Monday, November 21, 2011

When I am awake, have looked at some old photos. Found this one I think taken when we first brought Emma home. She is so special to us. She brightens my day. Physical therapist will be here soon. I just wanted to post this. Nothing new. Just getting a bit lonesome being home so much. Maybe that is a good sign that I want to see people? I do sleep or rest so much too. Maybe will arrange some short visits with friends here? We'll see. Never sure how I will feel. tomorrow the cleaning lady comes. i sure need that.

My daughters had a fun time visiting their brother Danny in San Francisco and spent most the time unpacking and making it homey for him. I thought he had a futon and he only had a futon mattress there while waiting weeks for his furniture. They assured me it was very nice and a great location. Man and I wished I saw him more when he lived in Uptown Mpls. Will treasure seeing him at Christmas. My other children are so busy also but at least in town I do see them. I never took it for granted but gosh will still cherish time with any of them or all of them even more.

We wish you a Happy thanksgiving. Ours will be a bit quieter. Plan to write more this week. Just see how I do. Mary and Emma

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