Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time to Stretch??

Ever notice how dog's do take time to stretch? Emma is great at doing that.
One physical therapists noticed that and said = every time you see Emma stretch - I want you to stretch
she also armed me with various types of stretching moves
Very good for all but especially those with MS.

It is the holiday weekend.
Lots of fireworks going off around here - Emma does not like the noise at all.
Yet, pretty quiet at our house.
A very very very quiet day. I accomplished nothing.
Thankfully Greg did a lot..

Emma and I are just hanging out I guess.
She did get outside a few extra times with Greg today.
She looks to me and I have to assure her it is okay to go outside with him.
I needed extra naps so good for him to be outdoors with him
And get exercise in her fenced in yard.

Hearing from many that they are traveling and/or busy with family celebrations.
We hope you have a fun weekend and safe travels.

Mary and Emma

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