Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New puppies are coming any day now = check out


The Michurski family that is raising Keeley, raised Emma. Judy is very involved with Helping Paws. Will be fun to wait for pictures.

No news here. Very tired and slept a lot already today. Emma is being super. She has her "favorite pillow".

Mary and Emma

Monday, November 21, 2011

When I am awake, have looked at some old photos. Found this one I think taken when we first brought Emma home. She is so special to us. She brightens my day. Physical therapist will be here soon. I just wanted to post this. Nothing new. Just getting a bit lonesome being home so much. Maybe that is a good sign that I want to see people? I do sleep or rest so much too. Maybe will arrange some short visits with friends here? We'll see. Never sure how I will feel. tomorrow the cleaning lady comes. i sure need that.

My daughters had a fun time visiting their brother Danny in San Francisco and spent most the time unpacking and making it homey for him. I thought he had a futon and he only had a futon mattress there while waiting weeks for his furniture. They assured me it was very nice and a great location. Man and I wished I saw him more when he lived in Uptown Mpls. Will treasure seeing him at Christmas. My other children are so busy also but at least in town I do see them. I never took it for granted but gosh will still cherish time with any of them or all of them even more.

We wish you a Happy thanksgiving. Ours will be a bit quieter. Plan to write more this week. Just see how I do. Mary and Emma

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rosa was so comforting when I was in ER, This was before I was admitted to the hospital for a few days. Didn't know Greg took a photo of it. HOpe it works.

Resting at home. Emma so much help.

caringbridge.org Maryweinand has updates --- Mary

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If you follow caringbridge.org you know I was in the hospital due to high blood sugars due to the steroids due to MS symptoms. We don't know if we are dealing with anything but MS now...will see. Here is what was on CaringBridge today.

Emma and I slept most the day away. It seems good to be in my own bed. Tried to do a few things but arms are still very weak. I tire easy also. No changes there. Emma is comforting and helpful. Glad that Monday Greg got her into the vet and she is doing great!!

Emma is so close to me, when i fed her evening meal i walked away. She followed to be by me and left her food!! She is a lab!! So i told her to eat but needed to move to a chair by her food dish till she continued eating! What a shocker! She is very literally at my side every minute.

too tired to post more. Mary

If I don't post here and you want to see what is going on try caringBridge.org enter website Maryweinand. thanks for the positive emails, prayers, and all the support.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Found this photo. Looking at old photos when I feel up to it. My family taught me how to scan. With weak arms only on computer a bit but I could do this today.

This is a MS Society Couples Retreat. We went to several. Due to funding issues they are not held now. Special times for Greg and I and Emma and other couples. Educational and fun. The theme was to look like you were on a cruise dinner. I had to borrow this from a friend. Normally I never wear sparkly things and never have since. Rosa likes to dress up in it and looks cute on her. My friend told me to keep it.

Emma is being just great helped. We snooze a lot and I rest all the time. Miss the sense of accomplishment of doing more but so glad for Emma's help.

Just a reminder, if you wish, I post on caringbridge.org - you enter my name maryweinand for website. Will keep this up as I can.

One day at a time - I am coping... Emma makes it so much easier. Cute of her in this picture I thought. wish photographer had her come closer to us...

Have a good day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Another quiet Day

Hi Friends,

The weeks are now months as I try to feel better. MS is not easy. Oh well, come of you also have MS, and that is not new news at all. Better think of other things.

It is so fun to watch Emma play in the leaves. She loves being outside. Despite my needing to rest/sleep I get her out a great deal and so does my husband. since we are not out and about and getting exercise that way, extra time in her back yard is great for her. Also good for me to smell and feel the fresh air.

I found the thing you hook on doors for her to pull them open. Maybe can get a photo from Greg. Those who train dogs know what I mean. It is so if a door can be pulled open but has no handicapped door she can use that. So many places I go have automatic doors of some kind it is rarely used so tucked away. Well I got it out to practice with her - once again she showed me how she can recall old tricks. Yep this older dog recalls all she knew in her youth. So impressive an so very hard working!

