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Another Glimpse at the Past Nov 4 2005

UPDATE{ This is a repeat blog ha ha. It is what i wrote 5 years ago today when Emma was new to me. It is as true now as then. People comment about that gentle leader all the time. I mean so much. We tried moleskin again on it where it ouches the top of her nose. Emma hated that. She is so sensitive to how things feel. She acted calmer once she had it back to normal ha ha.
She is still as treasured as 5 years ago only even more so.

Emma and Lily have fun together now.

What I wrote Now 4th, 2005

The Gentle Leader Emma Wears

You would never believe how many people comment on the gentle leader that my dog wears. I think it is common among service dogs but many others use them. In the photo you will see the blue strap around her nose. First of all it is not a nuzzle. She can eat, play, sleep and everything with it on her. She has worn it since she was 8 weeks old. Sometimes you might see a dog paw at it but it doesn't hurt her in any way. I find she behaves much better outdoors and in public with it on. She of course also is wearing her uniform. At home indoors she does not need it since she is not on a leash.

I have tried the quick trips to relieve herself without the gentle leader. If it is quick she does fine with it attachd to her collar (the leash). However if we are going to play, go for a walk, or play she does better with it on. When she has it on just the gentle movement give her feedback on what she needs to do. It helps her know if she needs to get closer to me for example. If I need her attention just a quick movement shows her I mean business.

I found today that in the yard without it - she pulled me around too much. I find friends, neighbors and the general public seem to have strong opinions sometimes on using this leader. I have even had people say I should take it off her. Why? It is what she is use to and works well for her training and so on. She is a working dog and with the gentle leader and the pack on she is more focused.

At home she has time without the leader on or her uniform. You would be surprised maybe to know even without it on she often uses her paw on her nose to itch or play. I think people are quick to think they want the leader off. Yet, I see with the leader off she still does that behavior.

Today she needed to go out badly after we took a long nap. To get out quickly I did not use the leader. Her behavior was so different. I wondered where did my Emma go? Then we got the leader on and the uniform to go for a walk. She settled right down. Last night my husband took her for a walk and went quick without the gentle leader. He won't do that again. The leader is just a tool that helps us both. It is not a punishment or anything.

EMMA MET LILLY MY SON'S DOG today. He has a very small beagle. Emma must look like a lion to her. We only made a short visit. Emma did not bark or anything. Once Lily knew she was okay they both were calm. We hope they can get along but will do only the shortest of visits till we see how that goes. Lily adores my granddaughter. When Sophie petted Emma she looked sad. We encourage Sophie to keep her attention on her own Lily. She is such a darling dog. We wondered what both dogs were thinking. We just had to drop something off at my son's home. They both had their own gentle leaders on.

Final note _ we took a long nap today 5 years later. Wonder if I looked up this date each year if we would have napped??? Most likely!! I felt better today so Emma got even more time outside.

Have a great day - Mary and Emma

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