Thursday, November 4, 2010


I learned of 3 deaths in 3 days. Another friend is in hospice.

Trying to get my health better for the Memorials/Funerals. This is weird.

I want to tell you about how much one of them meant to me. Her name was Margaret and she was my Dad's cousin. Our relationship though was more like an Aunt. We loved her. We were able to stay with them at the lake each year for many years when we went "up north" for the family reunion. Reconnecting with my Dad's extended family.....treasured memories.

I guess it is to difficult to put into words right now. She had been sick a long time and lived a long good life. She has wondeful children and grandchildren. What she taught me was how to be "welcoming". She welcomed people to her home, into her heart, and into her life. I didn't see her a lot but loved when I did.

I feel like a movie is runnning in my head today of fond memories of Margaret. She lived in the country so we would ride down the road and she would run to greet us when we parked. like a Hallmark card a golden moment...many golden moments.

I love you Margaret and your children...grandchildren. If they say God is love than you should be right at home in Heaven today. Because you certainly spread love and care to everyone, I thank you for the love you game to me.


PS. Fingers crossed the asthma seems to have calmed down a bit.

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