Monday, November 1, 2010

Emma I Am Glad You are OK!!!!!!!!!!!

Like a goofy tv show or was all a dream. I bet you are relieved.

these meds for the cough cause wild dreams I think. Oh my Gosh I had a horrid long dream about Emma being taken from me, and then treated poorly, and then finding her but she was a wreck. I repeat it was a dream. But one of those dreams where you remember vivid - wake up - and just keep thinking all day - yeah Emma is just fine.

I am a vivid dreamer anyway.

On to brighter subjects.

EMMA'S HALLOWEEN - She was a "treat to be with all day". I could barely talk, but the whole gang was here. Greg's bday, Rosa's and Danny's were all celebrated!!!!!!!! Emma was in a great mood. I literally sat or rested all day. The kids did all the food and brought it or made it here. Greg did some last minute clean up and decorating and all pitched in except me. For the first time ever I was like no help. If I did anything it started a coughing fit. So I observed.

I observed ....

how even Anna's boyfriend Brian is so good at playing and being with Emma.
Anna who loves Emma took her out a lot
Dan, Becky, Mike, Tia Sophi and Rosa were all so good to her

Emma seemed to have a great time. Enough affection, outdoor time, and space to be on her pillow/bed and observe what was going on...and of course pets from me.

At TRICK OR TREA TIME for the first time ever EMMA was CALM. Much of the time she just layed at the step indoors (we have a split level) watching as Greg handed out candy. Has she mellowed?

Most of our trick or treaters were young. She hates witches and really scary outfits. Well the costumes were more gentle doctors, tigers, princesses, care bears, among the age 2- 8 ages mostly. She did great. She also got use to the dancing ghost that was fun not scary that we would play for trick or treaters.

Ok but we also got our first halloween TRICK from EMMA.
She decided she wanted a "treat".
I was in bed but Greg was up but occupied. Emma apparently took food from the counter. Now she knows how to put on the counter but we don't use that on the counter in the kitchen. Well she figured out how to "take" from the counter. It was people food but nothing to hurt her and not a large amount, silly Emma.

So today we went outside a few times but quiet day at home. Greg will get her outside when he gets home also - she'll probably get some walking in,

Off for another nap/rest before Greg get's home. We are lonesome with him back at work.

And yes it was a bad dream. In reality Emma is just doing great...Mary and Emma

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