Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Fun Day

To Blog Readers

Writing this is good for me. It helps me focus on what a blessing Emma is in my life.
I know sometimes now I miss a day. I blame fatigue or lack of ideas. Some of our days seem pretty routine and it can get difficult to know what to write. I appreciate those of you who read it weekly or yeah daily. It means a lot to me.

Today we get to go to a birthday party for a special young man. i use to tutor him in reading and now he is in high school and doing great. He also is my son-in-law's foster brother. That has made it fun to watch the student grow from a boy in grades 3 to a teen in high school. I had to give up tutoring when I couldn't drive over to pick him up and go to the library and had more health issues. i treasure the two years or more that we met twice a week after school. We hit it off. And i do sometimes see him at special family events also.

I recall when he would read and was so excited to read to Emma. We would do our reading and then he would select a book and sit on the floor and ignoring me, would read to Emma. That was his reward for working hard with me. He was such a good sport even though in those years reading was tough for him...Now over the years he is doing well. What a hard worker.

So that is our special thing to do today. We will be sure to take a nap so that we can handle the party. What a happy time. It is a surprise party but they wanted me to attend as they felt it would mean a lot to him. Wow we are excited.

The snow is melting and we got only a little overnight. Emma is enjoying it but within a few days it will probably have melted and the grass will be back. The ground is warm and the temps cause this to happen. But it is fun to see Emma play in the snow while it is here.

I charged the camera battery but had trouble getting my camera to work. I hope someone helps solve that for me so we can take some picture and jazz up this blog.

I worry it is boring but I do want to always convey how wonderful it is to have Emma. So today we celebrate that Emma also had a special role in providing and incentive to a young reader. She is the best in so many ways..

Have a good weekend - Mary and Emma

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