Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Letter to MY Grandma (Dama)

Dear Dama,

Your birthday was July 4th.
I can remember sharing those happy days with you.
I was age 7 when you died...just in 2nd grade.
You missed my First Communion by months and every special occasion since then I do think of you.

We realize you would be 121 if my math is correct, this year.
How can that be - when I feel like it was just yesterday
that you hugged me, held me, read to me, and told me I was special.
How can it be that in just seven years
You impacted my life in such a positive way?
I bet you never could have imagined how important you were in my life.
In a way that has touched me now for 55 years.

You were the only grandparent that I knew.
i sure was mad at God when you died.
Yet now I know, I could not ever have been more blessed
I knew you loved me so darn much
Even though you had other grandchildren, you made me feel so important
You took time for me
You taught me to read
You let me snuggle with you... thats what I remember

But even through the years it is not just the memories of what we did
It is the way you made me feel
Being on your lap, waiting for you to come over, going to your home...
The excitement, the quiet fun, and the unconditional love
Remains unforgettable ...

So now Dama (as we called you)
I am a grandmother too.

My dear Sophia lost her Grandmother to cancer at age 7 too
Her Dad's mom
She asked me if I believed in heaven and I said YES
I told her how hard it was to loose my grandma at that age also
And she still tells me story of that wonderful Grandma.

I also told her my goal in life was to be a Grandma as good as my Dama
And she said to me "Grandma You already Are"

Recently we visited the cemetary with Rosa
Visited my Grandmother Dama (Anna Marie Gundersen) grave
We said a prayer to God together hand in hand - out loud
I again thanked God for a wonderful Grandma
Who yes indeed was a teacher
But also taught me how to be a Grandma.
Rosa said thanks God because now I have a good grandma too...

So there are fire works and celebrations
But on the 4rh I celebrate the love of my Grandmother
The special place all grandparents can be in the lives of children...

I know my Dama is in heaven
The Catholic nuns told my brother who told me that Lutherans didn't go to heaven
That was the first time I knew i didn't believe all that the Catholic Church taught...

Now Rosa snuggles with me and we read together
sophia age 12 reads and suggests things for me to read...

and i hope some day they will be Grandma's too
And that the loving cycle will go on and on and on.

God bless all of you today
Especially those of you who are Grandma's

Thank you God for family as we all need that
But today we say thanks especially for Grandma's

And to my cousin reading this
I think Dama came to be because you couldn't say Grandma?
That's the story I was told..

Bless you and your children and grandchildren too.

Love Mary and Emma

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