Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emma's Favorite Snow Toy

Emma wants to be like Opra and tell you her favorite Christmas Gift. Here they are -

1. Snow
2. Chuck It

She loves both. Our snow is melting but more expected for Wed-Thur. Let's hope it doesn't hamper Thanksgiving Celebrations.

The Chuck it with it's bright colors and frisbe type way of flying is a hit with her. I have found it at REI and Target too. We have two of them as it is her most important toy almost any season.

Saturday - she got to play outside with both Greg and I. Emma and I worked on sorting some clothing, and other things to be donated to the thrift store. We also did some quiet chores. tonight I need to read as book club is Monday and I am not all the way done yet.

We hope you are having a fun weekend. Take care. I may write more later - time to eat.

Mary and Emma

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