Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If you follow you know I was in the hospital due to high blood sugars due to the steroids due to MS symptoms. We don't know if we are dealing with anything but MS now...will see. Here is what was on CaringBridge today.

Emma and I slept most the day away. It seems good to be in my own bed. Tried to do a few things but arms are still very weak. I tire easy also. No changes there. Emma is comforting and helpful. Glad that Monday Greg got her into the vet and she is doing great!!

Emma is so close to me, when i fed her evening meal i walked away. She followed to be by me and left her food!! She is a lab!! So i told her to eat but needed to move to a chair by her food dish till she continued eating! What a shocker! She is very literally at my side every minute.

too tired to post more. Mary

If I don't post here and you want to see what is going on try enter website Maryweinand. thanks for the positive emails, prayers, and all the support.

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