Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tried to make some phone calls tonight and Emma kept pestering me. Now I am done (they are short) she has all my attention and she is a snoozing. silly girl.

this will be short. I am having trouble with feeling dizzy? I can barely move and the room is spinning and I am falling as I loose my sense of what is what. It is trouble I have off and on with MS. Kathy and others can understand having gone through it. You just deal with it. I sleep some of the time, lay listen to christams music or sit (whichever provides me a position where I feel better). It is weird and hard too describe.

It is very windy which causes Emma to want to know what is going on. Greg has been home nearly all day. He took her out again before he left but he will be home again soon. A short night tonight at a program at our local church instead of where he works. I wanted to go but didn't want to feeling like this. When I walk or move I hang on so as not to fall or roll off the bed or something. This is so strange.

Emma had a great day I think. Was with me some and Greg had time with her also. Yesterday the granddaughters were over for a few hours also. Again Greg had to manage it due to my dizziness or whatever you call it. All I know is the room seems to be spinning often.

Thanks for checking the blog. I will write more and add pictures soon.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

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