read to Emma. We would do our reading and then he would select a book and sit on the floor and ignoring me, would read to Emma. That was his reward for working hard with me. He was such a good sport even though in those years reading was tough for him...Now over the years he is doing well. What a hard worker.

So that is our special thing to do today. We will be sure to take a nap so that we can handle the party. What a happy time. It is a surprise party but they wanted me to attend as they felt it would mean a lot to him. Wow we are excited.

The snow is melting and we got only a little overnight. Emma is enjoying it but within a few days it will probably have melted and the grass will be back. The ground is warm and the temps cause this to happen. But it is fun to see Emma play in the snow while it is here.

I charged the camera battery but had trouble getting my camera to work. I hope someone helps solve that for me so we can take some picture and jazz up this blog.

I worry it is boring but I do want to always convey how wonderful it is to have Emma. So today we celebrate that Emma also had a special role in providing and incentive to a young reader. She is the best in so many ways..

Have a good weekend - Mary and Emma

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Snowy Sat

Emma likes SNOW - nothing new there.
She was a bit surprised and inquisitive about the 5 inch accumulation we seem to have in our yard. She has been out to play several times and we will again soon. She did not really roll in it (like usual) but it is really really wet. We will see how she reacts now.

It did not snow in flakes but in clumps ha ha. such wet snow it all clumped as it fell. Now it is big flakes though. Emma and I stayed home all day. Napped, played outside, did a few chores, and quiet things. i got several phone calls - i think because people didn't want to drive so we are home.

The best song of the day "It is Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas" and yes indeed it is.

Hopefully more later...

Mary and Emma

Friday, November 12, 2010

Emma Comforts Us

Emma has been playful, snuggly, inquisitive and a good companion in numerous ways today --- helpful like always also.

Another person has died that I know. Julie was our age or younger and we have known her for over 25 years through church. She died of cancer. We knew it was coming but I am oh so sad. She led one of the choirs so we already sense the loss. She was an active church member, special friend to many...........you get the idea.........I am sad and she will be missed.

I know she is free of pain. I believe solidly in heaven and that she is there. But our hearts are heavy for her husband, son, and for her friends and church community. What a special person....

So Emma thank you - for snuggling us amidst our tears. For playing outside with us, going with us on errands and just being your wonderful self!!!

It does remind me also not to take for granted the people that are part of your life.....

Have a good weekend. Mary and Emma

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Great Fall Day

65 degrees, sunny in MN in November? I even have roses still blooming. Cooler weather is heading our way but gosh did we enjoy today.

Emma and I were outdoors a lot. I had a medical appt and then home. Then outdoors several times leaving time of course for a nap. Most the leaves are gone so Emma misses romping and rolling in them of course...but she had a grand day.

I am feeling better but still fatigue and coughing bouts. After water exercise yesterday, I was beat so we didn't even blog. We are okay though.

Can't think of anything creative to write. We are having a good day...thanks for checking the blog. I am charging my camera tonight Need more pictures of Emma.

Take care, mary and emma

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Time Change Confusing for Emma

Monday and all is going okay here.

Emma and I are home on this gorgeous late fall day. We have enjoyed playing outside. There are not many leaves to dive into is perhaps her only regret. I am glad they are so well cleaned up thanks to help from our lawn service. I got the cheapest version of their fall clean up and it looks good. We will have to do the gardens ourselves but that is okay.

I am listening to Christmas Music already because I just love it. Singing along while I write, pay bills, or do quiet chores like fold laundry all easier with music.


Emma had to stay home for numerous reasons but managed. I don't leave her alone much at all so it is hard on her when I first leave...but she seems fine when I get home. I miss her and it seems weird not to have her at my side.

The birthday party was at the Community Center for Rosa. The children ages 2-10 had a super great time. I enjoyed it too. I mostly watched as things proceeded. They had the indoor maze climbing area for an hour (kids came as they were ready after naps etc) and then the party room with gifts, and food. Then the big hit - swimming.

Gosh it was renewing to see the gift of children's enthusiasm
pure you as they swam with friends and parents too
giggles from the small slide into the water
such fun in the maze quickly exploring all the places to climb.
Waving to Grandma and parents.....it was just a blast.

My ride home did not have room for Emma. I didn't know if I was going to swim and don't think this pool place would work for Emma to lay by the pool. So I spoil her today while I am with her.

