Thursday, July 28, 2011


Look at this darling puppy named Emerson. Wouldn't Emma love to meet him?
The sad news he lives in Texas.
The good news he has a wonderful family and is my friend's Granddog! She shared the photo with me.

MEDICAL TEST TODAY was helpful. I will only say that it may give us some clues on what to do to help with my abdominal pain that seems to be related to digestive system issues. More tests next week before we make a plan on how to deal with it all. I am pleased to be one step closer to knowing what is going on and dealing with it.

NURSE EMMA was joined by NURSE ROSIE who was here with me as I recovered from today's test. Lots of snuggles, wet kisses, and love from both of them. Boy that made me feel better.

A quiet day planned for tomorrow - oops I guess today. It is 2:30 am. Back to bed I go...

Have a good day... Mary and Emma

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Son in San Francisco

Dan is working at

Want to see my cute Rosa say goodnight to him?

go to
search for telizas and push arrow to see the 15 second video

I am going to do a tout video with Emma soon and will repeat how to do it.

sign up is free but you may be able to view it with out signing up.

Emma Marie "Hairy" Weinand

Oh my Goodness,

I think I have to add hairy to Emma's name now.
She is really blowing her coat, shedding or whatever you want to call it.

Today we took the Metromobility Bus
She doesn't like it and only will stand by me in the aisle
Nope she wont lay down I think due to how much the floor vibrates
Rarely find a driver who wil let her on the seat

When she gets nervous she sheds even more
Since it was so hot last week she seems to still be shedding more
Today's ride almost an hour so she sheded a lot.

I pet her to sooth her as we ride.
Well I was getting handfuls of hair
Then I look at little puffs of hair are floating around
Ugh that has never happened
Not when I brush her pretty much daily
Sometimes more than once per day.

Well after the trip
(Luckily the two passengers and driver loved dogs)
We stayed outside of the Y in the yard for awhile
I had a brush I normally use after swimming
Well she liked that brush more than her normal ones (it had nylon brisstles)
I am pretty picky on what type of brush I like and she is too
Well she loved mine - yeah

I brushed so much off of her it was unbelievable
Over and over I filled the brush
Plus the hair that flew into the air
Well we were still early
So I brush
She played a bit
I sat outside a bit with her laying down
And brushed again

She looked like she lost weight to me ha ha
Time to take her to Petco again
When they groom her they do a lot of extra brushing for me
It helps too.

Funny I had a comb I could use
Now that brush will be "hers" as she seemed to like it so much
I have another one like it to use for me.

So Hairy Miss Emma I still love you.
I know you shed all the time
Remember that Judy (foster mom who raised her 2.5 years?)

You are worth all the brushing, all the hair i sweep up too.

But gosh would love to know if it was just the heat of last week
and the stress today
or what
caused you to need to shed so much today!!

Well if that is my biggest issue with you = aren't I so darn lucky???

I love you my Emma Marie Hairy Weinand
I couldn't imagine one day without you.

Have a good Wed = I have a medical procedure.
Since I am being dropped off and the room sterile she will be home for about three hours.
Husband will drop me off and go to work
Son will pick me up and doesn't work till afternoon.

If I feel okay after a late am nap - Rosa will stay with me...I think she will.
We will nap I hope in afternoon and/or we will watch a quiet video.
Later play outside. Emma and I love time with her.

Emma and Mary wish you a good day.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I am terrible at waiting.
i think Hell could be just waiting and waiting and not knowing for how long...

My son left today and is in Denver...he has waited there hours on a lay over.
turned out his plane to SF had mechanical issues
Finally a new plane came and pilot had timed out.
So he has to stay the night and fly out tomorrow afternoon.
but most the day he waited...

He is updating us via computer that is night.
Emma and Greg and I went to breakfast with all the kids, spouses and grandkids
It was fun to do this before Dan went to the airport
but I was teary eyed.

I am so blessed to have such a great family.

Greg has been pushing though not feeling well for a few days and ended up going to urgent care
He sure isn't feel well now = antibiotics should help

Emma is doing great and the day was ok. Glad I am not waiting in an airport. I guess now they are putting him up in a hotel till tomorrow afternoon flight.

Hope you had a good weekend.
Mary and Emma

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hi On Saturday

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days. Life has been uneventful except for my son moving.

I am out of kleenix due to mixed emotions as my youngest son Dan moves to San Francisco.
I encourage you to check out to see where he will work and this new idea for keeping in contact with others.
Soon he will have short videos, my kids too, and hopefully Emma and I.
It is free.

