Sunday, November 6, 2011

Found this fun picture of when I taught a wonderful second grade class. Maybe 16 years ago. Forgot I was ever that that thin. That class was amazing. They had a special grant so it was small even though in a public school. The next year though no grant so I lost that position . It was a great year though. Happy memory.

Emma woke up early as her tummy did not turn back like the clocks did. She sitlll is loving playing outdoors in the leaves. No snow yet. In fact it seems pretty mild for this time of year. I have my bedroom window open to get some fresh air in. She is just super. A great great dog. Lover her so much.

Not much new. i am still weak. Fun to see granddaughters yesterday though I tire easy so had to nap. They don't mind and are full of enthusiasm. I like that a lot. I need to ask Greg again, think he has some pictures of Emma that I do not have. will check on that if I remember. He is home tonight yeah, poor guy doing laundry, cleaning and so much. I always think I don't do anything around the house but now both of us agree I did more than I realized. hard for him to work, do it all alone, and need to help me in so many ways. he is a great guy.

The MSFocus magazine has very brief article on him as caregiver and photo. We tried to scan it but it didn't work. Eventually it will be online. He got a gift certificate to McCormick and Schmitz (spelling) so when I improve that will be a fun night out).

those wh have an ipad may want to know there is a free app to be able to dictate to the computer. Voice recognition isn't perfect but so helpful now. More expensive to put on my regular computer so not doing that unless we have to later.

Hope all is well and you have a great weekend.

Mary and Emma

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