Friday, November 12, 2010

Emma Comforts Us

Emma has been playful, snuggly, inquisitive and a good companion in numerous ways today --- helpful like always also.

Another person has died that I know. Julie was our age or younger and we have known her for over 25 years through church. She died of cancer. We knew it was coming but I am oh so sad. She led one of the choirs so we already sense the loss. She was an active church member, special friend to get the idea.........I am sad and she will be missed.

I know she is free of pain. I believe solidly in heaven and that she is there. But our hearts are heavy for her husband, son, and for her friends and church community. What a special person....

So Emma thank you - for snuggling us amidst our tears. For playing outside with us, going with us on errands and just being your wonderful self!!!

It does remind me also not to take for granted the people that are part of your life.....

Have a good weekend. Mary and Emma

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