I hope to see Danny again tonight but Greg is not feeling very good so not sure.
We do plan to see him Sunday for breakfast early before his flight. All my children and grandchildren hope to be there.
I know this is a great opportunity for him but boy will I miss him. I don't have much funds to go visit and besides I will miss visiting him in Uptown of Mpls...yes so much closer to see him ha ha.
Becky reminds me I taught my kids to dream big and so I off he goes to follow his dream...a creative, exciting job opportunity.

Was so hot this week. Today warm but not so humid. I think it might reach almost 90 but not so humid. I was able to sit outside awhile with Emma insread of just watching her from the patio door. We also hope to get her to Target or somewhere today or Sunday to walk in the cool. Roads are pretty ripped up around here. Emma and I both need change of scenary. Maybe I will feel better this week - I keep hoping - so we can go back to water exercise and just get out of the house more. I need that.

Emma is the greatest company ever though. I am so very very glad to have her in my life.

Have a good weekend. Mary

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


They say it feels like 123 here today and gosh am I hot.
YES we have fans and air conditioning thank goodness.
Still it feels hot and stuffy in the house - my air conditioner can't keep up with this temp and humidity.

We are not moving much just trying to stay cool.

How boring is that for a post...Mary and Emma

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sunday Night

Hi to Readers,

A very warm and humid day here. Emma was out only briefly each time to do her duty. She did not want to be out even a second more and understandable.

We had a quiet day. Not much going on but a little bit of chores...and a huge nap...and many cold showers for me. Even with AC on I was warm. I had to wear my cooling vest indoors and that really helped.

Lots of concerns on our minds today. too many people I know are sick, or have other concerns. Wish I had a magic wand and could make things easier for so many right now.

We are off to bed..hope to put the worries to sleep. Hope you are coping with your life....Mary and Emma

Thursday, July 14, 2011

sleepy, rainy day for Emma and I

This photo is from camp but could be of Emma and I today...rainy cool day very very quiet. We rested a lot.

It is suppose to be hot and humid till Tuesday. My kids will be around tomorrow and maybe on the weekend as much of my son Danny's things are coming here since he is moving. We will ship some things to him later, store some till he decides if he want them....also inheriting some like new furniture and a few things too. I mean very new furniture compared to mine.

Not sure what the rest of the weekend will bring. Rosa is sleeping over tonight and that is super fun. She is such a joy. I am enjoying hearing her and Grandpa Greg play Oregon trail on my ipad. I don't know who is having a better time. There laughter is contagious and lift my heart. She is up late and soon we will snuggle in bed together. she is in a great mood.

Wishing you sweet dreams, and a good day on Friday. We hope Greg is off till Sunday night. Plenty to do here but I don't have much pep.

Through my daughter we were given a dog ramp. It is to help get your dog into a boat, or more often a van or truck. We don't need it now so glad Helping paws will use it for training. So glad for that. Also had a dog pillow bed for them too. Wish i could do more to help an organization who has given me my adorable Emma. She helps me cope so much every day...

Love you Emma.......Mary

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Picture Today


Nice weather so Emma and I enjoyed some time outside. Otherwise not much new at all. Was able to get needed paperwork done.

Emma is doing fine. We are trying to bag up some clothing donations and miscl for pick up tomorrow too. Also took a nap. How boring we are today. Thought I would still blog as I know a few friends and relatives who read this might worry if I don't post.

Hope your week is going well... Emma and Mary

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Look at those Smiles

Busy weekend but got in my naps. Still dealing with pain but coping okay due to medications.
This is a picture taken Saturday of my son Uncle Danny and his neices. We took them to the movie Zookeeper Sat am. Get a better price at that time. Then took them to lunch. It was a fun time for all.

Today after church, we went over to see Danny. He is moving to San Francisco in just two weeks. We listened as he kind of planned out what to do when. I also helped pack. I can't believe this is all happening so fast. I did know he may need to move to get more options as a Ruby Developer - --- anyway we are so excited for him...but a bit sad he will be so far away. He promises to keep in touch via email, phone and now the company he will work for.

Emma has been super the entire weekend. When we go to work with Greg he is there several hours. They have an extra office we can camp out in when not in church. Very cool air conditioning (I need that) and a nice computer so I can email, read, or whatever. i know some people who go there so can say hello to them. Though I know more of the younger people who go in the evening.

Finding I really need my naps now more than ever. Had a helpful visit with my Lung specialist on Friday also. Then a great time with my friend Jan. So a nice three days.

Dan hopes to store some things here in our basement before deciding what to shop. We hope to have a family October garage sale as we have things to get rid of and our kids do too. Right now I need to organize my things in the basement. Also have clothing to part with and donate. Things I have put off. Even if I don't feel just great I need to do at least a little on these projects in the upcoming week for sure.

