Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Another quiet Day

Hi Friends,

The weeks are now months as I try to feel better. MS is not easy. Oh well, come of you also have MS, and that is not new news at all. Better think of other things.

It is so fun to watch Emma play in the leaves. She loves being outside. Despite my needing to rest/sleep I get her out a great deal and so does my husband. since we are not out and about and getting exercise that way, extra time in her back yard is great for her. Also good for me to smell and feel the fresh air.

I found the thing you hook on doors for her to pull them open. Maybe can get a photo from Greg. Those who train dogs know what I mean. It is so if a door can be pulled open but has no handicapped door she can use that. So many places I go have automatic doors of some kind it is rarely used so tucked away. Well I got it out to practice with her - once again she showed me how she can recall old tricks. Yep this older dog recalls all she knew in her youth. So impressive an so very hard working!

I am proud of her. Too tired to do more but will see if Greg has time to take photo when he gets home. I am trying to take it one day at a time. Talked to several doctors today but no news on what to do yet. I need more patience I think. Greg will be home tonight so that is a big treat for me. He is spoiling me and is a great cook. Home made beef vegetable soup tonight = comfort food for us both.

Very happy to get some cards in the mail, and email support it means a lot to me. Mary and Emma

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