Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Emma Marie "Hairy" Weinand

Oh my Goodness,

I think I have to add hairy to Emma's name now.
She is really blowing her coat, shedding or whatever you want to call it.

Today we took the Metromobility Bus
She doesn't like it and only will stand by me in the aisle
Nope she wont lay down I think due to how much the floor vibrates
Rarely find a driver who wil let her on the seat

When she gets nervous she sheds even more
Since it was so hot last week she seems to still be shedding more
Today's ride almost an hour so she sheded a lot.

I pet her to sooth her as we ride.
Well I was getting handfuls of hair
Then I look at little puffs of hair are floating around
Ugh that has never happened
Not when I brush her pretty much daily
Sometimes more than once per day.

Well after the trip
(Luckily the two passengers and driver loved dogs)
We stayed outside of the Y in the yard for awhile
I had a brush I normally use after swimming
Well she liked that brush more than her normal ones (it had nylon brisstles)
I am pretty picky on what type of brush I like and she is too
Well she loved mine - yeah

I brushed so much off of her it was unbelievable
Over and over I filled the brush
Plus the hair that flew into the air
Well we were still early
So I brush
She played a bit
I sat outside a bit with her laying down
And brushed again

She looked like she lost weight to me ha ha
Time to take her to Petco again
When they groom her they do a lot of extra brushing for me
It helps too.

Funny I had a comb I could use
Now that brush will be "hers" as she seemed to like it so much
I have another one like it to use for me.

So Hairy Miss Emma I still love you.
I know you shed all the time
Remember that Judy (foster mom who raised her 2.5 years?)

You are worth all the brushing, all the hair i sweep up too.

But gosh would love to know if it was just the heat of last week
and the stress today
or what
caused you to need to shed so much today!!

Well if that is my biggest issue with you = aren't I so darn lucky???

I love you my Emma Marie Hairy Weinand
I couldn't imagine one day without you.

Have a good Wed = I have a medical procedure.
Since I am being dropped off and the room sterile she will be home for about three hours.
Husband will drop me off and go to work
Son will pick me up and doesn't work till afternoon.

If I feel okay after a late am nap - Rosa will stay with me...I think she will.
We will nap I hope in afternoon and/or we will watch a quiet video.
Later play outside. Emma and I love time with her.

Emma and Mary wish you a good day.

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