We are headed outside again. Wow it will get dark here with daylight savings. I mean it will seem so early till we adjust to it all.

EMMA is finding adjusting to feeding times when we switch out clocks is a challenge. This morning she climbed in bed u p between us and oh so gently nudged us with her paw. She was starving. She usually eats at 7 so after putting the clock an hour back she was very persistent but gentle that she was ready to eat.

Wishing you all well.

Take care Mary and Emma

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hi to all, it was a great day. We slept late (or I did - Emma ate, went out with Greg and came back to bed) Later Danny came over and Rosa and Sophia. We had a great day - low key but fun. Like I said I still had to nap but couldn't convince Rosa to sleep. She did rest a bit.

I don't know where I would be without the support of family.
Support includes playing, keeping my mind off MS, and hanging out.
Support included helping me when I need help too.

Emma is a support too. She DID join me for a nap. She was great all day and is just so good to be with.

So my word for the day is - GRATEFUL.


Take a minute today to think of your blessings. My cough has settled down compared to before so that is also a good thing. Off to bed - I am tired...think Emma is also.

Have a great weekend Mary and Emma

Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 years ago

Yep we both still enjoy our naps. Only NOW she is usually next to me on the bed. But when alone she still has her baby.

Another Glimpse at the Past Nov 4 2005

UPDATE{ This is a repeat blog ha ha. It is what i wrote 5 years ago today when Emma was new to me. It is as true now as then. People comment about that gentle leader all the time. I mean so much. We tried moleskin again on it where it ouches the top of her nose. Emma hated that. She is so sensitive to how things feel. She acted calmer once she had it back to normal ha ha.
She is still as treasured as 5 years ago only even more so.

Emma and Lily have fun together now.

What I wrote Now 4th, 2005

The Gentle Leader Emma Wears

You would never believe how many people comment on the gentle leader that my dog wears. I think it is common among service dogs but many others use them. In the photo you will see the blue strap around her nose. First of all it is not a nuzzle. She can eat, play, sleep and everything with it on her. She has worn it since she was 8 weeks old. Sometimes you might see a dog paw at it but it doesn't hurt her in any way. I find she behaves much better outdoors and in public with it on. She of course also is wearing her uniform. At home indoors she does not need it since she is not on a leash.

I have tried the quick trips to relieve herself without the gentle leader. If it is quick she does fine with it attachd to her collar (the leash). However if we are going to play, go for a walk, or play she does better with it on. When she has it on just the gentle movement give her feedback on what she needs to do. It helps her know if she needs to get closer to me for example. If I need her attention just a quick movement shows her I mean business.

I found today that in the yard without it - she pulled me around too much. I find friends, neighbors and the general public seem to have strong opinions sometimes on using this leader. I have even had people say I should take it off her. Why? It is what she is use to and works well for her training and so on. She is a working dog and with the gentle leader and the pack on she is more focused.

At home she has time without the leader on or her uniform. You would be surprised maybe to know even without it on she often uses her paw on her nose to itch or play. I think people are quick to think they want the leader off. Yet, I see with the leader off she still does that behavior.

Today she needed to go out badly after we took a long nap. To get out quickly I did not use the leader. Her behavior was so different. I wondered where did my Emma go? Then we got the leader on and the uniform to go for a walk. She settled right down. Last night my husband took her for a walk and went quick without the gentle leader. He won't do that again. The leader is just a tool that helps us both. It is not a punishment or anything.

EMMA MET LILLY MY SON'S DOG today. He has a very small beagle. Emma must look like a lion to her. We only made a short visit. Emma did not bark or anything. Once Lily knew she was okay they both were calm. We hope they can get along but will do only the shortest of visits till we see how that goes. Lily adores my granddaughter. When Sophie petted Emma she looked sad. We encourage Sophie to keep her attention on her own Lily. She is such a darling dog. We wondered what both dogs were thinking. We just had to drop something off at my son's home. They both had their own gentle leaders on.

Final note _ we took a long nap today 5 years later. Wonder if I looked up this date each year if we would have napped??? Most likely!! I felt better today so Emma got even more time outside.

Have a great day - Mary and Emma


I learned of 3 deaths in 3 days. Another friend is in hospice.

