Sunday, July 10, 2011

Look at those Smiles

Busy weekend but got in my naps. Still dealing with pain but coping okay due to medications.
This is a picture taken Saturday of my son Uncle Danny and his neices. We took them to the movie Zookeeper Sat am. Get a better price at that time. Then took them to lunch. It was a fun time for all.

Today after church, we went over to see Danny. He is moving to San Francisco in just two weeks. We listened as he kind of planned out what to do when. I also helped pack. I can't believe this is all happening so fast. I did know he may need to move to get more options as a Ruby Developer - --- anyway we are so excited for him...but a bit sad he will be so far away. He promises to keep in touch via email, phone and now the company he will work for.

Emma has been super the entire weekend. When we go to work with Greg he is there several hours. They have an extra office we can camp out in when not in church. Very cool air conditioning (I need that) and a nice computer so I can email, read, or whatever. i know some people who go there so can say hello to them. Though I know more of the younger people who go in the evening.

Finding I really need my naps now more than ever. Had a helpful visit with my Lung specialist on Friday also. Then a great time with my friend Jan. So a nice three days.

Dan hopes to store some things here in our basement before deciding what to shop. We hope to have a family October garage sale as we have things to get rid of and our kids do too. Right now I need to organize my things in the basement. Also have clothing to part with and donate. Things I have put off. Even if I don't feel just great I need to do at least a little on these projects in the upcoming week for sure.

I have treasured having all my children living here...this is going to be an adjustment for sure. I thought I would be the mother who would just cry her eyes out if one of her kids moved. I have done a bit of that but I also am so darn excited for him. This is such a great opportunity and compared to what he can find in MN at this time. I think he plans to come back with experience and some education...

Loved this picture. Rosa (the younger one is his goddaughter) was pretty mad i guess about his moving. But getting use to the idea. Sophia plans to make little movies on my computer to send him (a good idea in my eyes). I alternate between being thrilled for him and misty eyed. Like my daughter Becky said "You taught us all to dream big" and yes I did. With my own mother being alone and having had cancer when I was that age, I never even thought of going out state. My brother is out stage and still stays in contact.

He plans to be home already in Sept to wrap things up here and again at Christmas. Promises to keep in touch... I will handle it = right?

Hope you had a good weekend. Emma and I did. A bit warm for me so thank goodness for airconditioning. Storms rolling in but I hope we have no damage. Rain okay.

Mary and Emma

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