Monday, November 8, 2010

The Time Change Confusing for Emma

Monday and all is going okay here.

Emma and I are home on this gorgeous late fall day. We have enjoyed playing outside. There are not many leaves to dive into is perhaps her only regret. I am glad they are so well cleaned up thanks to help from our lawn service. I got the cheapest version of their fall clean up and it looks good. We will have to do the gardens ourselves but that is okay.

I am listening to Christmas Music already because I just love it. Singing along while I write, pay bills, or do quiet chores like fold laundry all easier with music.


Emma had to stay home for numerous reasons but managed. I don't leave her alone much at all so it is hard on her when I first leave...but she seems fine when I get home. I miss her and it seems weird not to have her at my side.

The birthday party was at the Community Center for Rosa. The children ages 2-10 had a super great time. I enjoyed it too. I mostly watched as things proceeded. They had the indoor maze climbing area for an hour (kids came as they were ready after naps etc) and then the party room with gifts, and food. Then the big hit - swimming.

Gosh it was renewing to see the gift of children's enthusiasm
pure you as they swam with friends and parents too
giggles from the small slide into the water
such fun in the maze quickly exploring all the places to climb.
Waving to Grandma and was just a blast.

My ride home did not have room for Emma. I didn't know if I was going to swim and don't think this pool place would work for Emma to lay by the pool. So I spoil her today while I am with her.

We are headed outside again. Wow it will get dark here with daylight savings. I mean it will seem so early till we adjust to it all.

EMMA is finding adjusting to feeding times when we switch out clocks is a challenge. This morning she climbed in bed u p between us and oh so gently nudged us with her paw. She was starving. She usually eats at 7 so after putting the clock an hour back she was very persistent but gentle that she was ready to eat.

Wishing you all well.

Take care Mary and Emma

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