Trying to get my health better for the Memorials/Funerals. This is weird.

I want to tell you about how much one of them meant to me. Her name was Margaret and she was my Dad's cousin. Our relationship though was more like an Aunt. We loved her. We were able to stay with them at the lake each year for many years when we went "up north" for the family reunion. Reconnecting with my Dad's extended family.....treasured memories.

I guess it is to difficult to put into words right now. She had been sick a long time and lived a long good life. She has wondeful children and grandchildren. What she taught me was how to be "welcoming". She welcomed people to her home, into her heart, and into her life. I didn't see her a lot but loved when I did.

I feel like a movie is runnning in my head today of fond memories of Margaret. She lived in the country so we would ride down the road and she would run to greet us when we parked. like a Hallmark card a golden moment...many golden moments.

I love you Margaret and your children...grandchildren. If they say God is love than you should be right at home in Heaven today. Because you certainly spread love and care to everyone, I thank you for the love you game to me.


PS. Fingers crossed the asthma seems to have calmed down a bit.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We made it through the day at home which means I am managing the asthma problem and other health issues at home vs needing to go to the hospital. One day at a time. Honestly I would be absolutely nuts without Emma's company and help. Thanks for the well wishes....eventually I will be able to right about doing things and not mention one thing about my health - right?

I almost didn't write at all but know some of you who know me well then worry I am in the hospital. Yeah I am not.

Mary and the Wonderful Emma
I need prayers now more asthma problems - in long run will be fine though hard now.


:Grandma it was election day at school.

But my guy lost. The letter M is for show and tell tomorrow. I voted for C.

4 year old lesson in politics....from my granddaughter Rosa.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Goal - I need a new card reader to down load photos for this blog site. Also need to take more pictures. I tremor so some you will see that but still would like to do both.

Goal = Would like again to thank all the Helping Paws Staff, Volunteers, Donors who have changed my life forever with Emma.

Goal - To especially than Judy her family and close friends who were part of Emma's training/socialization.

Emma I Am Glad You are OK!!!!!!!!!!!

Like a goofy tv show or movie....it was all a dream. I bet you are relieved.

these meds for the cough cause wild dreams I think. Oh my Gosh I had a horrid long dream about Emma being taken from me, and then treated poorly, and then finding her but she was a wreck. I repeat it was a dream. But one of those dreams where you remember vivid - wake up - and just keep thinking all day - yeah Emma is just fine.

I am a vivid dreamer anyway.

On to brighter subjects.

EMMA'S HALLOWEEN - She was a "treat to be with all day". I could barely talk, but the whole gang was here. Greg's bday, Rosa's and Danny's were all celebrated!!!!!!!! Emma was in a great mood. I literally sat or rested all day. The kids did all the food and brought it or made it here. Greg did some last minute clean up and decorating and all pitched in except me. For the first time ever I was like no help. If I did anything it started a coughing fit. So I observed.

I observed ....

how even Anna's boyfriend Brian is so good at playing and being with Emma.
Anna who loves Emma took her out a lot
Dan, Becky, Mike, Tia Sophi and Rosa were all so good to her

Emma seemed to have a great time. Enough affection, outdoor time, and space to be on her pillow/bed and observe what was going on...and of course pets from me.

At TRICK OR TREA TIME for the first time ever EMMA was CALM. Much of the time she just layed at the step indoors (we have a split level) watching as Greg handed out candy. Has she mellowed?

Most of our trick or treaters were young. She hates witches and really scary outfits. Well the costumes were more gentle doctors, tigers, princesses, care bears, among the age 2- 8 ages mostly. She did great. She also got use to the dancing ghost that was fun not scary that we would play for trick or treaters.

Ok but we also got our first halloween TRICK from EMMA.
She decided she wanted a "treat".
I was in bed but Greg was up but occupied. Emma apparently took food from the counter. Now she knows how to put on the counter but we don't use that on the counter in the kitchen. Well she figured out how to "take" from the counter. It was people food but nothing to hurt her and not a large amount, silly Emma.

So today we went outside a few times but quiet day at home. Greg will get her outside when he gets home also - she'll probably get some walking in,

Off for another nap/rest before Greg get's home. We are lonesome with him back at work.

And yes it was a bad dream. In reality Emma is just doing great...Mary and Emma