I have treasured having all my children living here...this is going to be an adjustment for sure. I thought I would be the mother who would just cry her eyes out if one of her kids moved. I have done a bit of that but I also am so darn excited for him. This is such a great opportunity and compared to what he can find in MN at this time. I think he plans to come back with experience and some education...

Loved this picture. Rosa (the younger one is his goddaughter) was pretty mad i guess about his moving. But getting use to the idea. Sophia plans to make little movies on my computer to send him (a good idea in my eyes). I alternate between being thrilled for him and misty eyed. Like my daughter Becky said "You taught us all to dream big" and yes I did. With my own mother being alone and having had cancer when I was that age, I never even thought of going out state. My brother is out stage and still stays in contact.

He plans to be home already in Sept to wrap things up here and again at Christmas. Promises to keep in touch... I will handle it = right?

Hope you had a good weekend. Emma and I did. A bit warm for me so thank goodness for airconditioning. Storms rolling in but I hope we have no damage. Rain okay.

Mary and Emma

Friday, July 8, 2011

My wonderful Emma

I really love this photo of is not new.
I look at it and hope that I nurture her enough - for all the ways that she helps me in a day.
She is with me from the instant I open my eyes in the morning - till I close them at night.
She cuddles with me, helps me, and gives me a positive boast each and every single day.

Today we are headed to the Lung Specialist - a routine visit
They will do a few tests I think, and then we will talk about meds etc
My bipap levels were changed after a sleep study and that seems helpful.
Dr. Amy is very kind and it should be helpful.

Later we might see my friend Jan. I sure hope so.
Besides Greg and Emma - my best friend Jan keeps me sane.
Of all the girlfriends in my life - she is just so awesome
We laugh, share thoughts, concerns, insights...I treasure the time with her.

With my friends without MS though it is kind of tough
Some of the things whey would like to do - they are best off to do with others
I feel that way about my sister too.
When walking is limited, fatique high - there just are things I can't do easily
Or at all.

I do have the scooter but not easy to get into my car (no lift, no ramp)
And of course not into others.
Not complaining really or that is not my intention
It just changes things compared to the past,

Jan and other friends and family keep me going though - for sure.

Emma though is the best friend
Up at night with me if I need that,
Helping with chores and daily needs
She is just so very very awesome.

time for me to take her outside for awhile.

Maybe more later??? Might see the granddaughters Sat and we sure hope so.
that would brighten my day.
There parents lives are so busy - hope they can have dinner with us sometime soon too.
Anyway love my family.

My children all live in town but now my youngest has a job offer in San Francisco
He is so excited.
I am waiting to hear details...
So thrilled for him - but what an adjustment for me - my baby!!!
I wonder what his final decision will be?

Have a good Friday - sunny and warm here.
Mary and Emma

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Later on Tuesday night

Colonoscopy went okay today. All looks fine.

Emma was great at the hospital. We were there at noon. Originally the procedure was to be 1:00 but had delays. So it was not till after 2:10. Greg and Emma left me at 1:20 when they thought they were going to move me. They went outdoors and missed the page saying it would be delayed. So they did not see me till about 3:30 or later.

Greg said she was pretty upset to leave me. Going outside distracted her. Also I guess in the AM she would NOT even go with him out to go to the bathroom like i thought she had. She also didn't go for me so boy that must have been a relief. They went outside, to the cafeteria, and then to the waiting room. Finally he said after two hours she did lay down and sleep.

Looks like a pretty tired puppy to me.
She was so very excited to see me again.
When we got home you would not believe her enthusiasm.
We had a quick trip outside
And yep i really needed to nap again.

Glad to have that test completed and normal. Will see how I feel, follow up with the specialist is in a few weeks.
If pain continues I think they will test other parts of the digestive system but not sure.
Would be fine with me if it just goes away.

The Dr said if it is a small ulcer in the small intestine or something it may heal itself?
It's been a long long long month.
We are ready for normal life back and regular routine.
Emma of course makes it easier, and also it is easier to handle in the summer since we can sit outdoors a long time
when I need to be at home.

Mental Health appointment tomorrow (counseling). Lung specialist on Friday.

Off to bed. Yeah Twins won. Emma is the best!! Mary and Emma

My Girl Emma

Due to the colonoscopy prep (which wasnt too bad) Emma and i were up till after 2 am Monday.

So today she did get up, ate and went out with Greg.
To make things work today, he was going to bring her to work with him.
A few times he has needed to do that and it works fine.
Then he will meet me there with her.

Unfortunately due to a work issue he is worried he will not get to the hospital prior to the procedure.
A friend is dropping me off. Not able to stay but will make sure I get settled.