I am proud of her. Too tired to do more but will see if Greg has time to take photo when he gets home. I am trying to take it one day at a time. Talked to several doctors today but no news on what to do yet. I need more patience I think. Greg will be home tonight so that is a big treat for me. He is spoiling me and is a great cook. Home made beef vegetable soup tonight = comfort food for us both.

Very happy to get some cards in the mail, and email support it means a lot to me. Mary and Emma

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Found this fun picture of when I taught a wonderful second grade class. Maybe 16 years ago. Forgot I was ever that that thin. That class was amazing. They had a special grant so it was small even though in a public school. The next year though no grant so I lost that position . It was a great year though. Happy memory.

Emma woke up early as her tummy did not turn back like the clocks did. She sitlll is loving playing outdoors in the leaves. No snow yet. In fact it seems pretty mild for this time of year. I have my bedroom window open to get some fresh air in. She is just super. A great great dog. Lover her so much.

Not much new. i am still weak. Fun to see granddaughters yesterday though I tire easy so had to nap. They don't mind and are full of enthusiasm. I like that a lot. I need to ask Greg again, think he has some pictures of Emma that I do not have. will check on that if I remember. He is home tonight yeah, poor guy doing laundry, cleaning and so much. I always think I don't do anything around the house but now both of us agree I did more than I realized. hard for him to work, do it all alone, and need to help me in so many ways. he is a great guy.

The MSFocus magazine has very brief article on him as caregiver and photo. We tried to scan it but it didn't work. Eventually it will be online. He got a gift certificate to McCormick and Schmitz (spelling) so when I improve that will be a fun night out).

those wh have an ipad may want to know there is a free app to be able to dictate to the computer. Voice recognition isn't perfect but so helpful now. More expensive to put on my regular computer so not doing that unless we have to later.

Hope all is well and you have a great weekend.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have been writing on the caringbridge.org site but today yeah going to write here also. I may have to take a nap but worth the effort. using voice recognition to help me with things. Arms and hands so weak.

This is a photo from MS camp of course. Fun to look at and remember the outstanding individuals who also cope with this crazy MS. It is the highlight of my spring/summer to go there with Emma. I feel 'normal" there as everyone has some MS issues. We laugh, we have fun, but give tons of support to one another too. Many of the individuals I see only at camp, a few more often. And my dear Kathy communicates with me almost daily via email. Good friends are a rich rich blessing.

What's new with Emma? Well she still is loving playing in the leaves. Much have blown away or crumbled now. We live on a hill and the wind hits us in such a way that we don't need to rake nearly as much as you would think. She is still loving her fenced in yard. I sit outside with her when I can, or can sit inside and watch from the patio door. Greg also gets her out when he is home.
Hope things get so we get out more so we both get change of scenery and she more exercise. One day at a time of course.

She has that tummy alarm to eat at 7 am and 5 pm. Well yesterday I napped till 6:30 pm and she never woke me. wonder if she tried? I missed phone calls too. I was so worn out after a medical appointment I guess. Normally she is very persistant. Also if for some reason she eats early, she still nudges us relentlessly at 7 am and 5 pm to ear again. Her weight is good though and she seems healthy.

I seem to love her more each day if that is possible. She is such comfort, and really nice company when I am alone so much now. She amazes me too. Still excited to help me out. Always seems happy and content to be with me no matter what. She is nuts about Anna and so when she visited Monday Emma really liked going outside with her. Saturday Mike and his children here so she got out extra times also. Becky came Tuesday night so she out then too. Good for Emma and for me too.

More later Emma needs to go out. I think Greg said on his camera he has some pictures of Emma not on my computer. So will see if he can arrange for me to get those to post... maybe will think of something funny or creative later. Need to lay down again after she gets outside.