Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have been writing on the site but today yeah going to write here also. I may have to take a nap but worth the effort. using voice recognition to help me with things. Arms and hands so weak.

This is a photo from MS camp of course. Fun to look at and remember the outstanding individuals who also cope with this crazy MS. It is the highlight of my spring/summer to go there with Emma. I feel 'normal" there as everyone has some MS issues. We laugh, we have fun, but give tons of support to one another too. Many of the individuals I see only at camp, a few more often. And my dear Kathy communicates with me almost daily via email. Good friends are a rich rich blessing.

What's new with Emma? Well she still is loving playing in the leaves. Much have blown away or crumbled now. We live on a hill and the wind hits us in such a way that we don't need to rake nearly as much as you would think. She is still loving her fenced in yard. I sit outside with her when I can, or can sit inside and watch from the patio door. Greg also gets her out when he is home.
Hope things get so we get out more so we both get change of scenery and she more exercise. One day at a time of course.

She has that tummy alarm to eat at 7 am and 5 pm. Well yesterday I napped till 6:30 pm and she never woke me. wonder if she tried? I missed phone calls too. I was so worn out after a medical appointment I guess. Normally she is very persistant. Also if for some reason she eats early, she still nudges us relentlessly at 7 am and 5 pm to ear again. Her weight is good though and she seems healthy.

I seem to love her more each day if that is possible. She is such comfort, and really nice company when I am alone so much now. She amazes me too. Still excited to help me out. Always seems happy and content to be with me no matter what. She is nuts about Anna and so when she visited Monday Emma really liked going outside with her. Saturday Mike and his children here so she got out extra times also. Becky came Tuesday night so she out then too. Good for Emma and for me too.

More later Emma needs to go out. I think Greg said on his camera he has some pictures of Emma not on my computer. So will see if he can arrange for me to get those to post... maybe will think of something funny or creative later. Need to lay down again after she gets outside.


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