So Emma would NOT LEAVE ME to go in the car with him.
He tried treats and everything.
I encouraged her to go and nope she would not have it.

I was finally sleeping/dozing and she just snuggled up closer.
I think she KNEW I would need her and gosh she is good company and help today.

So we had to come up with plan B.
Thanks Emma for caring about me...but gosh I was surprised to see you so absolutely not willing to leave my side no matter what.

Will likely sleep away once we get home about dinner time. The procedure is not till afternoon.

Mary and Emma

Monday, July 4, 2011

Scared of Fireworks?

Fireworks are NOT fun for dogs.
This is Emma's cousin's dog Sophia Macek
She found her own place to hide during the fireworks this year.
We found it both creative and amusing.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Letter to MY Grandma (Dama)

Dear Dama,

Your birthday was July 4th.
I can remember sharing those happy days with you.
I was age 7 when you died...just in 2nd grade.
You missed my First Communion by months and every special occasion since then I do think of you.

We realize you would be 121 if my math is correct, this year.
How can that be - when I feel like it was just yesterday
that you hugged me, held me, read to me, and told me I was special.
How can it be that in just seven years
You impacted my life in such a positive way?
I bet you never could have imagined how important you were in my life.
In a way that has touched me now for 55 years.

You were the only grandparent that I knew.
i sure was mad at God when you died.
Yet now I know, I could not ever have been more blessed
I knew you loved me so darn much
Even though you had other grandchildren, you made me feel so important
You took time for me
You taught me to read
You let me snuggle with you... thats what I remember

But even through the years it is not just the memories of what we did
It is the way you made me feel
Being on your lap, waiting for you to come over, going to your home...
The excitement, the quiet fun, and the unconditional love
Remains unforgettable ...

So now Dama (as we called you)
I am a grandmother too.

My dear Sophia lost her Grandmother to cancer at age 7 too
Her Dad's mom
She asked me if I believed in heaven and I said YES
I told her how hard it was to loose my grandma at that age also
And she still tells me story of that wonderful Grandma.

I also told her my goal in life was to be a Grandma as good as my Dama
And she said to me "Grandma You already Are"

Recently we visited the cemetary with Rosa
Visited my Grandmother Dama (Anna Marie Gundersen) grave
We said a prayer to God together hand in hand - out loud
I again thanked God for a wonderful Grandma
Who yes indeed was a teacher
But also taught me how to be a Grandma.
Rosa said thanks God because now I have a good grandma too...

So there are fire works and celebrations
But on the 4rh I celebrate the love of my Grandmother
The special place all grandparents can be in the lives of children...

I know my Dama is in heaven
The Catholic nuns told my brother who told me that Lutherans didn't go to heaven
That was the first time I knew i didn't believe all that the Catholic Church taught...

Now Rosa snuggles with me and we read together
sophia age 12 reads and suggests things for me to read...

and i hope some day they will be Grandma's too
And that the loving cycle will go on and on and on.

God bless all of you today
Especially those of you who are Grandma's

Thank you God for family as we all need that
But today we say thanks especially for Grandma's

And to my cousin reading this
I think Dama came to be because you couldn't say Grandma?
That's the story I was told..

Bless you and your children and grandchildren too.

Love Mary and Emma

Time to Stretch??

Ever notice how dog's do take time to stretch? Emma is great at doing that.
One physical therapists noticed that and said = every time you see Emma stretch - I want you to stretch
she also armed me with various types of stretching moves
Very good for all but especially those with MS.

It is the holiday weekend.
Lots of fireworks going off around here - Emma does not like the noise at all.
Yet, pretty quiet at our house.
A very very very quiet day. I accomplished nothing.
Thankfully Greg did a lot..

Emma and I are just hanging out I guess.
She did get outside a few extra times with Greg today.
She looks to me and I have to assure her it is okay to go outside with him.
I needed extra naps so good for him to be outdoors with him
And get exercise in her fenced in yard.

Hearing from many that they are traveling and/or busy with family celebrations.
We hope you have a fun weekend and safe travels.

Mary and Emma

Friday, July 1, 2011

This sweetie is my great neice Addison.
Isn't she cute. Thinking of her as she had tubes put in those tiny ears today. Hoping no news means all went well. Saw her last Saturday.

Another day at home. The temperature was 99. Even Emma did not want to be outside long when she had to go potty. Greg ventured out to go grocery shopping. It was pretty busy before the holiday weekend. There were storms tonight and it will be coller tomorrow. I think around 85.

The Twins had a rain delay so are on now. My sleep schedule is a bit weird so I had to sleep after a simple supper. Now will be up awhile so I can sleep through the night I hope.

Nothing new...wishing you a great holiday weekend....Mary and Emma