Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emma At the Pool

Today was cold but it did not keep us from water exercise. Emma waits patiently, watching as I participate. When it is time to go she is ready. She knows after I change we take a break outside before the ride home. Today that included rolling in some small snow piles and she loved that.

Emma goes in the snow - face first. Than she rolls her head from side to side. The wetter she gets the happier she is. She is so much fun. She also seems very inquisitive about smells in the air the past days. i wonder what she smells, but she likes to put her head up in the air (nose up) and sniff away. Of course there are also things to sniff on the ground too. Life is good for Emma.

My cough has seemed to come back but not too bad. Greg is really suffering with a cold/cough. Nasty stuff to deal with. Brr it is cold so we are bundling up more both inside the house and outside. The furnace of course on all the time. Yes winter is here in MN.

I am glad to be home tonight. Warm in our own home. Even Emma seems ready to cuddle in. We were just outside for awhile.
She is in a great mood today. She is playing nurse to Greg too, fetching him a blanket and the remote. She is an awesome dog.

She did SURPRISE ME TODAY. We had lunch with friends. It was a table for 8 and I was at the end. The easiest for her was under more the middle of the table. Now I normally hold her leash at all times or have it on my lap. Well we were eating she was great. When i noticed the other table of people ALSO had a service dog. Then I realized it was EMMA!!! We were so surprised as she has never done it before.

Our table has walkers, canes etc due to MS. The other table had elderly with the same situation walkers, wheelchair, canes. I guess she felt right at home? I guess I noticed right away as they were admiring her but knew not to pet her. Emma of course came right back to me. I do not know how i lost my attention on her or what motivated her to do this. Staying "under" the table while we eat is something very routine for her. Maybe they had crumbs under the table (a no no for service dogs but I am not saying she wouldn't notice).

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