Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Later on Tuesday night

Colonoscopy went okay today. All looks fine.

Emma was great at the hospital. We were there at noon. Originally the procedure was to be 1:00 but had delays. So it was not till after 2:10. Greg and Emma left me at 1:20 when they thought they were going to move me. They went outdoors and missed the page saying it would be delayed. So they did not see me till about 3:30 or later.

Greg said she was pretty upset to leave me. Going outside distracted her. Also I guess in the AM she would NOT even go with him out to go to the bathroom like i thought she had. She also didn't go for me so boy that must have been a relief. They went outside, to the cafeteria, and then to the waiting room. Finally he said after two hours she did lay down and sleep.

Looks like a pretty tired puppy to me.
She was so very excited to see me again.
When we got home you would not believe her enthusiasm.
We had a quick trip outside
And yep i really needed to nap again.

Glad to have that test completed and normal. Will see how I feel, follow up with the specialist is in a few weeks.
If pain continues I think they will test other parts of the digestive system but not sure.
Would be fine with me if it just goes away.

The Dr said if it is a small ulcer in the small intestine or something it may heal itself?
It's been a long long long month.
We are ready for normal life back and regular routine.
Emma of course makes it easier, and also it is easier to handle in the summer since we can sit outdoors a long time
when I need to be at home.

Mental Health appointment tomorrow (counseling). Lung specialist on Friday.

Off to bed. Yeah Twins won. Emma is the best!! Mary and Emma

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