Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Girl Emma

Due to the colonoscopy prep (which wasnt too bad) Emma and i were up till after 2 am Monday.

So today she did get up, ate and went out with Greg.
To make things work today, he was going to bring her to work with him.
A few times he has needed to do that and it works fine.
Then he will meet me there with her.

Unfortunately due to a work issue he is worried he will not get to the hospital prior to the procedure.
A friend is dropping me off. Not able to stay but will make sure I get settled.

So Emma would NOT LEAVE ME to go in the car with him.
He tried treats and everything.
I encouraged her to go and nope she would not have it.

I was finally sleeping/dozing and she just snuggled up closer.
I think she KNEW I would need her and gosh she is good company and help today.

So we had to come up with plan B.
Thanks Emma for caring about me...but gosh I was surprised to see you so absolutely not willing to leave my side no matter what.

Will likely sleep away once we get home about dinner time. The procedure is not till afternoon.

Mary and Emma

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