Thursday, July 14, 2011

sleepy, rainy day for Emma and I

This photo is from camp but could be of Emma and I today...rainy cool day very very quiet. We rested a lot.

It is suppose to be hot and humid till Tuesday. My kids will be around tomorrow and maybe on the weekend as much of my son Danny's things are coming here since he is moving. We will ship some things to him later, store some till he decides if he want them....also inheriting some like new furniture and a few things too. I mean very new furniture compared to mine.

Not sure what the rest of the weekend will bring. Rosa is sleeping over tonight and that is super fun. She is such a joy. I am enjoying hearing her and Grandpa Greg play Oregon trail on my ipad. I don't know who is having a better time. There laughter is contagious and lift my heart. She is up late and soon we will snuggle in bed together. she is in a great mood.

Wishing you sweet dreams, and a good day on Friday. We hope Greg is off till Sunday night. Plenty to do here but I don't have much pep.

Through my daughter we were given a dog ramp. It is to help get your dog into a boat, or more often a van or truck. We don't need it now so glad Helping paws will use it for training. So glad for that. Also had a dog pillow bed for them too. Wish i could do more to help an organization who has given me my adorable Emma. She helps me cope so much every day...

Love you Emma.......Mary

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